Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bill Nye Gets Plenty Of Rope

Here's what we find out about Bill Nye, failed mechanical engineer :

Bill doesn't know that when ice core measurement instruments improved, it became obvious that all climate change is rapid climate change. The problem in the past was that the instruments were only precise down to thousands of years - so we were told it takes thousands of years for the climate to flipflip and toggle from cold to warm and back again. This was all wrong. This is well understood by any well informed laymen since the early 90's. It often takes less than 20 years for an interglacial event. The super rapid flipflop is the rule, not the exception.

Bill doesn't know that a single volcano in a single day routinely produces many orders of magnitude more ash and soot than the whole of mankind has produced in the past 200 years of industrial activity. This volcanic ash is more toxic and more dangerous in the air than anything humans have ever released. A single volcano has asphyxiated the mammals of an entire continent in the past in less than a week. Volcanos can black out the Sun for a hundred years and fire hundred ton masses into the air at escape velocity. Men and all their works are nothing in comparison. A nuclear war is like a girl scout jamboree compared to a super-eruption. A hundred years of draconian tyranny on Earth to eliminate "carbon emissions" could be ruined in one hour by any volcano on the planet merely clearing it's throat.

Bill doesn't know the Earth's climate has been ten times warmer with ten times the concentration of CO2 and apparently very healthy for life at the time indeed.

Bill doesn't know that people as smart as he is pretending to be never sound anything like him.

Bill Nye doesn't really know much of anything. He's just another klown on the televitzing device who has found an alternative to getting a real day job. Nye had a day job and got sacked so he gave up and sold his soul to the NWO for thirty pieces of silver.

Nye closes sounding like a comic book supervillain. What a ridiculous character, mental age of around 8.

Sgt. Skull On The Real Horror Of Warfare

I feel like I have an enormous lot in common with Tom Chittum. I am the anonymous mud soldier who has been there and seen the reality of these things with my own eyes. I am the soldier who never got promoted, never got recognized until he came to the end of his term and then was called the greatest soldier who had ever donned a uniform for a short while. All these same things have happened to Chittum. Chittum wasn't given many medals despite he did more real fighting than all the back office desk soldiers ever submitted themselves awards for. Chittum fought behind a wall of body bags for days while suppressing successive waves of Viet Cong charging their position. The U.S. government sent them up there expecting them to die and some of them broke ranks and had the temerity to survive and come back down off that hill. I know about seeing behind the curtain and knowing what is really happening because I was the boots on the ground. I can't talk about a lot of things I saw in the military other than I learned that every single thing governments tell their people is a lie. Not one word of it is true. With the advent of the green screen it has become utterly impossible to even trust what you think you are seeing. That's why they make soldiers sign so many declarations of secrecy when they get discharged - they don't want them to ever talk about what they saw. So I never have. I kept my side of the bargain and in return the Army agreed to remove me from the selective service rolls. They kept their side of the bargain as well and I moved to Australia and have never heard from them since and hope I never do. My worst fear over the past 20 years was expecting a letter in the mail ordering me back to duty for one of these conflicts even when I was in my fifties. I'm glad it never arrived.

The Butchers of the 173rd Sent To The Ukraine

Vietnam was the war that America used to start concentrating on mainly killing unarmed noncombatants, mostly women and children. Chittum saw the Viet Cong were primarily funded and aided by communist fifth columns in New York city - he found the incriminating paperwork and held it in his own hands. All of these people are not in separate camps of opposition - they're all in it together. The only people doing the real fighting and dying are the children of the poor sent as their butchers. Pretending to be dichotomies is what they do. Ultimately none of these wars is real at all - they are floor shows where real live human beings are killed to add to the dramatic effect.

Whatever noble causes they tell the rubes the war is fought over, the reality is all in that billboard photo in the top of the article. It's just about body counts and if it isn't the enemy they will shoot civilians at random to reach them. In recent years I have a sense that civilians are the only people dying in these wars any more at all. Someday soon, the mass extermination of civilians will become the purest expression of the psychosis of warfare with whole populations vanishing in an instant.


Monday, February 27, 2017

Radioactive Death Clouds Spreading Worldwide in Upper Hemisphere

Best get that vault ready.

Nobody knows where this stuff is coming from but it is happening.

They are being released from somewhere and the evidence is that it is happening more than once.

Pepe Making Too Much Sense For His Own Good

Now being honest is the mark of a man with bad character

... or maybe men with bad character can't tell what good character looks like.

Good is bad. Up is down. Black is White. Right is Wrong. True is False.

God is not the author of confusion. These people are.

Truth Is Unspoken EXCEPT When It Can Be Used In The Agenda

A brilliant talk on epigenetics at TEDx. Highly recommend it.

Epigenetics was nearly like talking about eugenics the last twenty years.

Long after the sharper ones (like most Vault-Co readers) knew something was very important here, it was still forbidden to even speak of in public.

So here we have a privileged person of upper caste (gay) who is permitted to freely discuss something completely taboo to ordinary peasants like you and I. Free inquiry is his divine right as a natural aristocrat, goes the narrative. For a straight man to speak the almost the same words on the same subject is monstrous and would be tantamount to heresy.

If we read between the lines he is talking about a much wider repertoire of gene expression than we have been told exists.

Trust me, this subject is much, much bigger than homosexuality. Much bigger. Once again, it's not homosexuality that is the elephant in the room. It is the bedrock of human origins that is the elephant in the room. That's the reason that normally this is a very delicate subject. Until it is about teh gay.

I think there are lots of people in our society who deeply feel that freedom is for me but hardly for thee. This is what they think our civilization is about. It's all about what they deserve just because and hardly what can be afforded everyone. The Founding Fathers could correct them in person and they'd be none the wiser. Those rights are for people who deserve them and guess who decides who deserves them? You guessed it.

He concludes with the usual tale of persecution of homosexuals - a suicide rate nearly 5 times that of ordinary people! Wow! Must be tough. Not mentioned is the suicide rates of white males with Aspergers, conservatively believed to be fifty times that of any other demographic. Neanderthals are not the self-pitying type but if anybody ever deserved pity it is them.

P.S. To clarify ... As long as I am a straight man, it is forbidden to me to give the exact same lecture this guy did on TEDx but switch homosexuals for Neanderthals. Frankly, that pisses me off. It's a caste system I didn't vote for and I ended up on the bottom instantly by being a straight heterosexual male with high native intelligence the instant I was born. This guy gives the same talk that makes me a monster, he's a brilliant and original thinker. That sucks.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Chocolate Toothpaste Is Better Than Fluoride For Teeth

Fluoride is a deadly neurotoxin that causes tumors and lowers IQ in children and adults

Tests clearly show repairs of dental enamel from using chocolate-based toothpaste regularly.

They even add this poison to bottled water, often without telling you

Wonder how come one morning you woke up and found yourself in Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY?

This is why. Fluoride, Vaccines, Mobile Phones. Imagine what things will look like three generations from now the way they are going.

My wife always laughs that the guy is named Clevon.

I'm not scared of these people. They can't build a prison that will hold me.

This Is How It Will Begin

It will start when one idiot believes he is the only side that will field the technology.

... then they run off an atomic battery. So they don't need to refuel.

... then they get discretion so they can make their own decisions.

... then they work as swarms with strategic thinking.

... then they decide anything with body heat is the enemy.

Somebody needs to start work on those pulse grenade plans built from easily sourced household materials.

Google Goes Full Orwellian

Censoring a web site that has never done anything but print information.

I know Google censors me. Why, I've never known. To be honest, I have never really cared. I wasn't selling anything when I started Vault-Co. It was just a free blog page where I could put my idiotic impressions up every day and not have to worry what became of them. Somehow, Vault-Co managed to get over 4 million hits in the last 10 years with no advertisements, no agenda and no promotion. Right around the time the site started getting a lot of hits about 2009, Google began a campaign of making certain it never appeared in search results. Again ... seriously ... I just never gave a damn. I wasn't trying to push something when I started it. How can an organization with half the money on the planet be so terrified of some rambling, blithering Aspie retard they have to try to blot him off the internet so nobody ever reads anything by him? What, are they scared people will be exposed to the idea that dinosaurs were just birds? That Cost-Co is a post nuclear resupply depot? Think about how silly all that is. Vault-Co is not the front for a large international conglomerate backed by a dark cabal. It's just me. Posting my ideas on the internet.

Now Google is stepping it up a notch. They are censoring natural health sites. That's really bad stuff there. Really bad. What happened to "Don't Be Evil?"

Could be time to switch to Bing or one of the alternates. I don't know if I can trust Google anymore for searches if they are engaged in this kind of censorship.