Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Yellowstone Getting Ready To Blow Alongside West Coast Megaquake?

That would provide for very interesting times.

Everybody is now writing we seem to be entering a period of increased seismic activity in North America. Apparently they think North America has its own separate tectonic plate system from the rest of the planet.

Welcome to Vault-Co, fellas. We've been waiting for you to arrive mentally.

I wonder how many of these guys have a comprehensive framework in place to explain why all this is happening. You know, an integrated theory that ultimately traces its causality back to the Sun and recurrent magnetic reversals as part of a standard 11,500 year cycle on the planet. If this theory is correct, it would be predictive. A person who had a coherent theory for these things probably would have started a blog 14 years ago to help people to understand them.

... but, remember, no matter what happens, I'm still crazy.

I'm trying to imagine a nation like Kwanstainia fragmented into a thousand competing ethnic groups trying to pull together after a Yellowstone super eruption and work together as one nation to recover. I'm not seeing that happening at all. This isn't the America I was born in.

One Bazillion Russian Soldiers On Ukrainian Border

Or, alternately ... NONE

So you thought the movie WAGS THE DOG was an exaggeration of the kind of lying that goes on in government, right? Admit it, you know you did.

Let me break this down for you. The mass media has been telling you for days that there are hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers massing on the border of the Ukraine. Over and over again, all the major networks. They just repeat it like a mantra.

Now here suddenly appears the truth.

There are no troops whatsoever on the border.

Because of the internet, the truth tends to get out nowadays, even if only in some discrete channels. That's a lot more than 20 years ago.

Do you really think there were gunboats in the Gulf of Tonkin firing on U.S. Naval vessels? That's the false flag they used to send us into Vietnam. People who were there say there was never anything in the water. The whole story was fabricated.

No Christian Would See "Noah"

It's awful. I watched ten minutes of bootleg - the bootlegger should get his money back from the theater where he bought the ticket. What drivel.

All environmentalist crap, story is like something brainstormed by Marx, Lenin and Trotsky. Has nothing to do with Bible.

Star Trek : Into Darkness

Just put it on now while I work. I got it free this week on cable.

Only 20 minutes in, naked propaganda. Definitely a government controlled film, they probably wrote the script or exerted tight controls on the story and theme.

Terrible film like all this cointel agitprop crapola. Dialogue, plot and writing is juvenile garbage. These guys need to at least get a good screenplay when they do this stuff. They are so slack. I guess people are so stupid it doesn't matter, they'll eat up whatever they put on.

A bunch of dumb, "hip" high school kids flying a Starship. They're supposed to be Kirk, Spock and Scotty. I hated Star Trek, always have and always will. I don't think this drek is even as good as that lousy overrated television show.

Two of the new four primary characters are openly gay, two are closeted but obviously gay. You can tell because they are vicious and constantly trying to prove they are better than one another. This is what gay men think masculine males are like. They're not. Testosterone delivered through the proper channels makes you generous, reserved and deferential. Didn't know that, did you? Almost all males with Aspergers have at least double the amount of circulating testosterone as ordinary men. That's right. All those enthusiastic, dedicated nerds are acting masculine. Except masculine is apparently not what ordinary people think it is, which is more like something you would see in a gay leather biker bar. All they think it means to be a man is sorting out who will be the top. That's tragic.

Something interesting to remember is that you know about people from the company they keep. Zachary Quinto is frequently seen with "friends" who consist of several Hollyweird "leading men" who all have the same "acting style" ... they snarl at each other, sneer and collar-grab regularly, usually pressing their lips almost so close they touch against the punk they are setting straight while they "pin" each other ... you know what I am talking about. You have to wonder what our sons and daughters are learning by watching all this crap and being told this is what ordinary males act like. It is utterly deranged and provides them with endless sources of confusion about what exactly this whole civilization thing consists of. That stuff ain't it.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Is The Big One About To Hit In L.A. ?

Some geophysicists think so.

Texas Booms As Kwanstainia Craters

Texas is the last American state actually run by Americans. 

Big government and big socialism are big flops wherever they are found. The world is a museum of marxist failures and Kwanstainia will soon be the prize exhibit.

Gay Men Love S&M

No matter what they call it.

Lindsay, grab John Travolta and Tom Cruise and come out of there.

DSM Goes Full Metal Jacket Orwell

Just in case you thought the DSM was relevant for anything any longer.

I laughed hard as hell when they took Asperger's off their schedule altogether and a few months later research done with CT scans of the brain revealed people with Asperger's have the most radically different brains on the entire planet. Oops. Missed something there, shrinks.

The main reason ugly men choose psychology is so that they can have sex with their own patients. That's been the case for over a hundred years. Women choose it because it allows them to be confused with a woman who is actually smart instead of just pretending.

Parents Reject "Common Core (nhole)"

For homeschooling instead.

The nerve of these parents, wanting to educate their own children in the way they believe will be best for them, as parents have done for the past million years. Whoever designed those "Jimmy Has Two Daddies" kindergarten books must have been buying up shares in homeschooling companies. It was brilliant agitprop.