Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Peak Oil" Is Peak Baloney. It's Peak Demand.

Record profits. Profits. That means they are paying about the same prices they always did for oil at the source, they're just socking it to you at the pump.

"Peak oil" is the biggest scam in history second only to global warming. It's really about Peak Demand and the failure of Western societies to keep their supply lines open to oil producers. Nowadays South America, the Middle East, Russia and many other nations have lots and lots of oil ... they just aren't selling it to us. They're selling it to China and soon India. By the time they are done consolidating their customers in both those nations, most people in the West will probably be riding bicycles.

So Western governments are not just screwing you coming. They are screwing you going. They are blaming their unbelievable diplomatic and economic screwups on a shortage of dinosaur bones and rotting ferns. Then they are taxing you extra for the misfortune that they created.

Funny how gas was hitting all-time lows just before the fake flag on 9-11. There's another reason worth megatrillions to fool the American people into thinking they were attacked with anthrax and box cutters. Everybody gets richer as a result, including Shell, except for you.

Enrichment Begins At Home

Just one drop of horror in the big bucket of nightmares that overflows in the multikult every single day of the year.

I was watching one of those reality video shows last night and I marveled over the spectacle of U.S. cops fighting a losing battle with fatal assumptions trying to police all the outrageous behaviors of the enrichment classes. There aren't enough cops in the world to keep up with it all.

Our biggest problem is our unconscious ability to make it look so easy to create a fantastic prosperous modern technologically advanced civilization ... followed by our unconscious projection of the qualities required to live in same upon those who simply do not have these qualities.

"Sure, it's easy," we insist, "You just need to ... you know ... let out your inner law abiding, rational naturally syntropic empathic personality! You must not be trying hard enough!" A lot of these people just stare at us incredulously, trying to figure out what it is that we think they should be doing by nature ... then they shrug, go out and rob a liquor store. You're asking for something that they can't give. What we have can't even be gifted to them. It's always only a matter of time before right here starts to look exactly like over there where they originate. There's nothing wrong with where they were. The only problem where they were is that they are a majority over there. Otherwise that place would be like here.

Cold = Retraction & Death Of Empires

Excellent article by Tim Case, spot on summary of what causes civilizations to bloom and then retract.

The warfare-welfare state can only surge on the surplus of a warm climate and the agricultural yields that it produces. Have you ever seen how too much money and wealth usually makes people go crazy and indulge in self-destructive behaviors? Those habits are curtailed when the money and prosperity runs out. Men sober up under hardship and stress. The mythological framework that supports the notion of a god-like state with infinite powers of production and charity evaporate pretty quickly when the average temperature drops by a few degrees.

Of course, all failing empires with collapsing fiat currency turn to war in their final hours.

Analogies are usually faulty and a poor way to reach conclusions, but they are often good for conveying comprehension of an idea. There is no better analogy than to compare the 12,000 year interglacial period with the four seasons in a year. During the spring and the coming summer, the grasshoppers engage in a never-ending furious frenzy of eating, mating, hopping and socializing. The fall comes and this ribald orgy begins to peak and taper off. The grasshoppers grow a bit lethargic but they continue to try to whip up the revelry despite the fact the food is less plentiful and the bloom has gone off the fields. Finally the winter arrives and the grasshoppers must feel their own brief mortality. The party is over. The only creature whose conduct makes any long term sense in this context of the big picture, is of course the ant. Ants don't work to thrive this week or this month or for a season. Ants work to thrive forever. Industrious, patient, well organized, frugal and efficient, the ant colony is always prepared for just about anything. In the final days of fall, the ant workers march past countless dried husks of dead grasshoppers, indifferent to their success or failure. Ants don't die, they multiply. Most of the other insects have their seasons but if the ant could carve a symbol over the entrance to their burrows it would no doubt be the lemniscate, the alpha-omega, the mobius ribbon of eternity.

You might not believe it but there is a mammalian equivalent of the ant, a subdivision of behavioral precepts that has been observed in every single warm blooded social creature that scientists and anthropologists know about. In the laboratory they are called Omega Rats. In the field, naturalists call them Remnants. There is a certain reserved class of mammals who survive because they are genetically programmed to survive in the same way the ant is designed to survive. Empires rise and fall, human history ebbs and surges like the tides and this same genetic kernel remains no matter what. We call them vault dwellers here at Vault-Co. The next time somebody tells you there is something strange about survivalists, you should tell them they need to learn more about the natural world. There is nothing strange about survivalists anymore than there is something strange about ants. The real transients are the grasshoppers. They're just passing through while the Sun stays warm. Since this planet's normal state is extremely cold, we can safely assume the entire modern world is something of a mad anomaly destined to give way to saner structure soon. The empire of the grasshoppers has just seen the first few snowflakes.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Vault Operating System V1.0 ... DSL Linux?

I have some results on my Vault workstation tablets to announce.

The first is that I got FreeDOS running on my ultracheap tablet PCs with Ethernet for a total of $36.00 AUD each workstation. I spent $29.95 on each unit, plus the Compact Flash PCMCIA adaptor for $6.00 each ... and I already had two Ethernet cards to plug in and some spare flash memory cards.

I was able to run almost any VBDOS 1.0 Professional Applications on the machine with ease including ISAM TSR backed multitransactional database that comes on the samples disk with VBDOS Professional. That was a good start but it gets better.

As soon as I realized what was going on with the Compact Flash Adapter (128 mb card), I tried to install and run Damn Small Linux from a subdirectory on the Flash card with the default 8 megs of RAM ... by the way, it is almost impossible to run Windows 95-98 with this little memory, it crawls along like a snail on a 100mhz 486DX machine like these tablets.

Results were incredible. I had 32 bit protected mode environment running at arcade game speed, 95% of all Linux applications and fantastic things like SVGA high color graphics GUI with MP3 player, all the open source tools for DSL and tons of high tech network, database sharing and internet subsystems that you could not even dream of running in Windows with anything less than XP SP1, 2 gigs RAM, 40 Gigs hard drive space.

I only know Linux at a user level, I've never done much native code Linux programming at all. On the other hand, some of the IDEs and tools available on Linux are spectacular ... including GUI design tools and other graphic aids.

Another bonus is all the freeware libraries for Linux to do things like render vector based drawings (for terrains, blueprints, shelter maps, etc.) and so much more that costs $$$ in the Windows environment.

I think I will build my Vault OS in DSL Linux. It makes my VBDOS programs look pretty tame by comparison. The appearance and power alone right out of the bootup is a thousand times what you get in the DOS environment and ten times what I'd get even if I was capable of installing Windows XP on these tablets, which will never happen. So it's pretty cut'n'dry.

What I really need to investigate is the possibility of programming in C# .NET using the open source platform called Mono. That would be absolutely ideal. Imagine writing .NET applications with all that power and productivity at your fingertips for a target machine that is a 100mhz 486DX. A GUI created in WinForms? Too good to be true.

Since these ancient tablets support IrDA peripherals, I'm also wondering if these Targus foldout keyboards at BGMicro will work with this thing. That'd be awesome.

Chicago Gets A Taste Of The Deathsnap

A little colder and a little faster, you could lose a million people overnight freezing to death. It's no joke.

Stop and think about it and you'll understand why the cold is just too much reality for people to handle.

Oprah Winfrey and her audience can deal with switching to flourescent bulbs and sorting their recyclables to counteract the effects of decomposing baby nappies. Imaginary solutions for imaginary problems is about their speed. Their lives are largely lived as dreams anyhow. A little bit of a sleep disturbance, even a nightmare, is still preferable to the ultimate horror ... which for them would be waking up.

Trying to get their minds around the idea that they are not the centerpiece of a vast and unfathomable cosmos is way, way too big a concept for people who have spent their lives drifting around in shopping malls to grasp. For the same reasons they did not broadcast advertisements during John Kennedy's funeral, that is something that just cannot be conveyed in the context of television and media-world. It's too big and frightening. Most people have never been 24 hours without a meal. Getting ready for a coming Ice Age is outside their operating limits.

Vault-Co says it is precisely this condition which has resulted in the intelligence we have now, such as it is. As nearly every interglacial ended, the resulting chaos must have reduced human numbers to a fraction and most of those sharp cookies. This is the reason we are not living in Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY. Because the end of the interglacial puts an end to stupid, period.

We are weak and feeble when looked at with the naked eye but once we start using our brains, we are the most powerful, adaptive and robust creature that has ever existed on the Earth. You add that brain to the opposable thumb - what a winning combination that is. We're the only animal on the planet that can make a go of it and thrive practically anywhere, in almost any conditions. We only got that way by eliminating many less adaptive primates very rapidly through sudden changes.

Monday, January 28, 2008

VOTE FRAUD : Caught Redhanded in New Hampshire

(YouTube Link)

New Hampshire Secretary of State caught running a vote-rigging scam on video - votes left in unsecure building found unlocked in the morning with a box of "seals" handily opened to allow the team that entered during the night to reseal the boxes.

Check out the look on that dude's face. That's what you look like when you are a mere asset.

I don't want to call Amerikwa a third world country. Cuz most third world countries have higher standards for ballot security.

What an embarrassing lot of treasonous oafs.

It's shockingly stupid stuff, like a Third World convention on UFO abduction. The fraud is so amateurishly done it is plain on the surface to anyone involved that these votes are designed to be tampered with overnight at the stored location.

Treason is not treason if it succeeds and the traitors achieve power

When the ballot box stops working, the bullet box gets opened. This is why Vault-Co predicts civil war in Amerikwa in the near future.

It's Not Warming That China Is Worried About

Cold weather is so much menacing and brutal than the fantasy world of globowarmthink.

The Chinese are saying they have never before seen a winter like this one. It's apocryphal.

Cold burns. It silences. It buries. It inundates. It smothers. It snuffs out. It is implacable. It is relentless. Most human social structures are powerless before it.

China terrified of fuel shortages for 1.5 billion people in the snow

Resource conflicts : 1.5 billion razor-smart Asians Vs. 250 million Western pornographers

Who do you think is going to fight like they mean it, to win? They've already cemented permanent relationships with nearly every major oil producer in the world. Underestimating the Chinese mind is a fatal mistake that Vault-Co predicts is suicidal for the West. The average inhabitant of the Western world has gone so soft in the head they sound like Liberace on estrogen drugs.

Think oil is worth fighting for now? Vault-Co predicted all of this. Robert Felix is the one that got it spot on, however. We'll be fighting in the streets for food and fuel before the ice age finishes our civilization off.

Snow storms strand a quarter million Chinese at rail stations

The train should be along in a week or so

China issues red alert about record snowstorms ... even worse is forecast soon

How long has Gore's idiot army been lying to us?

They were telling us for ten years that both icecaps were melting. That is a damned lie. It's a triple damned lie. It's such an absurd and boldfaced lie it warrants classifying it as one of the most shamelessly deceitful lies in the history of mankind.

Were you aware that every time Gore's druid cult has scheduled an expedition to Antarctica to phony up some evidence of this "warming," that they have had to call it off because the expedition team could not take the extraordinary cold that is now a permanent feature of Antarctica? Several times, globawarmthinkers nearly died from the cold that is down there.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hugo Chavez Warns South America : Dump ZOGBux

Chavez knows that pretend money requires pretenders. Money backed by gold doesn't require "faith" in some abstract sophistry.

America goes up on auction block for highest bidder

Note that Dr. Ron Paul is the ONLY CANDIDATE who is a real human being, not a Thunderbirds wooden puppet carved out of teakle somewhere by AIPAC and sprinkled with shabbas goyim golem slave dust. Did you ever hear of "Barack Obama" before the preliminaries for this election campaign began? Neither did I. Every other person running for President is a manufactured media presentation. They all have the exact same politics. Only one is different.

A nation is only as good as it's leadership ... and in the end, every nation gets the leaders they deserve.

Last chance gas station, America. After Ron Paul you're headed straight out into the floor of Death Valley in a broken down VW Bug with a quarter tank of gas and a fan belt made out of shoelaces. You better make up your mind in a hurry because already that last stop is receding in your rear view mirror.

How Many Previous Nuclear Wars?

Where were our ancestors 20,000 years ago?

Living in caves in bearskins by firelight?

What about 200,000 years ago? Barely walking erect with bones for clubs?

How'd we manage to custom genetically engineer ten thousand species of domesticated plants for food in less than 10,000 years during the interglacial? Why does the genetic evidence show that these plants were split off from their wild cousins more than 250,000 years ago in most cases? How come the evidence is that most domesticated dog breeds split with their wild ancestors around the same time as all of those plants? Why are cheetahs clearly the product of cloning technology, with any cheetah organ implantable into any other cheetah without tissue rejection? Why ... why ... why? There seem to be too many phenomenon at your finger tips to account for in one nice warm 11,500 year interglacial period. Did we really achieve all that in that short a time?

How many times have we done all this before? How many nuclear wars have we had on this planet and then forgotten everything afterwards?

You're probably thinking if there was any evidence for this you'd hear about it.

The reason you don't here about it is because people work really hard to see to it you don't hear about it, ever.

The evidence is littered all over the planet and is literally underfoot almost anywhere you look.

It's really hard not to see it. It's everywhere. Vault-Co says half the large craters on Earth attributed to "asteroids" are in fact more likely to be the scars of ancient nuclear war. Notice how the melted "green glass" is always concentrated around ancient cities, meaning the asteroids must have done aerial surveillance before they decided on what part of the Earth below to "randomly" strike when they fell from the sky.

Evidence of ancient civilizations as advanced or more advanced than ours are a threat to the authority of the State. It makes them seem much less consequential or all powerful if they are not the pinnacle of history as they like their subjects to believe.

Three things you should learn from all of this :

1. Nuclear war ain't all that and a bag of chips. It's actually a recurrent hazard on this planet.

2. Nuclear war is survivable. We're proof of it.

3. You're descended from some pretty tough customers. Hopefully you still show it. If they could survive, you can survive too - if you use the only real weapon you will ever have.