Friday, January 10, 2014

Vivos Upscales Their Vault Network

For a long time they were a kind of joke with serious survivalists but recently Richard Vicino and his Vivos startup have captured a huge part of the booming Vault industry.

They are now working in units of thousands of lives saved which starts to change balances in realpolitik.

So the feds know where these vaults are they are looking at ten thousand survivors who are well armed and well provisioned. That is going to factor into their planning and it also attracts the wrong kinds of attention when people get hungry.

I am not criticizing Richard Vicino and I think what he is doing is admirable but as always when you deal in the commons you are going to become significant on the radar of unpleasant people. There are certain individuals who will make a beeline for these shelters the second TSHTF and they will know there are things there worth taking by force despite casualties. This would be the reason I would never put my family in one of these things. You need more than a security force designed to police the inside - you require almost as large an army to police the outside.

Because of the internet there are more and more people starting to realize the precarious nature of the era they had the the misfortune to be born in and with that understanding they are starting to understand there are way too few vaults to house way too many people. The economy that is being created will have to start computing logistics of tens of thousands and nobody has bothered to think in these terms since they shot John F. Kennedy the month after I was born. History is starting to catch up with this generation of baby boomers in the West and it is only now they are beginning to understand what massive failures they are as human beings, having neglected all the highest priority problems until they became so daunting that it is not even worth pretending you have a snowball's chance in hell of fixing them now.

When I was growing up I don't know how many times I heard "That is a problem our children will face." These cowards are only beginning to realize it is also a problem they would face when they were too old, too weak and full of regrets about their foolishness in saying such stupid things when they were younger. They thought they'd be dead by now but all they have done is assure their retirement will occur in very interesting times, if you know what I mean. It is one thing to be running from a cannibal horde in your twenties and another thing altogether to try to hobble along in your seventies. These idiots imagined their grandchildren running from vicious cannibal enrichment squads and they were okay with that so it is really a matter of being hoisted by your own petard. There's nothing funnier than a sixty year old secular atheist frantically trying to escape a huge savage mob of like-minded souls chasing him for barbecue. After all, we are nothing but meat and death is the end so why shouldn't this old fellow throw himself on the grill for the greatest good for the greatest number? He is old and according to utilitarianism will taste best with chives and chicken salt.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Little Animalcules of The Microcosm

The real victors of the "evolutionary" process always have the last word in any argument.

All humans can do is to try to build up their own internal strength to resist them because trying to wipe them out or to end their threat altogether is wasted energy. They ain't going nowhere. A part of this improvement in genetic stock includes recognizing disease vectors and avoiding them, which is another thing that Sapiens is just no damn good at.

The key to surviving disease is to do anything that promotes stronger humans, not weaker micro-organisms which will never happen. This is just another example of how the Neanderthal got it right and Homo Sapiens failed to even grasp the problem. What strength of the immune system that Sapiens has he got from his Neanderthal forebears because his own stock was weaker than a baby fart when it comes to resisting disease and infection. Of all the things that Jared Diamond wrote in GUNS, GERMS AND STEEL this was the closest he came to a useful insight. The other important point this idiot accidentally raised was how Europeans "just stumbled across" all these placid, easily managed ... domesticated ... animals in Europe when they showed up. Talk about convenience. The second mouse gets the cheese.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome To The End Of The Holocene

This Play Would Be Boring Without A Regular Change Of Actors

Nietzsche described it as an interminable cycle of repetition, each one more banal than the previous.

People who never understood Nietzsche thought his Superman was a monster come to destroy but Nietzsche foresaw the coming century in recognizing that the only real change possible came from creators and problem solvers, not generals and soldiers.

The current era looks exactly like the lead up to World War One. It is funny this article came out just as I was contemplating a blog post of this same flavor using most of the same examples.

See why I prefer vaults? They are a place to survive these cyclic events, even when they are nuclear which the next round of madness will certainly entail.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cordyceps Fungus - Real Life Zombie Threat To Mankind?

 It is the premise of THE LAST OF US on the Playstation 3 console.

Disgusting! Interesting to contemplate just what is possible. These and similar parasites tend to focus on large successful lifeforms that are prodigious and social ... like humans, who would be ideal.

Most to worry about would be government labs wondering about the value of studying and weaponizing this fungus for use on enemy populations - or their own. Read in the article above how they are in wide use in biomedicine right now in immunosuppression and other cellular level controllers. All they need to do is to start to play around with it genetically.

More reasons to take garlic every day.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Very Nice Corrugated Dome Shelter

Like Firehold Bravo but much larger diameter. I love this style, they are called indestructible for a reason.

These constitute serious design for long term survival in an atomic war. Most other designs are a poor replacement for really solid survivability and strength compared to this model. The radiation protection they afford in an increasingly radiation contaminated environment is excellent.

The design of the entryway is far superior to that of Firehold Bravo which I modelled after the experimental prototype from Oak Ridge Labs. I intend to remedy my mistakes next time around, particularly in terms of accessibility.

Notice the guy doing the tour could be my distant relative. Facial bone structure and general look is all Neanderthal. A coincidence to be sure. Pay attention to the fact that K-selected people are always talking about the safety of their kin relationships and their responsibilities to them whereas R-selected never seem to worry about their offspring or what becomes of them. For the two types of animals to try to have a conversation is nearly impossible because they have no shared context. Left-wing (Rs) are only interested in random sexual encounters and impulse gratification, not really possessing souls to reflect very deeply on any subject including the future.

Nation Most In Need Of Regime Change Identified in World Poll

The nerve of those peasants. Read your programs, you can only be afraid of the imaginary dangers posed by imaginary enemies we invented in your countries, not in ours.

Anybody with an IQ above room temperature knows exactly who the most dangerous rogue nation on the planet is nowadays

Claims to be an empire but it is run like a colony

The Soviet Union never dreamed of the State possessing such draconian powers.

China will protect its resource supply like any rising empire

King Canute Promises To Hold Back The Ice Age Tide

Al Gore and his Carbonazis finally look as pathetic as they have always been

Still screeching about manbearpig to the bitter end. This same group of secular cultists usually ridicule religions as inherently irrational. Well, maybe they are or seem so to such people but it can be said of all the world's religions that none of them was ever as absurd or as implausible as globowarmthinkery.

Sapiens Tries To Recover Gracefully From Five Centuries of Childlike Rubbish Posing As Science

It's a lost cause. Sapiens science is junk science. Vault-Co science is science.

"We had it wrong for five hundred years but now here is our new summary without conceding all that stuff we told you previously was gibberish." Sapiens calls it a "learning curve" and yet he never seems to learn anything. Manboons are not learning animals.

Our narrative on Vault-Co is only supported by the evidence. We don't have any of that other stuff to bolster our arguments. All we have are the cold, hard facts of the matter.

Sapiens scienmajists lie constantly and have destroyed their own credibility

20% of the population represents a spectrum of humanity with Neanderthal gene expression. The other 80% are animals who can walk on their hind legs and speak. That's all they ever were and it is all they will ever be. Any political system which emphasises freedom will benefit because they will free up the extraordinary energies of the 20% of mankind which has seemingly boundless reservoirs of creative problem solving capacity which the remainder of mankind never seems to demonstrate.

There is no point in trying to figure out who is who or to try to create a regime based on this idea because in any such system it is only a matter of time before the majority 80% will occupy the institutions as inferior leadership. The only solution for this dilemma is to extend a maximum amount of freedom to all people equally. That is the only way to liberate the Neanderthal minority from the otherwise stifling yoke of the Sapiens beast. Any system run by the majority will be a failure without exception in its attempt to replace judgement with regimentation. There is no substitute for having Neanderthal genes and without them, all Saps dominated systems will go into a spiral of decline.