Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vault-OS : Another Teaser Screen

I spent a bit of time trying to get multipart form data uploading correctly and right about the time it started to look like it was going into the database correctly, I realized this is not a feature that VOS even needs.

If the user wants his diagrams, item images and personnel images used by the system he has to put them into the upload directory manually. When the server boots it will load any data it needs to into the cache. I thought, why introduce the potential to foul up things from the outside by loading 2 GIG pngs, etc.? That kind of data is safer as static files deliberately copied over by the admin through the file system.

At one point I was running an FTP server alongside the HTTP sockets, I can still enable this for the first version. It represents a cleaner mechanism for transfer of files between workstations than mucking about with file uploads.

Many bugs fixed, things are looking good. Parts of it running perfectly. Scheduler is simple and elegant at present, permits calendars many years into the future to be viewed and edited in advance. Big part of scheduling is automated maintenance tasks on flexible date schedules, like "first Monday of the month twice a year" to be entered as an arbitrary pattern for scheduling jobs.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

There Is No Al-Qaeda

Vault-Co oldie but goodie.

If it existed, it would be nothing but trouble for the governments that use it as alibi to do nearly anything they want, anytime they want, anyway they want. What is great about it for their purposes is that there is no such thing.

Carlin on Rats and Squealers

Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike By Russia Coming?

Vault-Co said on the original TEXAS ARCANE SURVIVAL REPORT over 11 years ago that the missile defense shield would lead to a pre-emptive strike by either Russia or China if it was ever demonstrated to be effective.

Gingrich Planning A "Long War" Strategy

Good ole Neocon masquerading as an Everyman, usual double agent pretending to be the good cop. Newt Gingrich intends to singlehandedly wage war against Islam worldwide and "fix" what is "wrong" with them. What's wrong with them? According to Newt, moving while Muslim.

Muslims have nations of their own. If they live there and we live here, we could go a thousand years and never experience anything but a trade dispute with them and even that would be friendly and civil. Islam is a religion of peace, if you don't carpet bomb their women and children. Try it sometime, it's a solution so simple even Homo Sapiens could understand it.

The Neanderthal solution is for every man to live on his own plot of land and not invade to kill and steal from others. He made it work for about a half a million years, more than five times the duration that even the earliest Homo Sapiens can even be identified. By now we can say it is a tried and true mechanism for all men to live peaceably alongside each other, each to his own and each according to his nature.

Remember, There Is No Reason To Limit Police Power, They Are There To Protect Us

The very worst criminals you usually find working in law enforcement. The Founding Fathers of the United States understood this quite well - it's the criminals who are attracted to the authority positions by their very nature, for the same reason that pedophiles are attracted to the ministry and teaching. They dream of having young vulnerable charges with this kind of submissive attitude towards them.

This is the reason that these Renaissance geniuses emphasized limitations on every man bound up into the rule of law. Modern people are simply lacking in sufficient native intelligence to grasp this fundamental. They can't help but feel giving them policemens fewer restrictions will mean more security. They think this way because they are morons.

The Coming Genetic Wars Of Elimination

Of all the horrors that mankind has conceived, viruses to eliminate entire races would have to be the ugliest biological weapon imaginable.

What has taken untold millions of years to produce, such viruses are designed to target and destroy in months. What sort of invaluable genetic secrets would a war like this ruin? Only Lucifer himself would encourage development of these kinds of monstrous tools.

Naked, Foreign Criminal Treason Against The U.S. By Internal Fifth Column

Let's just spell this out, blow by blow.

You couldn't make this stuff up. It's like something out of a comic book.

The sitting President of the United States conspired with vicious foreign criminals in Mexico to arm them with military grade weapons confiscated in the U.S. that were slated to be melted down. Obviously, this was to enable them to engage in high profile attacks against American targets in order to justify a gun control regime that had already been drafted for presentation to the legislature.

Seeing as how the President and his staff are some of the worst f*ck-ups to crawl out of a human womb since Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler, naturally they screwed the plan up and got caught, exposing a paper trail that leads right to the Oval Office.

Wait though, it gets better. Lacking any proper training in counterintelligence or psyops, they had not bothered to think through a proper cover story in the event of exposure and instead offered two different stories they have since retracted, essentially confessing they were bold-faced lies.

Short of just running down the street firing a machine gun at babies, what more does this President and his amazing crew of ass-clowns need to do in order to initiate proceedings for criminal prosecution against the whole lot of them? Do these people secretly want to be caught? Or worse, do they believe the people in that country are so stupid they will fail to connect the dots here?

I pity the last inhabitants of the county once called America because I fear it is the latter that is true.

They're all scumbags and their leader is a marxist communist crackhead traitor born in Kenya.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vault-Co Sails Through 400,000 Hits

Not bad for a site written by one guy with no promotion, nothing to sell and no backing of any kind.

I may start to canvas for some early testing of Vault-OS, perhaps to start in January. If I do I will put up a contact page to get volunteers.

I promise anybody participating in the early testing, your inventory, personnel and control data will either be portable to the first release version or else I will write a converter to import it for you when you upgrade.

I was working tonight on some of the generic server pages for browsing/filtering/creating views onto data. It's looking pretty good for a program in less than 400K. I have noticed that when you stop worrying about the GUI (by delivering it as true cross-platform HTML) you reduce the complexity of the application enormously and are able to focus on functionality. It's such a nice paradigm I think I am going to stick with it permanently for everything I write in the future.