Friday, August 5, 2016

Does The Clinton Foundation Hold Up The Entire House of Cards?

Some people in the FBI believe it does.

If Hillary loses it won't just be her going to prison. Half of the Beltway may be going with her.

This kind of incentive will motivate these people to do whatever is necessary to get Killary into the White House.

If she gets in there, she is going to start World War III. You better believe it. This woman loves to kill other people while she sits in and sips on tea.

None dare call it treason ... if treason succeeds.

Neanderthal Brains Are Vastly Superior Neural Hardware

Vigilance at night to guard against arctic predators, hoarding during thaws to stock the cave with as much as possible without much concern for organization until later, frequent releases of frustration with colourful pejoratives with little regard for social mores.

I knew all this stuff already.

Sapiens is concerned with appearances and perceptions. Neanderthals are only interested in results. One is adapted for warm weather. The other adapted to live on Earth. Guess who wins this one in the end. No wonder Sapiens desperately needs to believe in global warming. The alternative is extinction for his genes.

Survivalists, I got the M. Night Shymalayan ending for you. Do you know how your whole life almost everybody around you keeps insisting that only people suffering from mental illness are interested in being prepared? The twist at the end of the movie is ... CT Scans of the brain reveal everybody else is nuts except for survivalists and people of similar genetic bent. Neanderthal doesn't need to explain, he is the longest surviving hominid on the planet and was adequately debugged a hundred thousand years ago or earlier. The reason Neanderthals are vigilant about the future is that they are extremely intelligent, farsighted and always on top of their game even when everybody else around them is blowing bubbles and waiting for the secular paradise. There is no plan B other than Neanderthal genes. All others are botched and bungled.

There's poetry in cursing and calumny and different kinds of language play in vituperation that are essentially a way to turn anger and fear into a sort of comic relief. Once again, a creature who manages to spin gold out of lead every time no matter what the situation. When the problem has been properly insulted then the return to problem solving is likely to follow.

The Year Before A Supereruption

Quartz crystal formations around caldera.

This could be a very useful discovery to predict megavolcano eruptions with sufficient lead time to warn civilians.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Who Is Going To Get The Jump On Who?

Must read, this is pretty good stuff. Four part series.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

In all scenarios, Australia ends up a glassine pock-marked crater field where only a handful of hardcore survivalists remain deep underground. I have yet to see any analysis where Australia doesn't get vaporized early in the war. Nobody likes an I-told-you-so. But I did tell you so.

The Fifth Column Inside

Both Clintons have done more to assist the enemies of the United States than the best double agents and plants that Russia or China could have possibly hired.

Nations cannot survive this kind of treason in the highest offices. The notion that the Secretary of State would be taking cash in for helping Russian hackers understand U.S. security measures is so far out that if you made this story up, nobody would believe it. The fact she did this outside her office on her own time without authority of Congress recalls the exact circumstances that Bill Clinton was found to be intrigued in when it was discovered China was funneling money to his campaign in exchange for blueprints and samples of 4th generation navigation computers created by the U.S. military. There is little doubt that these systems are now onboard the hypersonic nuclear drone fleet that the Chinese have produced which may soon be employed to turn the United States into a 3000 mile wide radioactive parking lot.

Truth has become so much stranger than fiction that fiction seems comforting in comparison and this is why so many of the sheeple embrace it. They don't have the stomach for the real world. They are scared and grab anxiously at explanations that seem to normalize these circumstances and help them to ignore it all.

Keep Winning Barry Soetoro

Barry wins again. He continues to distinguish himself in that office with many firsts.

Bad things brewing on the horizon, campers. If Trump gets in there without getting assassinated first he will have his work cut out for him.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Perfect Shelter Food Has Finally Arrived!

Mmmm ... smooth and creamy cockroach milk. Does a body good.

I'll have a second glass, thanks. Trying to wash away the aftertaste of the first glass.

George Soros must just howl with laughter as he hatches these little tidbits for the media sheeple each day. This is what they want us to eat in the New World Order work camps. Before they go to puree of people shakes. That way they can spare the cockroaches.

Nobody likes an I-told-you-so

I did tell you, though.

The first legitimate targets for reprisal in World War III will be non-nuclear nations participating that do not have a retaliatory capacity. They are the low hanging fruit. You can nuke them without having to worry about getting nuked back. A non-nuclear nation with no civil defense throwing it's weight around in the Pacific with a WW2 military is just begging to get it's ass kicked. Begging. The Chinese are announcing in the article above they intend to do just that.

Pack your rice. Itz coming.

Friday, July 29, 2016


It is eerie coincidence that after nearly two decades online, we took a hiatus during one of the most apocalyptic years since the blog was first launched, before they were called "blogs."

It is weird seeing all the things we have predicted for two decades become a reality. Originally I was expecting a war to start in the Middle East sometime in 2006 as a backlash to the military invasions and soon go global dragging the other superpowers into the conflict. As always, I was never very good at predicting the when of things. You gotta admit, I had that Klausewitzian acceleration toward WW3 nuclear rearmaments pretty spot-on when I predicted it in 1998 on TEXAS ARCANE'S SURVIVAL REPORT. Clairvoyant that. Also the part about it starting in the Pacific over Taiwan. It is pretty clear that the globalists are going to see to it that it happens no matter what. Georgia guidestones diplomacy.

I should probably have the sense to avoid making chronological prophecies ever again but I am going to go out on a limb and suggest we still have a couple of years left before this thing happens. A couple of years in which I intend to make Vault-Co the single most important survivalist site on the internet.

Luckily I worked over the entire hiatus polishing Vault-OS. About two weeks ago I discovered that a former Google executive had produced a new suite of banking and financial software of that exact same name. There's no way I am going to tangle with copyright on this issue, they'd be too big to challenge. From now on Vault-OS will be called CD-OS, short for Civil Defense Operating System.

I have been preparing miracles and wonders in my new workshop that you will not believe until you see them with your own eyes ... and you will see them in a landmark series of web episodes on YouTube in the near future following the release of CD-OS as open source software on Github. The repository is here and I am getting very close to uploading a version that will be marked public. Not everything is going to be there in version one, I have rewritten things again and again to get the basic architecture as perfect as I can make it. I just spent the past month switching the global message protocol from JSON to a super simple human readable one pass text format similar to TOML. I did this to make it possible for even a PIC chip to participate in a CD-OS network. It took a lot of coding and testing to replace what I had before but I got it working as of this week.

When I started on my first version of this software in 1998 in Visual Basic for DOS, I used a simple .INI format like this one because it was very easy to compose. Kind of embarrassing to go in a complete circle and end up where I started. My first hardware used I2C because it was cheap components and easy to monitor. If you had suggested Modbus back then I would have laughed. Modbus PLCs and even inexpensive RS-485 sensors started around $500 back then. Way out of the budget range for most people. It's 20 years later, Modbus devices sell for less than $10 on Ebay and there is a CD-OS compatible computer you can buy for $5 (!) complete with case called the Raspberry PI. How things have changed since I began working on this idea. All this was science fiction back in 1998.

The first version of CD-OS uses Modbus over TCP-IP as the default, we encourage NanoBSD as the underlying framework where feasible and our services are all Lua-scripted. It is not what I envisioned originally - I have gotten something far, far better than I imagined by trial and error over many years. However long it has taken it will all be worth it when you see the first version soon.