Saturday, September 8, 2012

Guff'n'mint Still Stealing Private Gold 80 Years After Great Depression

No statute of limitations on stealin' sh*t. It beats working for a living.

People who think they won't go into your safe deposit box in the coming year and take it right out from under your nose are living in a dream world. They'd tear the shirt off your back if they had paperwork saying it was okay.

The Guff'N'Mint is what happens when thieves get together and get organized. They got paperwork with ribbons on it and sh*t saying it's okay now, which proves it is not thieving.

No difference between the bandits who used to come through once a year and raid farm villages, except these guys are stationary and work in an office. Which means it's official. Besides, riding horses and raiding villages is too much like real work for these clowns. They want you to bring the loot to them and lay it at their feet.

How do they get away with it? Manboons have shorter memories than mayflies.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Hidden History of "Mankind"

More from Klaus Dona. I love this guy, I could listen for hours with delight at how much clarity there is here. You listen to Dona and you start to see the larger picture emerge worldwide and it sweeps aside all the confusion that a college edjamafacashun will leave you with.

There was a worldwide seafaring empire which we remember as "Atlantis," or perhaps "Lemuria." This empire was run by the oldest of all the hominid/bipedal races, the Melonheads as I call them affectionately to summarize their huge brain volumes compared to ours.

Before you label the Melonheads as absolute monsters, think about the United States carpet bombing unarmed civilians in urban areas of no military significance in Iraq. They have killed perhaps 800,000 civilians (mostly women and children) in Iraq alone in a single year. It's just one of fifty nations that the United States has been bombing in the last 80 years which has never resulted in "freedom" or "democracy" for any of them. How easy it to call people monsters and ascribe ourselves the most angelic of motives for doing much worse.

To try to understand, consider the possibility that the Melonheads were the originals and both Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens are different types of cloned species. Think of the callous way that the "civilized" West treats people with limited capacity to defend themselves and then you will see that perhaps the Melonheads regarded these other races in much the same way.

What do 33,000 skeletons of children sacrificed at Malta have to compare with nearly a million women and children killed in Iraq in a single year?

Of these races, perhaps the only one of them that had any virtue (not necessarily meaning they were "good," in any way) was the xenophobic and reclusive Neanderthal, content to spend his life wrestling with his beloved animals and painting everything in sight with a beautiful palette of colors. Of the two races it is fair to say that the men who tended to make things better (not for everybody but for themselves and their people) were the Neanderthals, who seemed to be able to take any short stretch of land and turn it into a mini-paradise, a garden of Eden in the middle of nowhere.

Melonheads accomplished great things with their huge monolithic construction and certainly one would never think of them as eccentric or clownish like the Neanderthal, who was always a bit of a madman - but a nice madman in his way. Of the two races, it is easy to see that both of them might have tolerated each other for a spell but at some point they decided it would be one or the other who would inherit the earth. I have guessed it was the Melonheads who reached this conclusion first but this is only an informed guess.

See the Writing On The Wall

Putin along with China stockpiling gold reserves in anticipation of the complete collapse of the world financial system in the near future.

Respect to the leaders of these countries to simply accept what is happening and prepare accordingly, instead of curling up into a ball and hiding in a safe corner like the "leadership" of the Western world in total withdrawal from reality.

The other governments say "stockpile precious metals to protect us from hyperinflation."

The West says "Print more money. Goo gah gah gah think of a happy place."

Our leaders are failed people. They are not only personal failures, they have failed everyone else around them who has put their trust in them. A good man would at least resign his position but that's just another thing they fail to demonstrate any leadership in. If I were Julia Gillard or Barack Obama I would at least recognize that I stink at my job and it is time to hand the reins over to somebody else. If I were Mitt Romney I wouldn't even bother to run at all.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another Victory for Bolshevism

The European Union is another great bolshevist plan for prosperity that has turned out as expected.


It is quite cheering to see how naturally prosperity flows to Western people when they are simply left alone. So much prosperity, in fact, that it inevitably gives rise to a class of theatrical buffoons who tell you they have worked out a far superior organizational scheme than simple human freedom. The worth of this system is always demonstrated by the fact it has to then be forced onto unwilling people using force.

When this class of people (God forbid) sail over a cliff in a schoolbus and plunge into the sea, you will notice in the brief period it takes for them to be replaced that everything seems to get a whole lot better rapidly in their absence. This is because there is no superior organizational scheme to human freedom. That won't stop every generation from producing a new cabal of wretched conmen who claim to have a magic snake oil that will replace liberty. Where liberty is replaced, life sucks. Sometimes it takes a while for it all to fall apart. If you're in the middle of it somewhere and you're not very bright, you likely think it is working. A wise man knows that it is never working. It is simply winding down to it's natural conclusion which is often rivers of blood and babies, the other white meat.

Freedom without a homogeneous culture becomes a form of anarchy. Liberty under a framework of principles the individual can live by produces a society that is as close to a utopia as the crooked timber of mankind is ever likely to get.

Fraud Is Fraud and Fraud Is Crime

U.N. "scientists" plead for immunity to prosecution over pending charges of fraud

Scienmajistics is a "science" where you have to plea bargain for a pardon for what you have said in public.

Do honest people with a sincere interest in science of any kind do things like this? I don't think so.

There are a half dozen countries talking about charging scientists with criminal fraud over Climategate and their own incriminating emails to each other. This is the response of these "scienmajists."

I would say that had I gone into climate science, I can scarcely imagine any situation that could arise where I would start to beg for immunity to prosecution. After all, if I simply reported the data and my own conclusions, what would I have to fear? If I were caught sending emails to my peers laughing at how stupid people are and how we are all going to clean up over this bogus hoax, then I might consider asking for immunity to prosecution. I would probably seek this kind of exemption because it would be obvious I was a fake, a criminal and a fraud.

The correct thing to do in the old days was to resign your position effective immediately. Instead, these thieves and bastards are asking for the equivalent of a pardon. It is difficult to conceive of such calumny. This problem sounds more and more like a matter for criminal prosecution for conspiracy and racketeering.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Melonhead Corporate Facilities On Malta

The Horrific Hypogeum of Hal-Saflieni.

We have linked to this before but I thought some may have not seen it. I was talking about it on another forum.

Interesting summary of the Hypogeum and surrounding labyrinth that covers the entire island.

I still think their primary headquarters is sealed under the Arctic Ice. This was a major branch office.

One pit that was formerly open to the public, now closed, was filled with an estimated 33,000 thousand skeletons, mostly of children and young girls. Recently it is as if the curators have begun to realize just how bizarre all this is ever since it was declared a World Heritage Site and have started to restrict access. In particular, the story of the missing school children and their teachers has spread far on the internet. Right about the time it was declared a World Heritage site, all those melonhead skulls began to vanish from the site one by one.
 Notice the mention of no lamp oil residues and no torch or lantern mounts. Did they use a form of lighting that did not need combustion or could they see in the dark? Who builds a six hundred acre underground super bunker with nine levels (that we know of)  that requires no light sources?

Look at the sleeping lady. That is abstract artwork worthy of Picasso. Where are the precursors? This race was separate from those around them, they were on a completely different trajectory.

It is very likely that successive waves of conquerors may have looted the place since the Melonheads were driven off, it is possible there were (and may still be) far more interesting artifacts to be found in this place, particularly in those parts sealed off by the British.

Malta government has sealed off vast parts of access recently, particularly to the lower levels and the "scream canyons" which we have very clear eyewitness testimony exist down there. These are actually connected to caverns in the deeper parts which go to the sea. For all we know they could once have served as access for submarines to dock through underground passages. Oannes/Ea/Dagon would have had no problems coming and going by this route with his breathing helmet and fins.

I really wish I was making this stuff up.

You have some real fringe nuts who claim there are tunnels from Malta to the Vatican which were described by a monk in the 1400's in detail. Okay, if I keep talking about this I am going to give myself nightmares. These were some scary dudes that ran this facility and they are still scary today. (Selective use by this guy to always conceal his skull with cap or his long hair)

British Paying 49% More For Basic Staple Foods

Climate is cold, wet and suffers from repeated sudden frosts spoiling crops

Sorry, looks like this planet is converting to a game of musical chairs with enough chairs to go around for 10 people in 100. The rest of them starve if they have to pay these kinds of rates for basic foodstuffs.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mega CME Misses Earth By A Hair

Skimmed right past the atmosphere just a little ways off.

Would have sent the planet right back to the 12th century in technology.

ITZ School For 'Stainians

Some know in the 'Stain it is just around the corner

They can sense it, barrage of televitzery gibberish notwithstanding.