Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Deadly Cold And Darkness Approaching

When the sun goes quiet, 30% more cosmic radiation gets through to hit the earth's mantle, creating cloud cover that in turns further blocks solar heat and radiation. This is a self-accelerating, self-initiating process which is not a violation of thermodynamics as global warming theory has always been.

If you look at the Milankovitch cycle, we're on the edge of a temperature precipice. We are about to go through a rapid decline in average temperatures that will be an apocalyptic rollercoaster ride to the bottom. This isn't a little 'i' Ice Age. It's a real Ice Age, capital 'I' for indescribable.

We are only at the beginning but we are starting to go over the crest.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Confirmation : Ice Age Redux Killed Bolivia's Rivers

Worldwide, millions of crying leftist babies with mascara running squealing this must somehow be the fault of human beings. Alas, no. Leftist paradigms for reality = fail.

In one night, Mother Nature was able to destroy what man could not in two hundred years of industry.

This constitutes an apocalyptic keeper, this story. Remember this event as a crucial moment when even the dumbest people in the world began to realize something very strange was happening to the planet.

You ain't seen nothing yet. Vault-Co was here before all of 'em. Believe it when we say this is only the beginning. This is anecdotal. Wait until you wake up and hear on the televitz that a million people in the cities have frozen to death overnight and then we'll be in the sweet spot for the new Ice Age.

What makes me so sure of myself? How do I know these things with such certainty? I have control over the magic power of reading, a lost art amongst the Kwanzanian people. I can read, learn, remember, make associations - it's akin to powerful sorcery in the modern world. It's like the ability to recommend that we put toilet water on plants to help them grow. Ordinary people are baffled by this incredible power. I first looked at this chart back in 1998. I then read THE COMING SUPERSTORM by kooks Art Bell and Whitley Strieber. I saw the implications of what they were saying in that book. I knew what was coming was absolutely inevitable. In 1999 I resolved to build a shelter.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Screenshots At VAULT-OS

I think I have posted the first screenshots I have ever taken of both VOS-16 and VOS-32 running together at the same time networked together and both hooked up to a DB4 database on a shared drive.

I'm doing good. I'm like a mechanic who has the engine out all over the floor at 3:30pm but still manages to have the thing back together and ready for the customer to pick up at 5:00 after work. It probably looks like it's not in very good shape but in reality I am doing a lot of hardcore testing now with different configurations to make sure they are all performing well. For example, I am even throwing in a module with the VOS-16 version that allows you to talk to an ASCII driven serial interface to an I2C sensor network. That takes time to debug and test but it's all looking pretty solid.

One thing I am really happy about is that I have a true development environment to properly test and refine in, where formerly I used to crawl down into the shelter and plug in a compact flash card to update the computer. That wasn't working too good in the deployment. I am getting it right this time, instead of just "working" for me alone. This is necessary in order to share it with other people.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Western Economy Should Bounce Back ... Never

I'll just throw a round figure out there. "About five years." Maybe "about ten years." Or first thing off the top of my head "about yay long or so."

How about never.

Australia and New Zealand are going to maintain a decent standard of living and intact economies much longer than anywhere else because of their capacity for self-sufficiency. As for the rest of the Western world, it's done. It won't be bouncing back.

Britain, Europe and America have no critical mass of human capital left and to quote Lothrup Stoddard ... we could lose all our bridges, buildings and infrastructure to rubble and yet we would rebuild it in ten years if we still had our best genetic stock. If we lost those sharp faculties of perception and problem solving to dissolution then we could not rebuild any of it given a thousand years.

It took countless millennia of natural selection to produce the high water mark of postwar 1950s America and only a couple generations to lose it all. Once lost, it's not something that is going to come back. Not for a long, long time. There will be a new "normal" and the Kwans will discover it is "normal" for another family of men, not their own.

Just in time, a new Ice Age arrives to demonstrate how nature separates the wheat from the chaff. This is not a man's doing, nor something you can protest or sue against for discrimination. Nature has her own truth and it is different from that of Kwanzanians. Rudyard Kipling's Gods of the Copybooks have opened the page again and are waiting for mankind to take up their pencils for another lesson.

THE EMPEROR OF ICE CREAM : 6 Million Dead Dolphins, Gators & Turtles In Bolivia

Over 1 million fish and thousands of alligators, turtles, dolphins and other river wildlife are floating dead in numerous Bolivian rivers in the three eastern/southern departments of Santa Cruz, Beni and Tarija. The extreme cold front that hit Bolivia in mid-July caused water temperatures to dip below the minimum temperatures river life can tolerate. As a consequence, rivers, lakes, lagoons and fisheries are brimming with decomposing fish and other creatures.

Unprecedented: Nothing like this has ever been seen in this magnitude in Bolivia. Inhabitants of riverside communities report the smell is nauseating and can be detected as far as a kilometer away from river banks. River communities, whose livelihoods depend on fishing, fear they'll run out of food and will have nothing to sell. Authorities are concerned there will be a shortage of fish in markets and are more concerned by possible threats to public health, especially in communities that also use river water for bathing and drinking, but also fear contaminated or decaying fish may end up in market stalls. They've begun a campaign to ensure market vendors and the public know how to tell the difference between fresh and unhealthy fish.

In university fish ponds and commercial fisheries the losses are also catastrophic.

Hear that quiet in the Western media? Not a whisper about this apocalyptic phenomenon. Isn't that the reason we have "news?" So we can get the "news?"

Argentina colder than Antarctica - Welcome To The New Ice Age

Brazil snowed in ... completely normal weather every 11,500 years or so

Thursday, August 5, 2010

BP Blackout : What Is Happening Down There?!?

The Gulf was created by a previous methane hydrate explosion which was an extinction event. Are we certain the last blowout cleared that gas or has it been building up for millions of years since? Is it now bigger than the first time it exploded with the force of a 400 megaton thermonuclear weapon?

BP has been caught running fake feeds to hide the real action at the sea floor. Why on earth would they do that?!? What is happening down there must be worse than anything they have admitted to.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WW3 Starts Before November

This isn't a prediction.

I'm simply reporting the news.

Like it or not ...




Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Recap From 2005 : Magnetic Reversal

This is worth reprinting. It was relevant five years ago but has become absolutely mandatory reading in the Vault-Co catechism now. Amazing what a difference five years can make, isn't it?

We started work on our shelter ten years ago because we knew about this very situation long ago before it hit any mainstream periodicals. We knew we were headed into a new Ice Age and that Ice Ages hit rapidly, sometimes in days not millennia. We knew that the transitions into new Ice Ages are always accompanied by volcanism and tectonic movements. We knew that the beginnings of Ice Ages often feature changes in the magnetic field that are disturbingly close to extinction events in the geological record. We knew that unprecedented changes were taking place in the outer atmosphere that clearly showed we were entering a new Maunder Minimum.

We knew about all of these things but we didn't really know exactly what it all meant until we read Robert Felix's excellent book.

Please ignore the eerie apocalyptic lights in the sky at night, people. Nothing to see here, keep moving along. Go to your day jobs and keep those tax revenues coming in so we can finish our own vaults.

Ordinary people have very short memories. They cannot remember it if it happened last week. Even if it did happen, if it isn't emphasized by their media it won't be retained, won't stick in their consciousness. Even when retained, they won't be able to make associative connections with other bits of information. They are always doomed to be surprised by everything.

I'm always stunned when people ask me what makes me so sure something is happening on this planet. It's like they were asking me what makes me so sure that we should put toilet water on plants instead of Brawndo. If the average person could remember anything that happened over fifteen minutes ago, they wouldn't need to ask.

Monday, August 2, 2010

2010 : The Widening Gyre

Treason from within is the worst kind.

Congressman Brags : ‘The Federal Government Can Do Most Anything in This Country’

Time for the ballot box or the bullet box?

Government has no sympathy for it's own citizens who are rapidly at the mercy of foreign hostiles

People form nations to organize the protection of women, children and property from external threats. When the government stops serving this purpose, it stops serving it's purpose, period.

Waiting lines for exit strategies

Anarchy coming to America soon

It's going to be the mother of all bongo parties.