Monday, November 30, 2015

Exploring the Utter Wonder of SQLite's RTrees

It seems like such a little thing. SQLite supports RTree relationships of parent-child.

They are maintained automatically through a virtual table.

This and many other features in SQLite are so powerful they boggle the mind. I am becoming convinced that the author of SQLite is a time traveler from the future who has decided to come back to share his vastly superior source code with the people of the early 20th century.

Some people know this can be useful in geographic information. What they don't know is that it is excellent for implementing all kinds of information relationships that may involve parent and child nodes. I am using it for Mission Impossible/Minority Report style breakdowns of vast vector maps that may need to be drilled down into ... for example, looking at an entire food storage warehouse or drilling down to a generator room inside that warehouse ... and just extracting the necessary vector diagrams to draw that particular region inside a browser.

Like so many things with SQLite, I thought about it for months and then sat down and coded it in only a few hours and it worked. I cannot praise the SQLite library highly enough. I could not imagine so little code doing so much.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

There is No Discourse With The Sun

None. It is subject to cosmic forces outside of our control for all eternity.

Vault-Co told you this fifteen years ago. It is hardly the only thing we were right about. It is just one of the things we were right about. The big confirmations are still coming but pray there is still time.

I respect Joel Skousen more than any other person living, more than J.R. Nyquist or any of the other elders who have been warning us for decades. I think they are still going to keep the economy afloat as long as they can until they can start the cull of World War III. If the economy collapses they might lose the reins of power before they can introduce their agenda to trim 95% of the people on Earth back. They need fiat money to hold together until then. Even if they have to print money until it is worthless. They have got to keep the illusion going until they can get all the sheeple up the slaughterhouse ramp. They don't want a panic until it is too late.

This means you still have time to acquire a vault and stock it with what you need to survive a long, extended nuclear war. A little time remains but don't dally forever. The Earth itself is shifting into a New Grand Minimum and this will expedite the best laid plans of mice and men.

Incidentally, a great article by J.R. Nyquist about how quickly societies are destroyed after suffrage. One follows upon the other. Sweden will soon be an Islamic Caliphate and there are no Swedish men left to stop it. Thanks, socialism.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

X86 Compatibles Approaching Zero!

This is what I have always hoped for Vault-OS, that the components would approach zero cost at some point for most of the hardware.

This is becoming competitive with repurposed thin clients but you have to add in the additional parts needed to house it and hook it up to the outside world.

Madness Contagion

Kwanstainia shrieking about the terrible monsters everywhere it has to escalate the violence against to protect itself from.

If you talk this way during a psychiatric screening the shrinks would have no trouble getting you involuntarily committed.

I have trouble understanding the Kwanstainian point after they have conceded they are funding and training ISIS to begin with in order to unseat Assad as they did Gaddafi. It is like somebody so crazy for so long they are not making an attempt to hide it anymore. Now they are accusing of Russians targeting civilian infrastructure. Do they understand the phenomenon of projection? Crazy people usually don't.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Geraldo Rivera's Daughter Was An Eyewitness Everywhere

That's right.

I should have copyrighted "You couldn't make this stuff up" years ago when I had the chance. Now everybody is using it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New HMI Interface Screens For Vault-OS

These were science fiction when I started work on Vault-OS over a decade ago.

I knew they would come down in price, it was just a matter of time.

Best way to bolt one of these onto the headless server instances is a Lua script plugin which converts X-Forms from an AJAX call to the server into an appropriate matching display that normally would be a presentation layer in HTML. You could skip the need for a browser and run this as a controller front end direct to the server.

Getting cheap for a nice sized display, especially with built-in touch screen interface over serial. Very nice looking graphics and control widgets.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Those Crazy Conspiracy Nuts

Seeing freemasons everywhere. They have lost touch with reality.

Once you know who is on the list, you see how people could be blasted villains and other men lauded as heroes when both of them were psychotic butchers and murderers of unarmed innocents. If you ever wondered how Winston Churchill could have cooked a million civilians like bacon in a single day at Dresden just to see what it would look like and walk away with his legacy preserved intact and nary a mention of his crimes for almost a century, now you know. Yet men hung at the end of World War II for no crime other than being afraid of their superiors and having no other options.

The world is run by evil monstrous human beings and they routinely play both good guys and bad guys just like in professional wrestling. The truth is, they are all foaming-at-the-mouth mad dog psychopaths. All of them.

Now online. Some European Kings dug into their ranks and dragged them all into the sunlight before executing them but that hasn't happened in a long time. This would be the most exposure they have had in many centuries, perhaps all the way back to the Templars founding.

Tell Scotty I am Ready To Be Beamed Up

So horrible I cannot read it twice. Horror movie stuff out of dystopian science fiction.

The horror of it all.

Kwanstainia has long since past its expiry date. It's time to go. Whatever comes after can't be worse than this and seeing them off seems like it is the beginning of something that must be better.

"Cutting the grass before it grows too long."

Possibly the worst thing I have ever posted to Vault-Co.

A violation of so many tenets of the Geneva convention that either they need to convene a world court for these criminals or else posthumously pardon all those convicted at Nuremberg.

In case you have not guessed yet, they are just randomly killing children in foreign countries from the air with drones ... because they can. There is no military purpose to any of it. You know them by their fruits.

The Gall of The British

.... here.

The most shocking thing I learned from this article is that the British have the absolute gall to charge people a "television license" for simply receiving freely broadcast programs from the air.

The world is a museum of marxist failures and Britain has always been a prized exhibit. Everything about it is just sad and deranged.