Monday, April 30, 2012

World War III Will Be Very Interesting

Exciting new technology replaces boring old human soldiers with some serious ass-kickers.
Cleanup staff already being trained to root out civilians from their hiding places.

Remember, this stuff is just the unclassified leftovers we get to see ...

Property Rights Are The Foundation of Civilization

Notice at the end, it becomes harder and harder to stop large organized groups from just taking stuff.

Sapiens with an average IQ of 97 has a very difficult time understanding why might doesn't make right. It is a little over his head. A piece of paper that is a title or deed starts to become a bit abstract for these mental giants. We're the big group. We get all the coconuts.

Very similar to third world countries where the only law is whoever is on top owns everything.

I see this every day in the most casual conversations. As intelligence drops, people get increasingly fuzzy on what the rule of law is.

This has a great deal to do with the government paying off the debts of big banks instead of letting them collapse. Same confused, hazy notions of responsibility. We're the big group. We're not supposed to fail. The government must do something because otherwise we would go out of business. We're the big group and we don't go out of business. It is not permitted. Like in South America where all businesses are state-run to some degree.

Imagine hundreds of millions of people sort of squinting and moving their lips silently. Who owns what now? I don't get caught up in all of that labeling stuff. We're all sort of ... together in this stuff or something ... something. What have you and what not.

I'm telling you, the population of the Kwanstain has got a mad cow epidemic and it shows.

Continuing International Tension Escalates

Iran has a much bigger military than the U.S. wants to admit

They're not going to back down and Israel is willing to fight to the last Kwanzanian.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

How Do You Get Paid For Talking Gibberish?

You become a postmodernist. It is a fantastic career for people who will never be much good at anything.

It is very much an economic market for practitioners without any clearly defined services built in the clouds and funded by taxpayers.

Pull the plug on the funding, the entire field of postmodernism would pop like a soap bubble overnight.

As we moved away from agriculture and herding, there were going to be more and more people who simply survived on chicanery and flim-flam alone. When that group got organized and was no longer simply camp followers stripping rings off dead bodies, they occupied academia and created the madcap, lunatic world of postmodernists. It's a show about nothing.

Here is why you should be worried. More and more people have moved into this whacky world outside of reality for income even as the real world was drying up economically. There are now millions upon millions of subversives subsisting purely on hot air and drivel and they are quite capable of steering nations into political situations that will always lead to war. These kinds of Pied Pipers can keep the natives spellbound as they dance off a cliff into the sea.

Kwanstainians Help Curb Population Growth

The young 'Zanians help do their part for the environment by removing themselves from it.

Much like the British they are eager to "chill" for real. Room temperature, in fact.

Walmart Will Still Be Hiring Greeters at $8 Hour

So polish up your people skills, because you will be competing with a couple million other people for the job. One of you can pay the taxes needed to support the other 999,999 afterwards. This will probably really happen, honest.

"Dark Matter" Is Fecal Matter

Junk physics math to shore up the junk science of the "Big Bang," another Big Lie

It is okay to tell the truth about this junk science if you are a tenured academic. You are free to speak. Not long after you tell the truth, you will no longer be tenured and no longer in academia. So feel free to tell the truth about this garbage pseudoscience any time you get the urge. All it will cost you is your income, your marriage, your career and the rest of your life.

Training Sheeple To Sneer and Smirk

They are never sure why they are doing it and yet they do it on cue whenever required

There is a reason that media companies cost billions of dollars and it isn't for the right to print the truth. You could do that anywhere. It's not the right to tell the truth to a lot of people they are paying for.

Stacking The Dynamite For WW3

More and more and more and more. Sure, nothing is going to happen. You just keep telling yourself that.
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