Wednesday, August 31, 2011

!! MUST READ !! Excellent Summary Found Here

You could spend twenty years of your life reading about paleoclimatology - or you could read this short summary of the science as it currently stands.

This is the Vault-Co core premise. I will probably put a permanent link up to this article tonight.

Now, starting from this premise, how did we draw our other conclusions over ten years ago?

* ----> Go here to see.

The Lie Is Halfway Around The World Before The Truth Has Got Its Boots On

I read a Jefferson biography where it mentioned his genteel, timid, respectful attitude towards the opposite sex, contrasting sharply with his dynamic and vocal presence around other men. All classic behaviour for the breed, of course.

This never fit with the image of the big massa throwing the nappy ho on her back in the slave quarters to satisfy his lusty desires. I would not do such a thing and I believe I share more than a few character qualities with Jefferson. It is hard to conceive of such a sharp student of human history acting like little more than a swaggering primate himself, especially given his constantly asserted revulsion at the institution of slavery. Was this man really a loud mouthed braggart like any Homo Sapiens who never meant a word he said about anything? I don't think so.

I think Jefferson was a stone cold Amud Neanderthal with a genetically fixed attitude of absolute harmlessness towards females. A half a million years of fossil evidence shows these creatures were incapable of behaviour that Sapiens does so naturally he barely even realizes he is doing it. The Neanderthal female and child were not only never struck by any males they knew, they never died at the hands of Neanderthal males they didn't know. Anthropologists are so terrified of even speaking the truth about this species they have recently taken to branding them "sadomasochistic," to imply that a man who doesn't beat women to death must have something wrong with him. So if Superman doesn't drop Lois from a couple stories up while he is carrying her in his arms, according to Homo Sapiens he is either gay or a masochist - because Sapiens kills more females and children in any given conflict than he kills opposing males, without exception. I guess he is the normal one and the Neanderthals then must have been self-hating leather gimps who liked to be dominated. This is called Sapiens scienmajistics.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yawn - The Usual Trajectory For Gun Control

Those of you who have been reading this blog for any length of time may know I have been predicting the unstoppable increase in drive-by shootings in my original Australian city, Sydney, since I moved away from there with my family back in 2001. My expectation of this was a driving force behind our relocation. I must have effaced a thousand sneers when I told people in Sydney that someday soon their city would be like Central Los Angeles with a continual background chatter of gunshots in the evening and a never ending stream of bodies to be discovered in the morning. I told them this was a natural product of the gun controls brought in by John Howard in 1997 and that the only thing that could ever reverse this trend would be to restore the same rights to arms that Australians had possessed for the previous two hundred years beforehand.

Ordinary people are really, really stupid. They're almost unbelievably stupid. I already know what the counter-reaction will be, the increased legislation, the desperate attempts to write things on pieces of paper to affect the real world and other associated exercises in the ongoing failure that is the smoking remnant of Western civilization. The truth about police states is that they are the types of societies where everybody is extremely well armed except the law abiding.

You can't legislate human nature. If the criminals believe it is likely they are the only people with access to guns, they will drive along at night firing indiscriminately at the homes of their enemies. The only proposition that can restrain the basic human psychology behind the drive-by shootings is a widespread ownership of arms in the general community. It lifts standards of behaviour for the worst elements in the gene pool when they realize that just having a gun doesn't make you anything special and can get you quickly killed for brandishing it anywhere.

But don't take my word for it. You Australians really believe you know what the hell is going on. You just continue with your cyclic repeating historical foolishness that you are completely oblivious of. Try putting more restrictions on gun ownership. Just because it has failed a thousand times in the past couple of centuries is no indicator of future performance. You've gotten them out of the hands of the law abiding, you just need to get them away from the criminals with more laws. Good luck with all that.

Shocking. I wish the mothership would give me the return signal already. This planet is a drag and the inhabitants are mostly morons.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Watch Your Footy and Eat Your Moon Pie

Everything will be okay. Soon the globalist rainbow paradise will be here, with Smurfs and dancing ponies - oh how we'll laugh! There will be free rainbow stew as all the world's peoples line up to sing together in brotherhood, just like that Coca-Cola commercial back in the '70s. Every cloud will have a silver lining and it will be just like heaven except without any accountability or rational sense and we will all never have to work again, dwelling together in our gigantic strip mall where everything is free forever and ever in the multikulti elysian fields. I can almost smell it now. It smells like burning cordite and fresh minty tasting cobalt-60 fallout.

Yes, that is what will happen for sure.

Everything You Know Is Wrong, Rube

Most of what little you think you know for certain is also the most wrong. It's proof for me something is a lie when the sheeple call it "common sense." Truth is generally uncommon sense and even less common applied to the plural. Everything the sheeple think they know is what the mass media teaches them not to question.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Understanding How Prophecy Works

One of the most important things I came to understand as an atheist for sixteen years was the mechanism by which "prophecy" works in a declining civilization.

Prophets are a kind of group consciousness outpouring of anguish at the falling away from original principles that expresses itself through individuals. People who aren't very bright or perceptive always dismiss them as "madmen," never realizing that although their particular context may not always be relevant, their basic message always is and it tends to be the same theme repeated over and over again.

As nations lose their homogeneity, martial codes of behaviour and social strictures they follow it up by rapidly abandoning their founding religious principles. This is always a prelude to the loss altogether of the ability to organize meaningful responses and adaptation to changed conditions. Near the end of the Roman Empire and the Greek Democracy, all you had was a self-indulgent rabble incapable of working together to achieve anything. These kinds of late era societies are like fresh meat put out for ravenous predators. If neighboring nations don't get them, environmental changes will. Usually both together will seal their doom.

You see, you're not really bright at all until you understand it doesn't matter if God exists or not, because the wisdom attributed to him is always prudent and timely. Once you understand this you will see you have nothing to lose by believing in him with all your heart and everything to gain. It is not merely a useful principle at the individual level - it has a magnifying, exponential effect when it is applied to the entire nation that is in decline. The only thing that can reverse this sort of decline is not a dictator (this is what people get when they continue down the wrong path they are on) but a revolution of the superego that expresses itself in a newfound humility before the divine. Until this takes place at the microcosmic level of the individual, there is no leader who will ever be apt enough to turn this decay around. The Bible is the single best book of nation building that has ever been written and the nation founded most prominently upon it's principles was the greatest country the world had ever seen.

I don't believe for an instant that this revolution will happen but it is Amerikwa's only hope. Any chance for reform will stem from this kind of sea change in outlook.

Any philosophy founded on the perfectibility of man will always usher in rivers of blood and anarchy whereas an ideology founded on the basic notion that man cannot be improved (a dismal calvinist outlook) will always have some hope of reform.

Gore Concedes Man-Bear-Pig Cannot Withstand Rational Inquiry

That's because Man-Bear-Pig doesn't exist. If he existed, Al Gore would not have to suggest we use social engineering in order to force people to stop denying his existence and claiming that Al Gore just invented Man-Bear-Pig out of thin air.

Globowarmthinkery. Doesn't. Make. Any. Sense. Whatsoever. Not a single tenet of this religion can stand up to examination. The corollaries (like "carbon emissions") are even more tenuous as assertions built upon errors.

Water vapor is what traps the earth's heat, not CO2. CO2 doesn't affect the ability of water vapor to trap heat in any way. CO2 in fact, has no effect on global temperatures whatsoever, rather the reverse. CO2 is something that changes in response to climate, not the other way around. Ice cores show that right before a new Ice Age, there is always a heat spike that results in minutely increased CO2 for a very short period of less than ten years.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Science Fail

Just read this article through to the end and you tell me which is more likely :

1. Mayan rock sculptors "held their breaths" and moved masonry, materials and tools by the tons underwater so they could build in this cave when it was submerged during the supposed period the Mayans thrived from 200 A.D. to 900 A.D. and scienmajists claimed these structures were built?

2. These structures were built before the end of the last Ice Age and at that time were still far above sea level? No "breath holding" required to construct gigantic pyramids and statuary underground?

A good rule of thumb nowadays is ... if you hear it from a scienmajistical type, it's bullsh*t.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

May You Live In Interesting Times

Despite the never ending hush of the mass media constantly downplaying these events as "unrelated and merely incidental" there are more people waking up to what is happening than at any time since this blog was started.

It is going to be starting up in places you never expected, like the Eastern seaboard. It has not even kicked off yet. When it does, it is going to be spectacular.
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