Sunday, October 5, 2008

Magnetic Field Appears Exponentially Unstable

Luckily, it's now safely "1500" years away according to these scientists. Yet only last year it was likely to be "hundreds of years" away.

Hey, I can make up figures on the fly as well. I can say the magnetic flip is a million years away despite the fact that all signs are pointing to a possible flip in 2012 at the peak of the solar maximum. The funny thing is that I'm only a layman and even I know that if the magnetic poles shift 400 miles in a single year suddenly for no reason, you are looking at a very unstable system on the verge of rapid change.

Don't worry, though, a magical mystery computer simulation was produced to placate the sheeple which demonstrated that the magnetic field in reality serves no purpose at all and that even if it does vanish for a couple of months/years, we'll all still be shielded by something called "solar backflux" which apparently is a term invented by the same people who produced the reassuring computer simulation.

Good thing our ancestors were all wrong from 1910-1996 about the magnetic shield being the only thing standing between us and naked cosmic radiation pouring onto the bare face of the planet with thousands of rads an hour sufficient to literally cook people in their own skins like tamales. Nothing better to keep the herd docile like a hastily slapped together "computer simulation."

Otherwise a person might go absolutely batsh*t and start digging an underground vault.

Is "back-of-the-envelope" kind of like "low key wishful thinking and neurotic avoidance?"

"Right now, historic records show that the strength of the magnetic field is declining very rapidly. From a quick back-of-the-envelope prediction, in 1,500 years the field will be as weak as it's ever been and we could go into a state of polarity reversal," says Singer.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pornography and Collapsing Civilizations

This is brilliant writing. Like all really good prose it is happening on many levels at once.

The final humiliation of any society before it is destroyed by subversives from within is to turn the entire population into prostitutes of one variety or another. As the article says, this isn't show business or anything glamorous and by the time most people figure out what is actually being done to them the entire nation wakes up in mud and filth, it's fire long extinguished.

It is the most abominable horror imaginable to turn the daughters of the pioneers and the renaissance into teen whores who are sodomized in front of a camera so they can receive a pittance to feed their children. It is difficult to think of a worse possible ending for the 'Kwa.

World At Brink of Abyss

Notice how the same people directly linked to the crisis itself, like Barney Frank, will also be handling the resulting chaos? Paulson, from Goldman Sachs? It's like your rapist turning up for your rape counseling session.

Stocks plunge after communist takeover of Amerikwa succeeds

Notice also how nobody in government gives a damn about what the people wanted? They just ran around them and enforced their policies anyway. So much for "demockrassy" and other forms of magical thinking. You can forget about voting your way out of this mess, kids.

Being fair, the Kwa had their shot at Ron Paul and Alan Keyes so it's not like God didn't give them a chance to escape their horrific fate. They rejected God's wisdom and instead put men and the State highest in their esteem. The only way to avoid falling into these traps and snares is to put all your faith in the word of God first, second and third.

The State will always be the god that failed. Mankind never learns anything from history. The State is no better than the sociopaths and psychopaths who are drawn to it and the power it represents over others.

Will the Chinese inherit the Earth?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Anecdotal : Salt, Flour, Oats, Peaches

You might find this interesting. We ate some of our rotation stock this week, with varying results. All of the food was at least ten years old or older.

The white flour and salt we ate (tried to eat) is the only food I have ever stored straight in the bucket without oxygen absorber or even a desiccant. This flour had definitely gone off, no doubt about it. We tried to make sugar cookies with it, the result was inedible. It has a sour, sodium taste and a faintly disagreeable odor. I knew it had gone off but wanted to see as an experiment if flour remained edible even when it acquired the wrong appearance and smell. I thought baking it might "sterilize" it sufficiently.

The sugar cookies were horrible and had to be thrown out. The white flour without an oxygen absorber was a loss, probably at six years if that. It had been stored in a variety of less than optimal conditions but I imagine even if stored in a perfect environment it would have been stale unless an oxy absorber was used.

The salt has also acquired a slightly funny smell but I honestly believe that it is otherwise perfectly fine, a decade after being put in a bucket and the lid closed. Salt almost takes care of itself, but obviously any precautions you take in storing it are still a good thing.

The oats were fantastic and tasted as fresh as the day we bought them. They had been stored in a bucket in a mylar bag sealed with desiccants, but no O2 absorber. I believe more than 160 pounds of oats survived eleven years with no major degeneration. Brown sugar on oats is survival food. There's enough nutrition and calories there to keep most people going for a long time on that kind of diet.

The canned peaches were twelve years old and were perfect. The only detail I would point out here is that the syrup they were stored in was fairly thin, like water almost. Some brands have the syrup so thick and slushy it is almost like jello. I can only imagine what a sweet, nourishing treat that peaches would be in a long term shelter environment. Just make sure you know the brand, have tried it and can be certain the syrup is thin to avoid fungal growth in the can.

If you mix the oats with brown sugar and some dried bananas and chopped peaches, that's enough calories you better have an exercise bike generator in the shelter or you could get pretty robust eating that for breakfast each day.

EMP Burst Alone = Back to 17th Century

Describes the vulnerability of the United States to high altitude EMP burst, considered opening strategy of any nuclear war.

If you'll read closely, you'll realize that this is the aspect the author chooses to write about, as if it were the most to be feared. In fact, it's a form of digression and displacement to avoid talking about nuclear war.

This guy says that knocking out ATM machines is a big worry. I think he is ignoring (as humans often do) the fact that knocking out the humans who use the ATM machines could also be a thorny dilemma.

Modern people are too neurotic to think seriously about serious things. They're childlike and like children they need to repress or deny experiences and contemplations that are too disturbing for them. This generation is simply not equipped to furrow brows and analyze the necessary steps required to defend their nations against nuclear war.

They are people of poor character and weak minds. It's easy to understand, which explains why they always want to obfuscate it. No warriors to be found slumbering in this lot.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Eerie Cry From The Past

George Putnam recently passed away. He was a very principled man who spent his life trying to hold back the tide. He might as well have been trying to fight the wind.

Everything he talks about in this short film is the truth. It has come to pass much like they suspected it would. We have a generation of children being raised to replace families and marriage with pornography. Western birth rates are a joke, unable even to sustain the population.

If you laugh at this, you should ask yourself why. Have you been trained from birth to ridicule it? What is said in this film that isn't true?

It's laughable when you have the leisure. In 1964 all of America's institutions were still relatively intact and the U.S. was one of the world's biggest lender nations and extremely healthy in many quarters.

Watch this film again from the bottom of the smoking crater where America used to be, it's not so funny anymore. It's tragic and spooky prophecy from a forgotten era.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Depression = Famine = Disease = War

Hear the hoofbeats? That's four horsemen.

Russia tests air raid sirens for first time since WW2

Amerikwans Stocking up for financial apocalypse

Who has been killing flu researchers for eight years? Microbiology has become a more dangerous profession than drug dealing or patrol duty in Iraq.

Preparing for martial law in Amerikwa

... with the help of false flag attacks to justify the response

ICE AGE RETURNS : The Year The Sun Died!!

The oceans are one big dead zone for oxygen. That's extinction cycle seas according to the fossil record. The only thing left in the oceans is jellyfish.

It's snowing on Mars. What would globowarmthinkers consider a clue?

A freezing world will be fighting in the streets for food and fuel, long before people start dying directly from exposure.

'Kwa Formally Assumes Third World Hellhole Status

Now it's a pile-on to see how quickly the smoking rubble of the U.S. can be blended into the North American Union and the Amero can replace failed ZOGBux.

Other nations are beginning to feel so much contempt they openly talk about the 'Kwa the way you would speak about a summer camp for retarded children.

Read this article. Can you hear the war drums a'beatin'? Think the 'Kwa will sally off to giggles and sniggering as they fade into the sunset?

Klowns serving as Komic Relief for Kannibal Kults and Krazy Krackpot Regimes

Mexamerikwan union will follow severe depression

Next three years will see 50% increase in Russian military spending (PACK IT!)

South Korea jettisons U.S. ties for Russian fold of friends

S. Korea can smell the death on the rotten corpse of the Kwa

Sunshine friends drop you when you got no money, Kwanzans.

Russia now becoming good friends with Japanese Navy

No better time to prepare to nuke the West into radioactive gravy

All of this is nothing but prologue to derivatives.