Thursday, July 30, 2015

Internet Did A Hit On Monsanto

Those wild conspiracy nuts and their crazy notions for the past twenty years.

Except it turned out they were right about everything.

Internet Did A Hit On Dragon Lady

The czar femme fatale was practically counting the days. Thought she had a lock on the Oval Office.

You just think about those marines fighting in Benghazi at night to defend the embassy and screaming for backup over the radio. Then you think of her sitting there listening to the traffic and giggling about how unimportant it all is and can we just get on with it and move on. After it was over, these idiots realized how bad it all looked so they tried to dummy up a fake provocation video and claim the embassy was attacked over it ... it wasn't even on YouTube before the attack.

Everything about her radiates the very extremes of failure in all regards. Every inch of her body is saturated with lose and decline. She is a sponge for negative energy and a sinkhole for light itself. Should be classed as human anti-matter.

Vince Foster is laughing and waiting in hell for her to join him. She was always her own worst enemy as well as everybody elses. I have noticed a distinct senility in her nowadays that is a clear presage of dementia onset so she has that to look forward to.

Internet Did A Hit On The Clown

Too many people are getting the word thanks to the internet.

At the top of foodchain ugly, this harlequin is the kingpin. It is the source of the infection. It is franchise zero.

Anybody who casually adds shellac to their chicken mcnuggets and figures they are too big to fail should not cry when they fail. Hubris comes before a fall. It's the tip of the iceberg with Mac-Ds who also are the biggest clients of GMO foods without telling anybody until it leaked out.

A few short years ago they were prepping their stores to sell McMeat, synthetically grown fake protein. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Reactionaries Never Change Anything

If they'd spotted this eventuality in 2002 like we did here on Vault-Co it is possible there would be a different outcome.

Raising the alarm now is like waiting until a home fire has burned down 3 of 4 stories before calling the fire department. It's too late to do any good.

Autonomous fighting machines are going to be a huge part of the third World War and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. These talking heads are very slow to see natural implications of new technology. I wish Vault-Co 1.0 archive was still online so I could link to my very first article on the coming Terminators from 2002.

I honestly believe the elites intend to clean up the stragglers like me they don't get with nukes. They're planning on putting these into the post-apocalyptic environment and just waiting, figuring the last 2% will have to come out sooner or later. They're wrong. We will work on these critters from the safety of a vault if they are up there and sooner or later we will get around them or take them out of commission. They'll rust away and run down before we do. I know embedded devices well enough to have seen this coming and I know they fail sooner rather than later.

What worries me is the thought of a maintenance center and 3D-printing lathe for replacement parts which is also manned by robots using an atomic pile for energy. That's pretty scary right there. All they do is sit around all day figuring out how to get into that vault. With any luck they'll all be running on Windows CE. A single GPF on a divide-by-zero operation and the building goes up in flames.

Note to Self : Make sure new shelter entrance is situated at the "0,0" corner of a quadrant. If they try to plot it on a map the atomic pile melts down and turns the robo-maintenance center into a molten slag crater. They compiled it for release and forgot all the asserts vanished. Luckily for us our map server is running Mex Arcane's FAULT-OS and has built in checks for all common floating point exceptions. It takes an Australopithecine to think of these things. I'm getting tired I better go to sleep before I add any more stupid jokes to this post.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Kwanstainia Would Fare Well In WW3

Against Paraguay or Greece. Maybe Maine. The rest of the planet, not so much.

They'd need to get weapons that don't shake apart like cheap toys from China.

Trust The Elites

They trust you to trust them.

If it was one guy, I'd be on the fence.

If it is ten thousand billionaires all saying the same thing, it is time to realize something is afoot.

Jimmy Carter Killed The Future, Of Course

Whenever the future died, Jimmy Carter was always close by.

A start to dome living. Ruined by the Carter failure express.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Vault-Co Knocks It Out Of Park Again

Our original essay on why the invasion of Taiwan would be the flashpoint for World War III was published 17 years ago back when Vault-Co was formerly known as TEXAS ARCANE'S SURVIVAL REPORT.

I had worked out the basic mechanics of the Klausewitzian game theory in my head as early as 1995 having only lived in Australia for three years.

A key point of my premise would be that in the showdown over Taiwan which would be a reactive naval blockade of the island, the single most attractive strategic move for China would be to reduce Australia to a radioactive glassed-over parking lot. The United States would react with furious condemnation and call it the greatest crime mankind had ever witnessed but the simple truth is that they would never retaliate. In one stroke, China would destroy their ability to use Australia as a staging area and fly sorties from there in an escalation. This would change the game dynamics. The United States would consider the repercussions of a full missile strike on the Western shore and the elimination of California, Washington and San Francisco and decide the cost was too high. Ideally they would then slink off and cede Taiwan to China knowing the price was too high to pay for a small island that really belonged to them anyway as the dominant world hegemon. If they instead proceeded to a war with China, Russia would enter under their mutual defense pact and the United States would be destroyed overnight. Try running the scenarios through your head a couple hundred times, you will always see the outcomes are fairly similar with the two important forks being America using common sense or ignoring common sense.

Either way, Australia will end up as a gigantic 3000 mile wide charcoal birdbath. The Australian refusal to maintain even a token nuclear reprisal sealed their doom decades ago. As in chess, frequently your stupidity only becomes obvious many moves later when you get checkmated. Australians enjoy the relative bliss of being too far left on the Bell Curve to ever become cognizant of any of their mistakes. Sometimes you cannot help but envy them the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

P.S. I was thinking about how hilarious it would be with me predicting doom for the entire planet for 20 years if it just turned out to be doom for Australia. Post-Apocalyptic down here but largely unscathed everywhere else for many years under a new global empire with China. You got to admit that would be pretty classic if I was to continue Vault-Co from shortwave broadcasts describing the endless onslaught of cannibal mutants and robots and the rest of the planet was just listening in front of their PCs eating Cheezits and pretzels. "I told you all ITZ COMING! Why didn't you listen when you had the chance! Got to go! Another attack on the vault door! I will resume my updates tomorrow at noon on this frequency! You'll never take me alive, you bastards! (Sounds of gunfire, mutant death squeals)