Thursday, September 4, 2008

Amerikwa Had Their Chance At Two Great Men

I will show you why the Kwans have earned what is going to happen to them.

If they wanted an extraordinary black man to be President, they had a perfectly good Christian genius on offer. They passed.

They had a baby doctor and a freeman after the spirit of the founders. They passed.

The truth is, Lot came through looking for ten good men and he couldn't find even ten. They would have the angels come out to them so they could know them.

What they got is what they bought. It's their wages due. Remember that when you see Vault-Co was right about the fate that lay in wait for them.

I Want The Kwa To Elect Barack #2

I knew fools like this in New York City. Somebody is trying to promote this idiot to his level of incompetency. This man is not fit to run a newsstand, much less the United States.

It's not that I think McCain is any prize. I believe if the Kwans elect Obama, it will be living proof of what Vault-Co has been saying for years and years.

The problem is not with their leaders.

The problem is with the Amerikwan people themselves. They're the ones who elect these idiots.

That's not a dilemma you can vote your way out of. The problem itself is that you're voting and you shouldn't be. The Kwans are the ones lacking the competency to govern their own lives so how in the hell is somebody else going to do it for them?

Rather, from freedom back into tyranny and then back into bondage.

I Want The Kwa To Elect Barack

Check out this rocket scientist he picked for his Vice President.

I guarantee you that Vladimir Putin will laugh himself cross-eyed if these guys are designated as the Kwa's new "leadership." The rock soldiers of the Russian government against a crackhead and a lush. It's the equivalent of an instant forfeit by Amerikwan civilization in coming years.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nyquist On the Rebarbarization of the West

“With you, they all threaten to disappear together. Where trade and manufactures are wanting to a people, and the spirit of nobility and religion remains, sentiment supplies, and not always ill supplies, their place; but if commerce and the arts should be lost in an experiment to try how well a state may stand without these old fundamental principles, what sort of a thing must be a nation of gross, stupid, ferocious, and, at the same time, poor and sordid, barbarians, destitute of religion, honour, or manly pride, possessing nothing at present, and hoping nothing hereafter?”

- Edmund Burke

North Korea Shocker - whooda thunkit?

Vault-Co, about fifty times in 2007-2008.

Whiteys in The Kwan : Sort Of Pathetic and Sad

Biden hasn't been sober in twenty years.

I can't believe anybody would select this idiot for his running mate. It's the first major decision in his life he's ever had to make and Obama stuffed it up in a major way, which is pretty much what you can expect for each decision he will ever make. This is why I am rooting for him to get elected, because I know this guy will be like a one-man commie demolition crew going through what's left of Kwanzania.

There are white guys in the U.S. who are not ridiculous clowns, but they don't permit them on the televitz if they can help it.

The Heat Death of Western Civilization

Bell Labs has closed down it's fundamental physics research labs. They were basically the cornerstone of the innovation that gave birth to our entire era.

What are we now again? A nation of "service providers?" What's that? Did anybody ever want any of this or was it something imposed on us from the outside? Who came up with this horrible paradigm of what our nations were about and what we should be relegated to seeking and doing with our lives? Is any of this what people really wanted for anything or is it the most hideous of futures our ancestors could have conceived of? Who made this globalist garbage the only legitimate goal of our existence? There's something terribly wrong about all of this. The world has certainly gone awry. Our innermost being cries out that something is amiss ... but even the vocabulary for these ills has been erased from the common tongue. That's the worst kind of slavery of them all.

What happens during the Maunder Minimum?

Nothing like what you think.

In my experience, sometimes men say "I'm awake now. I've woken up." They never do, though. Most have just stirred in their slumber or gone from dreams to nightmares. They are never really awake, though.

This isn't a "Little Ice Age." It's something else. That's just the way people try to cope when it starts to dawn on them that billions of them don't know their ass from a hole in the ground.

The Maunder Minimum is the worst possible thing that could happen at the worst possible time to our little planet. It's almost enough to make you think somebody up there has it in for us.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Only Real News That Concerns You

The Maunder Minimum Has Arrived

If you know anybody besides Vault-Co, a few eccentrics and Robert Felix who saw this coming nearly 8 years in advance, please post a link to their site on this thread and we'll add it to the listening posts.

Now everybody wants to pretend they saw it coming

Except they don't know what Vault-Co knows. They pretend to be well read on this subject, because they need their grant checks to keep flowing so they can pay their mortgages. Here at Vault-Co we read extensively without any cash motivating our interest or conclusions. We just stick to the facts and ignore the consensus.

That's why we know something these guys don't know. This is a crest of a crest of a crest of a crest. This is the big tamale, not just a Little Ice Age. This is the end of an interglacial inside of three other interglacials in terms of solar output. That means go hydroponic hothouse or die.

The Sun is as smooth as a baby's bottom

Everything else is just a side effect. Nuclear war, crop failures, ensuing famine, resource conflicts, widescale migrations of refugees - this is merely an effect. It is confusing the branch of the tree with the root. The Apocalypse Trifecta we have spoken of for a decade means this happens with the worst possible timing for Western civilization.

Australian Researchers say the time has come for Earth to chill out

Magnetic reversal is imminent. Topside, when the earth's magnetic shield subsides for weeks or even months, anything not underground will cook like an egg from radiation, which should be a pleasant change after years of freezing.

Behind closed doors, scientists are getting really, really scared. Really scared. How do you tell the sheeple consumer units that the sun is going to take a nap for about 12000 years? Can you slip that in at the end of Oprah? Put it as a blurb on the bottom of the credits for porno films? How do you break news like that to the idiocracy?