Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Alex Jones Is On His Way Out

Jones is even faker than Donald Trump. As usual both of them reference each other in a circle jerk to enhance one another's credibility.

This paragon was seeing a hooker he ended up marrying. It's one thing to get a divorce if your marriage is bad enough but no man who meant any of that moral outrage would cheat on his wife with an escort and end up marrying her. The man is a pig, that's just not something that a person with any honor or empathy does. I'm only talking about the juicy stuff to get you to look at the link, the other 99% is all there to confirm that Jones is a CIA plant designed to manage the opposition. I always had my suspicions but this is absolute confirmation. His family tree looks like half the underground parking spaces at Langley, Virginia.

I am going to be more skeptical in the future of anyone who is not named Jesus Christ. All these bastards are dirty, lowdown ratbags simply saying whatever they think will go over best with the public this week. Alex Jones is laughing all the way to the bank at millions of patriots who think he is legit. Him and his vitamin store. What a thug. I can see now why so many people think he is Bill Hicks. How much you want to bet that escort was recommended by a "friend?" I guarantee you she is a Mossad asset so they can keep a very close watch on the guy at all times. Stick to the narrative.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tarantella 2017

A wave of madness and violence that presages a widespread return to barbarism.

If you're injecting people with substances of any kind they don't want, you live in a horrific police state run by madmen. That doesn't happen in sane societies. Sane people don't advocate such policies and sane politicians would never consider them. The most profound violation of the rights of the individual is the violation of their body.

How crazy are modern people? Unbelievably crazy. Lights on, nobody is home. Shambling undead zombies, no wonder the "Walking Dead" is such a big hit on television. They've checked out mentally, most of them to parts unknown.

Heterosexuality was invented by the Nazis. I knew that bastard Hitler was behind it somehow! It didn't even exist before 1868! Read the article, man! You're talking crazy-talk! People like you are the reason we need change!

When Western civilization gets this bad I only got one thing left to say to all loyal Vault-Co readers ...

Does anybody know where I buy bulk crazy pills factory direct in 50 gallon drums? If it will make me stop hearing and seeing sh*t like this I want to take them,

Orange Juice On The Moon

This is a really good one, very observant and damning ...

NASA's technology is so superior that the helmets leak orange juice and don't suddenly depressurize explosively and blow the astro-nut's head off.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Anonymous Group Predicting WW3

It's all very similar to the buildup of WW1, when the worst weapon that they had in artillery was the cannonade. These fired balls that were occasionally caught by soldiers in trench wars. World War One was a girl scout singalong compared to WW3. We got a hint of what future wars would be like with the first awkward uses of chlorine and mustard gas. There have been massive advances in chemical compounds since then - even the ones I studied in NBC school are considered vintage retro warfare nowadays.

Somebody was telling me a few years back about an aerosol they thought could be sprayed by airplanes which would linger as a sticky resin for decades afterwards - offgassing cyanide fumes every time the temperature rose and the Sun came out. Radiation and fallout seem tame in comparison. Then of course biological agents whispered about that appear to be weaponized rabies. Plenty of fun when ITZ gitz here - spin the wheel and pick your poison.

I always envisioned me going on scavenger runs with a full bubble helmet which I have yet to buy but plan to acquire this year. Something similar to some of the suits in STALKER : SHADOW OF CHERNOBYL.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Chia Seeds - Fast Growing Superb Hydroponics Crop

Chia seeds are packed with vitamins, minerals, protein and carbs. They are almost a complete food.

I may produce Chia seeds in my hydro lab for the first episode of Vault-Co on YouTube. You could do a lot worse than produce a crop of these on a weekly basis. As a supplement to existing food storage it could be the best thing you ever cultivate.

Malta - Honey - Beehive - Workers - Production

Malta is criss-crossed with miles of these ruts which appear to be cut in stone,
assumed to be left by carts. The truth is, nobody is sure what the hell they are.
This is going to be a weird one, so strap yourself in.

The big headed serpent priest class found in tombs in Egypt is theoretically connected to the Hyksos, who frequently associated themselves with "melita," the production of honey from beehives. The Hyksos are often associated with a stealthy coup of Egypt from within rather than a particular battle as they appeared to possess no military of their own when they seized power in Egypt and sat on the thrones of the Pharoahs. It is thought they initially arrived as merchants. Their gods were Baal and Set, the evil deities associated with death and blood.

This is where the island of Malta ("Melita") gets it's name. The same island where gigantic colossal ancient underground temples ("Hal-Saflieni") extend down to the ocean illuminated by ghastly bio-phosphorescent molds and mushrooms. Where an underground pit contains the bones of more than 30,000 children and young women sacrificed in the temple.

Okay, I told you to hold on.

The Hyksos were ruling the Egyptian people without their consent until King Kamose came in to destroy them and successfully reunified Egypt, driving them out.

The Hyksos produced a rare and expensive honey purely for their own consumption. Genetic sampling of bees from the Hyksos period revealed that some of these strains may match those produced at Malta during the same period the temples were operating there. So there is a very real genetic connection between the Hyksos and the ruling priests of Malta who performed horrific human sacrifices. The cruel reign of the Hyksos was associated with the enslavement and spiriting away of vast numbers of women and children from Egypt, it is written in Josephus.

The Hyksos king Khyan (Amorite "Hayanu") is listed in the Sumerian/Assyrian "god-kings" roster which has recently been proven to contain the names of many kings formerly thought mythical who are now known to have ruled in Sumeria or Assyria. Some of these kings are described as half-monster or sired by demonic entities and their lifespans are measured in centuries according to this roster. Many historians assume this was just their identically named offspring taking over for them when they died but you know what happens when you make assumptions about history.

Hope you found all this as interesting as I did. If you are waiting for me to explain what it all means, I encourage you to draw your own conclusions.

Note that the Hyksos were making war on the Syrians after they got driven out of Egypt. Nothing ever changes on this planet, same sh*t different day. Not a single one of these wars ever leads to any real peace or ever resolves anything. America did more good in the world their first century of existence by minding their own business and setting a good example for others than all of these warlords did in all of recorded history. You know them by their fruits.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Ice Age II : Grand Minimum ITZ

Scientists still clinging to that 100 year Maunder Minimum thesis.

The facts don't support that conclusion. Previous initiation into Ice Age Climates did not involve a Sun gone completely smooth. There is no precedent for it. Monks in the Middle Ages observed the Sun daily through pinhole boxes and none of them ever recorded a consistent complete absence of any discoloration altogether. They spoke of the Sun as scarcely marked ... not completely unmarked. Sorry to always be the bearer of bad news but I don't think this is a mini coming. I think it is a maxi.

World temperatures plummet everywhere. 

The lie of global warming will costs hundreds of thousands of lives in Britain with time wasted preparing for a climate that was the opposite of the real trend. Wind turbines don't turn at these temperatures, they freeze solid. Rolling blackouts in these temperatures with record snowfall will wipe out Britain. Their ancestors might have survived but they won't stand a chance. Modern people have been busy the last 200 years engineering a system of assisted suicide for this climate.

As always, the majority are completely wrong about everything. You have not learned any wisdom until you learn that the majority of people have no idea what is going on around them from cradle to grave. They just fake it and that's not good enough to ask them for counsel on any subject.

These sheeple are just now accepting the reality. We considered it a given 16 years ago. Since 2002 we have been talking about the consequences ... which the majority of these pundits have not even begun to think about yet. Hint : They're not good.

The Apocalypse Trifecta. WAR, FAMINE, EPIDEMICS. All "side effects" of the conclusion.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Quack Planet : Junk Science, Junk Civilization

Smoke'em if you got'em, people. The doc enjoys a pack himself.
Apparently understood for decades by the medical industry that more than half of all studies are falsified or outright lies.

When you make a church out of a human institution, you are worshipping buffoonery. Humans are substantial retrofits of rhesus monkeys. From this crooked timber, no straight thing was ever made.

It says a great deal about people that once they concede the above to be true they will still accept pronouncements of self-styled authority figures as self-referential truth. Religion has the dignity of claiming to rest on the authority of divinity ... secular humanism is far more ridiculous than that will ever be. It rests on testimonials from humans. As mentioned here, none of this "science" is reproducible, therefore it is not and never was science.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Mankind Hits Peak Idiocy

It's gone about as far as it can go without a major war starting.


All previous civilizations reached this exact state at the tenth generation. They went stark raving nuts and everything that happened they brought upon themselves.

Roman senators who stood up and shrieked that the treasuries were empty, the empire could afford no more wars and no more unpaid mercenaries, were shouted down as fools and condemned as needless alarmists. The publicans threw rotten fruit at them in the street and decried their lack of patriotism.