Sunday, June 29, 2014

NWO Terminated Gough Whitlam

There was one thing wrong with Gough Whitlam according to the rest of the planet

His primary interest was the good of his own people, his own state, his own nation.

The Americans would never have let Whitlam eject them from Pine Gap, which is something that should have happened a long, long time ago.

They terminated Gough Whitlam for the same reasons they sent Pauline Hanson to prison. They will not permit local governance. Period. They allow their puppets to pretend to be concerned with their own electorate but any politician who acts in the interest of his own geographic region will find himself marked for death one way or another.

This is the reason they are on Tony Abbott like a pack of rabid dogs right now. If he doesn't heel soon they will find a way to oust him.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Monophasic Sleep Is Toxic For Neanderthals

It reduces their spiritual potential for insight and understanding. It provides them the barest needed rest to get them through the following day. It is a kind of living death that is mandated by the civilisation around them. It is forcing a square peg into a round hole and hitting it with a hammer to make it fit.

The best part of mankind simply doesn't sleep this way at all.

Read the article about "The Watch" being built-in to the sleep cycle. What were people biologically compelled to watch over? If I ventured a guess, I would bet it would be the huge array of Ice-Age predators who would attack at sundown to take their prey. If somebody was not maintaining the Watch, everyone could be killed. What if Ice-Age man was watching over herds of his domesticated animals at night? Every sabre-tooth for miles around would know the easiest meal possible was to surprise the humans at dusk and drag off one of their cattle or sheep. Without a "Watch," a vigilance period hardwired into the human brain, there'd be no humans - period - in these environments. The biology of modern day Homo Sapiens would be so utterly contrary to the Ice Age it is unlikely any of them would survive more than a few weeks in these settings. They simply do not have the right stuff.

A race of mystical, empathic, instinctive, intuitive dreamers. The single best way to ruin them would be to take away their normal cycles of rest and recovery and turn them into automatons who are supposed to shut off at midnight and turn on at 8 am like robots. Homo Sapiens, being a bear of little brain to begin with, would have none of the requirements that 'Thals do to sleep and dream richly to recharge themselves over the course of their lives. A bigger, healthier animal in every way with a larger brain and much deeper psyche would need sleep that would not be required by lite brand generic version humans with brains the size of walnuts. Drones would survive on 4-8 hours but it would kill 'Thals even if only very slowly over the course of their existence.

By disrupting their sleep cycles for their entire lives you would prevent their canny and powerful subconscious processing to produce conclusions that Homo Sapiens doesn't even have the hardware present for. You'd be handicapping the better part of the population mentally and turning them into schizophrenics who were cut off from the best part of themselves. The deeply intuitive side would be paralysed, unable to process information in dreams that is likely to be the most important part of mental function.

Some of the ruling class might still be worried they'd find ways around all this. For example, clever contractors like me might have naps in sun beds during lunch for years that seemed to repair some of the damage and enable them to turn in a better performance in the second half of the day. So of course, there's be a legislative drive to make all tanning beds illegal and tell people that critical life-giving vitamin D from sunshine was optional, like having the blinds open or closed at your house. There would always be a push to close any possible loopholes that would allow a 'Thal to steal ten minutes during the day to power up again. Mustn't have that.

It is also very much a part of the curse, which makes you wonder where this curse has its origins and who was the first person to write it down. You want to know from whence he heard about it. You want to ask this guy, did you hear it as a folk tale as a boy or was it told around a campfire? Where did you receive this story of the Enkidu from before you repeated it?


- Humbaba The Terrible, The Curse On Enkidu in the Epic of Gilgamesh

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Something Getting Ready To Happen In Kwanstainia

Something big is coming.

UN Armored cars spotted in many southern states brought in on truckbeds.

"Demobilization and disarmament jobs" being hired for in the north. Plenty of long term unemployed people responding willing to do any work asked of them.

Some people think that the Illuminati coordinate their schedules using software sold to the public.

Flooded by immigration invasion and government is transporting them all over the country, dumping them on the locals.

Economy is almost completely destroyed in the U.S. with no hope for the next thirty years of it ever bouncing back.

Robert Welch and the John Birch society were right.

This ISIS insurgency will provide the perfect cover story for an endless series of false flags, this time possibly nuclear. The country will be brought to its knees.

This is why they assassinated Breitbart. He gave this speech before the 2nd election.

Ridiculous, you're saying. If they killed Breitbart with one of their usual poisons to fake his heart attack,  it would come out in his autopsy. It did and so they poisoned his coroner, too. The media didn't discuss it and so it never happened. Problem solved. Do you know why he was worth the trouble? Alpiner melonhead. Understood power politics, logistics and organisation of opposition to be effective. On the wrong side and a little too much potential to be trouble.

I'm glad I don't live there anymore. I'm glad I live where I do. My heart goes out to the people still there they are going to make an example out of. They are very, very, very bad. Very bad. They posit sweet for bitter and bitter for sweet. They are children of the devil, every one of them.

If you want to know why Breitbart was starting to worry the powerful people who really control the United States, here he singlehandledly defeats an entire rent-a-mob by himself, without security or backup of any kind. By himself, he backs down an angry group of useful idiots numbering in the several hundreds :

The elites were doing the math and thinking … if one Breitbart can defeat several hundred of our paid stooges we have funded by himself, what happens if you had a couple dozen Breitbarts getting organised? Time for Andrew Breitbart to have himself a heart attack.

Johnny Half-Ass Planet

I took this shot from a ticket swipe at my train stop earlier this week.

Update : Vault-Co Reader Found This Link To Information About This Winnarz System of Victory

It is likely running a WinCE minimal OS underneath with a simple graphic display, probably a driver for a VGA LCD with a magnetic reader.

I had thought for a while of using WinCE as a host for VOS until I got some experience actually coding for it and deploying apps to it. It's a toy. It was heavily promoted by M$ but never really ready for prime-time. It is the Hasbro plastic M-16 with forward assist of the embedded world.

It is attractive because much of the hardware and API is so standardised, but I have not found it reliable.

You can't see the code for it clearly here but this is a common exception thrown in these situations and whoever worked on these units for the city neglected to put a simple trap (try-catch block) for it on the outside of the code. Guarantee you if you got a look at the code running on this thing you'd be astonished it was actually deployed in that condition, with no review or oversight. It would be something that had cost millions and was likely hacked together overseas offshore by some guy whose brother landed an outsourcing contract and together the two of them had less than a week's experience writing apps for WinCE. They likely just punched it together with one code fragment at a time until they got something that could pass muster at the tender review but mysteriously somehow skipped the whole ISO-9000 blah-blah-blah that nobody ever actually does they just sign off on it lying that they did do it and then they burn it onto some flash and send it to the factory which is in Thailand also with no oversight or quality control whatsoever and they make ten million of these cheap things.

I'm not picking on this particular unit or this particular instance. I'm saying … everything in our civilisation is totally johnny half-ass. Everything. All people do is talk about how sophisticated and enlightened and advanced we all are and you are and I am … but you know people by their fruits and this looks like a handful of catsh*t thrown at a brick wall by a madwoman.

At the end of the day, most of the remnants of Western civilisation talk about our destiny amongst the stars in our pyjamas talking on our tricorders and beaming here and there in our advanced edjamafacashunal society and you know what … I'm not seeing it.

I'm trying to imagine modern winnarz starting a colony on mars and waking up one morning to see this message on their oxygen generator with a note on the dialog message window reading "CONTACT MANUFACTURER" and it is a company that went out of business ten years ago somewhere in India.

I don't think this current generation is going to explore outer space in their pyjamas and breech belts talking into their tricorders. I'd settle for just keeping the lights on and gasoline below $50 a litre. Hell, I'd be happy if one in ten people could demonstrate the literacy that used to be commonly insisted upon to graduate from the third grade. That looks increasingly unlikely going into the future.

Consider all the programmers and software developers out of work right now in the West and imagine not one of them being sourced to take part in this or to personally see to it that it was done right. Instead just imagine a big long line of government halfwits with a taxpayer funded check book doing this in the way that seemed best to them. The results are what you'd expect. Everything completely half-ass and increasingly unaccountable to the people who paid for it. It seems to decay with no one to speak of it and nobody to see it except for the people who have decided there is no point in mentioning it.

  William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)


    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    Surely some revelation is at hand;
    Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
    The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
    When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
    Troubles my sight: a waste of desert sand;
    A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
    A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
    Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
    Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.

    The darkness drops again but now I know
    That twenty centuries of stony sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Incredible Subterranean Island City Of Kish

Do you really believe this was built 2500 years ago?

No? Okay, I'll step backwards with a few suggestions and you tell me when to stop … which date would stretch your credibility too much?

Remember, this is a major work of engineering. This is not a couple of islanders with chisels in the off season working at this like a hobby.

5000 years?

10,000 years?

25,000 years?

250,000 years? When it was originally started, say, then added on over countless thousands of years?

If you found out what they based their estimate of 2500 years on you would realise they are just making it up because they don't know.

Funny that, always these deep refuges like the one on Malta … an island separated from the mainland to protect from slave revolts … deep underground with religious temples and chambers. Oh, that crazy Tex, he sees melonheads everywhere … unless like Tex you know they already found melon skulls on Kish the same as they found on Malta. I do believe that I am one extremely well-read nut.

Google, Facebook, Twitter All Government Funded Fronts

If you were like me and tried to tell people this about 5 years ago and then tried to explain to them why you believed this, they'd sneer at you and look at you like you needed a psychiatrist. " (Link fixed) Just listen for ten seconds," I'd say, "Just ten seconds. Have you seen their board rosters? Just try reading the names of the people on the board who were founders. It is like a Bilderberger guest list. It is nothing but CIA-CFR-NSA megaspooks. Why would an internet search company want Goldfinger, Dr. Evil and Hannibal Lector on their board of directors? It's obvious, because the company was bought out and is now a primary means of monitoring whole populations."

Now Google admits it and shrugs, so what? Yeah, the original company was bought by spooks and turned into an intelligence hub. So what? You got something to hide?

Let's just thank god they are not like those damn Nazis sterilising women involuntarily. That would be too much if that was happening, right? That would be the line in the sand. I got bad news for you. The line in the sand was about 2000 miles back. Point-of-no-return no-through-road sign was passed like 20 years ago. The good guys fought hard and they lost. The bad guys won. This is not a Hollyweird movie where there is a rally and a sudden change of fortune. If this was a Michael Bay movie, the metal guitar strains would be playing now as the hero rides in on his Harley to save the day. That's not going to happen. The heroes are all gone and the bad guys are finishing the country off. You slept right through the film and the credits are coming up now superimposed over shots of your children working on the global slave plantation for the next one thousand years as crack-addicted gang-bang porn stars paid .10 cents an hour on a good gig. Mind you, that is the feel-good bubblegum upbeat hit of the summer rose-colored glasses ending. The real ending is actually much, much worse.

Edward Snowden has told people they track and record their locations on cell phones all day long and people are like ... whatever. Do you have any idea how easily you can be stitched up on fake charges by almost anybody in the loop? What say a cop somewhere in there takes a fancy to your wife? Or your daughter? With laws against even revealing you were arrested, how many years do you expect to spend in prison before somebody figures out you were never working with terrorists? A couple phone calls, some arbitrary leads from fake witnesses and you're gone. Forever. Your loved ones commit a felony if they tell people you have gone missing. Your wife better roll over for her new husband or she can go right into rendition with you. Do you really know how these things work in real life? They are so bad and so abused they have the capacity to create hell on earth. As they said of the Nazis, it wasn't Adolf Hitler you lived in terror of. It was the local file clerk who could make you disappear with a rubber stamp and one signature. He fancied your wife. Or your daughter. Or maybe even your son.

They remind me of that character in 1984 who is picked up by the secret police and is actually being tortured alongside Winston Smith but is still claiming the only people who have anything to fear are people with something to hide. All the guy did was blurt out something in his sleep subconsciously and was reported by his own son.

Our Advanced Era Of Improvementation And Edjamafacashun

Which looks more and more inferior to the 3rd century A.D. every single day

History is cyclical. When people believe they are the peak they are always at the nadir.

The most important thing you can know about history is that when a generation assumes it is the most advanced there is a high probability they are in fact the most retrograde. Our current era is starting to look like a return to the crudest, dirtiest and most miserable barbarism ever. The worst of all possible worlds for all concerned, not the best. With pirates controlling the seas and slavery all but ubiquitous throughout the world, somewhere we lost two millennia of real advances almost overnight.

Just finished reading this. It was way more interesting than you might believe. The most interesting part about the book is that the author is so out of touch with reality he thinks slavery is not still a legal institution throughout the world. Amerikwans are so schizophrenic.

The Byzantine Empire, fractured from the collapse of the Roman Empire, wanted men all over the world to know … we are not Islam. Slavery is not welcome here. Every free man is seen as an individual in our empire and everyone who fights against the darkness will be given the light of liberty. It is very similar to the way that America was kept fairly honest from 1945 through to 1993 with the need to distinguish itself from the Soviet Union. Once the U.S.S.R. collapsed, the United States lost its moral compass and was essentially taken over completely in a coup by a small group of elites with far better long term planning and grandiose goals. With no shadow to compare itself with, the Americans went insane and were conquered from the inside by the neocons. That gives you an idea of how weak the internal guidance of men really is without an external enemy they want to believe represents a dichotomy. Their grasp of right and wrong is so feeble that without an example of wrong they cannot even fumble their way to a concept of the right.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Did Sumerian Kings Live Thousands of Years?

Apparently, according to this stone they did.

This stone causes a lot of problems for archaeologists because they can correlate so much that is written on it with the approximate times and dates already known.

Gilgamesh himself was said to be a demigod whose father was a Lamu (night spirit) and his mother Ninsun a human beauty. Since good old Gil appears in the Sumerian King List, you really have to wonder just how recently that Humbaba the Terrible placed that awful, eerie inexplicable curse on Enkidu and "all his kind."

The Sumerian King Stone says that conventional history is pure bunkum. There is a lot more there than we are allowed to know by the orthodoxy. The Sumerian and Akkadian ruling classes and their exile seem much more recent in significance than previously thought.

See here that the Sumerian dynasties were followed by the Kings of Babylon and the exiled Babylonians may have constituted the Hyksos who then went into Egypt and completely seized it out of the hands of the largely European population who ruled over it at that time. The Hyksos vanished and appeared under new names just as the Kings of Babylon seemed fond of aliases in their exile. It appears enormously difficult to ever get any specifics on the Hyksos despite their ruling for thousands of years. They are like shadows in history, only visible by looking at the wall behind them with a strong light in your hand. In the Epic of Gilgamesh in the Akkadian translation they are described as "them who wish not to be named" interchangeable with "those in the shadows who go unchallenged."

The best parts of Wikipedia are the parts that the editors are too stupid to know they should carefully censor like they do everything else that is on there. You can learn a lot by seeing the associations where they cannot. Would a genuinely bright person be obsessed with editing Wikipedia entries for most of his adult life? I don't think so. A pseudo-intellectual would love that job, though.

Lies, Damned Lies, Globowarmthinkery

The crookedest bastards who ever set their foot upon the Earth.

These people are so crooked they have to screw their pants on in the morning. They make the nuttiest demon worshipping human sacrifice cults in history look like ladies home charitable societies in contrast. They are nuts when they wake up in the morning and drooling when the sun goes down at night. Misery loves company and they won't be happy until the whole world is as delusional as they are. This climate racket is truly the last refuge of a biological blowout. It's for people who are working their way around to suicide except they can't stand the idea of going alone.

When you don't have the brains to work selling pencils at a bus stop, you can always try out for a seat on a climate commission. They literally take anyone. If you dig under the bottom of a barrel, you'll find another barrel. Keep digging until you get can get under the bottom of that barrel and you'll discover Al Gore seated on a port-a-potty with his pants around his ankles whistling "Riders on the Storm" by The Doors. Ask him to stand up so you can look down into the potty. It is filled with globowarmthinkists.