Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Camp Of The Saints

An exit strategy for traitors ...

I've heard these stories about what is happening over there. I just can't believe them. It sounds so ridiculously apocalyptic. It is essentially a coup staged with international refugees as a passive invasion force.

As mentioned here on Vault-Co:

  1. All refugees appeared at once without being stopped at borders.
  2. The majority of them appear to be from countries other than Syria.
  3. They have brand new clean clothes and appear to be remarkably well fed.
  4. They have fully charged mobile phones with unlimited credits.
  5. They all seem to know enough English to begin demonstrating angrily immediately after arriving.
  6. They all appear to know how to milk the respective systems in Europe to demand everything.
  7. They mostly constitute unemployed men, not women and children. Women and children are just the ones we are shown photos of.
Did Soros set up warehouse sized lecture halls somewhere to teach these people to be revolutionaries before paying for their transport to Europe, where they also passed out survival kits and arranged for hot meals? This sounds to be the case.

Believe it or not, a big factor in my settling in Australia was the fact it was surrounded by seas making it difficult to import them en masse this way. I knew that no matter how big the treason, there would still be the factor of logistics. When I initially moved here I also thought that the final line of defense would always be a well armed population. They began to chisel away at that by '94 and staged a false flag to justify a confiscation in '97. Apparently people working on destroying sovereignty here had planned this in advance a long time ago.

It doesn't matter if God exists or not. That has nothing to do with it. The fact is, once you strip away religion from any civilisation you have essentially opened them wide up to immunoviruses and weakened their immune system to infection. After this happens it becomes natural for the native population to spontaneously suicide in the name of the "good" and the "fair." Once they no longer have a common context, they no longer have a context, period. The death of Christianity in Europe was a sure sign they were about to be torn apart and scattered to the winds like the Carthaginians.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Politically Correct History Is Incompatible with Real History

North America was entirely colonised by Denisovians 12,000 years ago.

White caucasians from Europe with super-hardened bones (Neanderthals) and the Greek Foot (Neanderthals) and strong forearms with impressive finely manufactured tools (Neanderthals) colonised the entire continent long before Indians arrived. The single most likely reason that Indians have such a generous allotment of Neanderthal genes is the rape of Neanderthal women - the same reason than European people all over the world have Neanderthal genes.

Neanderthals had control over their own birth rates. Other races of people didn't. When the climate warmed, these other races were able to swarm over geographic land masses that formerly barred their entrance and survival because of cold temperatures. Neanderthals never stood a chance in the face of these numbers and were rapidly overwhelmed despite being vastly superior hand-to-hand warriors, having superior weapons and being far superior in strength and agility. None of those things matter when you are fighting a thousand-to-one.

The biggest cull of the Clovis people was during the event that shows as a black line of diamond-laced dust in the fossil record around 12,000 years ago, when water supplies worldwide were rendered toxic by blue-green algae that thrived in the enormous amounts of iron dust that fell all over the planet. How smart were the Clovis people? Do you think they didn't know something was wrong with the water? A heap of their bones were found beside a well they had dug to filter lake water through deep clay. The water was still poisoned that emerged. Their bones are tinged green because of it. Only osmosis or distilling could have purified this water, a good thing to keep in mind in case it ever happens again. Another good reason to store water in tanks underground where it can't be contaminated.

Last of all and strangely significant, the Clovis people were a damned good-looking race of people, with far superior facial symmetry and a general harmony of features not seen in moderns at all. Their women would have probably looked angelic to the savages they fought against.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Are We Still Nuts At Vault-Co?

I can't tell anymore. Here's an easy rule : if you read it here 15 years ago then it's crazy. If you click on this link right now, it is sane. Scientamajistic types agree that special media juice makes it rational.

"Up to a decade!" WOW! For a conceded 60% decline in output!!!!  Wait, I am only a layman but isn't a 60% decline in output called a ...

G R A N D  M I N I M U M

... not a Dalton or a Maunder. A Grand Minimum. Apocalyptic end-of-civilization machete wielding naked bloody men running through the snow swinging wildly. Babies, the other white meat style ITZ.

Our unyielding, almost perfectly consistent theme at Vault-Co for the past fifteen years has been that we stand at the cusp of a Grand Minimum with all that entails. Nuclear war, plague, famine and social collapse are only side effects. The Grand Minimum and a possible magnetic reversal during our lifetimes has been primary tautology here for over a decade. Coming when it does, at the end of a badly declining Western civilization, it is impossible to underestimate how severe the changes coming to the world are going to be.

A war that will never happen as long as America stays strong. They said that fifty years ago. The fear was a world someday that looked exactly like the current one. I still can't understand how somebody reaches my conclusions many years after I have and still insists I am some kind of lunatic.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Special People Have Special Rules

What is a crime for you and I is just business for them.

You'd be as rich as they are if you just worked harder. For them. This is what they actually believe. Also, invest in more of their stocks, especially when they are ready to short that stock.

Martha Stewart gets a tip and goes to prison. These guys get the news before it is printed and screw everyone else, they get record profits.

Your problem is you are not a good person. That's why you are not as "successful" as they are.

We don't need socialism or higher taxes. That's their plan to deal with their corruption.

We need more freedom and lower taxes for everybody else and prison sentences for these guys.

You are a beast made in the shape of a man so that "men" would not have to be waited on by beasts.

Remember, you should practice frugality and self-control and other good habits - so they don't have to curtail their own outrageously bad habits.

If you worship your destroyers then you will be destroyed. Imagine those marines outnumbered a thousand-to-1 at Benghazi waiting for reinforcements that never arrived. While they died, this woman sat laughing watching a drone feed and sipping champagne. Hundreds of men have been hung by the neck until dead in the U.S. Military for a fraction of the treason committed by this pantsuit demon.

Terminal Madness of the End Times : Entry #578-094372

This planet is a mental asylum and the patients are in charge.

The logical end of the long journey of social engineering to convince mankind that gender is a social construct.


It isn't.

I can imagine a future where psychotic serial rapists are going to be foremost in claiming they identify as women so they can get access to naked women in showers. If feminists complain while these naked guys with wigs masturbate staring at them they are going to be accused of transphobia. Of all the different sorts of mental illness it is feminism that will end in the most tears. I guarantee it. Ladies, if you come down off that pedestal where you were respected without exception as wives, mothers and daughters then you will find your trajectory will land you in a gutter where your life is utterly worthless, lonely and without any human dignity whatsoever. There was a day when every man was commissioned to protect women even if he was not kin to them, feminism has seen to it that nobody anywhere can ever come to a woman's aid for any reason. It is so nightmarish you would not believe it could be possible. Where feminism wins there is nothing left for any woman but porn and very early suicide. Chattel slavery is not even desirable where the economic value of female life approaches zero.

Japan Cures The Common Cold, Western Media Refuses Any Mention Of It

You couldn't make this stuff up.

This is the worst nightmare the NWO could even imagine. Their whole genocidal plan has vaccines at the core of its population culling strategy and if the Japanese have eliminated the need for them altogether it means they will almost certainly have to switch to far more brutal policies.

Due to launch in 2018 ... if Western "doctors" have their way it will be buried for 50 years and unobtainable in the West like stevia was until very recently. "It's too dangerous to use because my brother knew a guy who worked with a guy who got that shot and apparently he still got sick. Get back to us in a century and we'll see."

Sunday, November 1, 2015

"Advantageous" Directed By Jennifer Phang

This was a nightmarish dystopian post-human film about the sort of horrible world you would expect they are trying to create in the near future with Agenda 21.

Human beings are worthless junk gradually discarded by machine androids and a genetically engineered elite who contrive to trick people into paying to be exterminated in what they think is a rebirth. It was very disturbing to watch. I have thought along similar lines many times when hearing about the approaching wonders of having consciousness copied into fresh bodies to achieve "immortality." There was so much in the film that is merely an extension of what is happening right now.

It's a sign of the times that about half the people who watched it didn't understand what they were seeing. The confused comments on Rotten Tomatoes makes it clear that most people would need voice narration or a talking bear to explain to them what was happening. They clearly had trouble following along without more explosions or car chases.

I was of the opinion the film was brilliant but very slow moving.

When Agenda 21 is complete, the elites plan to live in a beautiful, sparsely populated world waited on by their machines and with true immortality. The other 99% of all the ugly, sweaty people on the planet they desire to see dead when they are done. I really believe that they see WW3 as the first big cull, followed by many successive culls to trim the fat back. They would like to see a world where outside of their elite circles, human life is regarded as utterly worthless and they dominate the remaining people like cattle.

I know of course that none of this will work out the way they hope it will. Nevertheless, I also understand their psychotic dream. It is paradise through the lens of Satan. This film was really effective at capturing that.

The last thing I watched that I found as upsetting as this was the second episode of "Black Mirror" from the UK, "15 Million Merits" where human beings lived in brightly coloured stalls and were taught to pedal bicycles to earn their keep.

The New Druid Vatican

 Star Chamber of new spin cardinals will decide who has sinned most against the mother "goddess" "Gaia" with their "climate infractions."

People who cannot get proper day jobs. Period. Bums. Luftmenschen. Those primates are always looking for angles, anything to get out of honest work.

Sometimes Human Beings Stumble and Discover the Troof

... but they usually manage to pick themselves up and keep going.

This is a major brand. Can you imagine the kinds of crap they put into our food supply, water and vaccines and sleep like babies at night? How many people mistake the CEOs of these companies for human beings and think they have limits to what they can get away with? They have no limits and it's your mistake to think this stuff bothers them. That's your mistake. You have misunderstood.

That's why they are of their father the devil and now you know why they call him the Father of all lies and liars. That's right. Satan had kids too.

You thought at long last at least you owned your own body. You're wrong. You don't even own that anymore. It is owned by somebody else.

There is only one reason they get away with all this. Most of mankind is incredibly stupid. They seem bred for slavery. I'm trying to imagine them standing in five feet of snow during the ice age and I can't see it. They don't look the type. I do. I've even got the toe to prove it. Homo Sapiens looks custom bred and deliberately handicapped as a service animal. Sorry, but the truth is plain. You know them by their fruits and they are submissive by nature.

I see them lined up 40,000 years ago in a line grunting and shuffling their feet while Melonheads pass out spears. "You are to march north. Kill all of them. Do not interfere with the women. Not even the children are to be allowed to escape. Do not stop until you reach the ocean. Do you understand what we have told you? Do not deviate from your instructions."

You had one job, Homo Sapiens. One job to do.