Tuesday, July 8, 2014

China Military Is Ready And Prepped To Fight Third World War

It is now an accepted accomplishment of their ten year military buildup.

UPDATE : War drums beating on Taiwan

UPDATE : Russia ready to surpass U.S. nuclear force with superior technology

Fourteen years ago on Vault-Co, all we wrote about was China's military escalation and rapid modernization to prepare to take back Taiwan. Apparently some crank in Australia actually understands long term strategic thinking better than the past couple of cabinets in the White House. No big surprises there, actually. In fact, an objective summary over the past ten years of this blog would result in a conclusion that I am a superior military planner and thinker than every past administration following Reagan's last term. Ronny had some really sharp hawks in his office, they are all retired now and replaced by people with tattoos who think global government is going to disarm China. Clueless wankers. The only constant with this generation is that any predictions they make on anything will always turn out to be wrong.

If you know about China's tunnel shuttle network from previous posts on Vault-Co, you know Kwanzania would get it's ass handed to it in a bag if they tried to stop the Chinese from seizing back Taiwan. The best outcome for the whole planet is them to acknowledge that the United States is a failed regime in no shape to oppose them and to simply concede them the field. I have a feeling they won't.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Here You Go

This is what all that was about.

Reviewing the evidence, a person would have to be mentally retarded to think what happened at Sandy Hook was real. It wasn't. It wasn't just a false flag, it was staged so badly you have to wonder if the government is really qualified for evil super villainy altogether. Maybe they are just pathetic, sad a**holes who are unable to get real day jobs. The botched. The bungled. Disarming their betters is just a genetic strategy used by weak and sickly fish.

That was staged to set up this for the Obaminator's second term.

Gradualism. That's the way Bolshevists roll.

Weak, sickly fish use stealth, cunning and treachery to get access to females for breeding they otherwise would not have the strength to compete for. They lure in predators from outside the reef and rape the females while the stronger male fish cope with them. They stir up dust to cloud the breeding ground so females can't see them coming and avoid them. They pretend to be female fish so they can sneak up on the female in oestrus. They try to keep their competitors busy with chaos, anarchy and confusion while they sneak in for the spoils. They have no choice but to live this way or not at all. They are weak and sickly fish not intended to breed. Every time one of them succeeds as an individual in thwarting proper selection, the entire breed of fish goes down in quality. The next generation is also weak and sickly fish, maybe even weaker and sicklier.

Confirmed : Neanderthals Were Highlanders

Explains their capacity to exist apart from most of mankind for so long and remain a sort of mythical people who developed in isolation apart from others.

(Link from Vault-Co reader)

The Celtics described the Tuatha De Danann as a remarkable, extraordinary race found living in the highest mountains at the same they traveled underfoot in vast caverns and hidden tunnel networks that connected everything. Stories said their magnificent horses, nearly twice as tall as a man and capable of outliving their owners by centuries, were actually transported underground in pairs from the mountains to emerge in the lowlands when they battled with the faery kings. It is noteworthy to point out that horse breeds were being purchased for great sums of money as recently as the 1920's by Irish and Scottish people who claimed they were descended from these strains.

The Nephilim were described as those who were rejected by their own tribes and "cast down from the heights" when they were shunned by their own kind. King James translators assumed they must be talking about heaven. These "Nef-Fellers" (people so strong they can fell a tree with a swing of their arm) were suggested to be "corrupted" by interbreeding with other ?humans?-?animals? because they could not find proper mates amongst their own kind. You can see why I deduced these were simply Neanderthals sent on the long walk.

Also when reading the article you will see they are beginning to describe the various breeds of Neanderthals as obviously very differentiated peoples, with the Amud being so far from the Mousterian they were originally mistaken for some kind of hyper gracile Cro-Magnon superhumans when they were unearthed by a Tokyo expedition in 1961. Over the years, the "remarkably modern face" got changed into a "face with clear neanderthal features" through successive revisions and the implacable results of DNA testing. The Denisovans are a variation on the Amud, sufficiently related to make you wonder if the Mousterian was regarded as the Elder Race, to be respected in all things, by both races. All Amuds have been found with beautiful Mousterian jewelry when they died and Mousterian camps on the Iberian Plateau have been found with high quality Amud weapons. This seems to indicate the Amud had such a high regard for the Mousterian they traded quality weapons for trinkets with the Mousterians and then wore that jewelry everywhere they went for the rest of their lives. This all seems to acquire a much deeper and more sympathetic significance with our epistemology at Vault-Co when you discover the Amuds had 1750 cc brains on average in addition to their superhuman strength, agility and extended relationship with their mentors, their elders the Mousterians.

If I was a melonhead, I'd start to sweat. Wow, I'd think. 1750 cc brain is starting to get close to our averages. These guys could be contenders. Has anybody in the long term planning department had a look at the latest intelligence reports on these creatures? I think we need to start planning an intervention of some kind to stop these critters from making any more progress. When people suggest melonheads must have originated in outer space, I always point out how many things they did which were like the sort of petty, stupid things that only humans would waste time or energy doing. Their activities seem largely concentrated on power down here, not the kind of stuff you would expect from space travelers. Building a series of gigantic, colossal monuments over and over again, either to rule from the top of or to get buried inside of, just seems too dumb and all too human for visitors from space. I reckon the melonheads were never much more than just what their bones look like ... humans with big brains and tall bodies made to rule over other people, not other planets. These giants evolved on this planet, in competition with other hominids of sorts, not in the far reaches of outer space. At the end of the day, the evidence points to them being extremely tall people with big skulls and all our shortcomings and foibles, nothing more. The Bible says as much.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Vault-Co Was Right About Facebook

Nearly everybody else was wrong. Almost everybody.

Nobody likes an I-told-you-so. So I am not going to say anything. But I told you so.

Man, they must be hard at work trying to catch those terrorists. No better way than to spend huge sums on mind-control experiments on your own citizens. I am so glad they are not wasting this money on bridge repairs and traffic lights. This stuff is so much more important.

They never seem to spend much time chasing those terrorists. It is almost as if they know that would be a waste of time.

This is funny stuff. 

Would have to be one of the worst false flags ever.

AMA Junk Science

I knew it was junk the second I saw the headline.

The medical profession is worse than the rest of the scientific community. It is not a question of when they are lying for profit. It is a question of when would they ever want to tell the truth when it is bound to cut into their bottom line?

Junk. I have a trick I use to reveal when they are lying. Do you know what it is? I watch to see if their lips move. That's the giveaway.

When I saw the original headline, I instantly imagined them asking people "Do you take vitamins and supplements?" and when they answered yes, they then asked them if they have ever suffered from some medical condition. I knew they then tallied the results and said "Aha! People who take vitamins have higher health risks than ordinary people! Look how sick they are!" Dumba*ss, that's the reason they are more likely to try vitamins. They are sick people and doctors can't help them! Of course more sick people would have tried vitamins! They're desperate and the medical profession is as worthless as a monkey wrench on a loose screw when it comes to helping them!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Horrible Laugh Of The Damned

It's been worse for the 'Stain. Never.

Never. The Kwa has never, ever been in straits like the ones that beckon.

Putin Making Too Much Sense For This Planet

Talks like sane person, clearly a throwback to politics before the terminal madness of the end-times.

The more Putin talks, the more reasonable he sounds and the crazier his opposition in the Kwa sounds.

Getting Rid Of Those "Useless Eaters"

Henry Kissinger would be proud.

Luckily, only the government will know how it functions.

So we should all be safe with it in the government's hands.

It will be easy to find a patsy to blame it on. There is now a Patient Zero everywhere.

Chagas is a real-life zombie epidemic just waiting to happen.

Tissues in the face and throat swell, cutting off vision and speech, the skin turns limpid gray and the organs literally rot from the inside. Don't worry, Kwanstainian, as long as they catch it within a week of infection, you won't turn into one of the incurable living dead if you can afford about $10,000 worth of antidote. 

Chagas has been implicated in whole villages going mad down in South America from systemic allergic reactions in which all their pores become infected and they develop blood poisoning that makes them roam the streets in a feverish, violent daze. Luckily the Arizona flavor has not transmitted this form of the disease. Yet, anyway.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

VOS Design Theory

I don't know if I linked to this paper before.

Web servers for embedded systems control

If you are interested, this paradigm is the primary reason I changed my notion of the way VOS should work between 2002 and 2005. After I began to understand it I realised just how powerful a single server can be and how easily the rest of a control network can be provided with nearly anything at hand.

If the server is designed to be one integrated unit with very few failure points (usually as a result of linking to external systems like an SQL database, for example) then all you have to do is to keep the server running and the whole system will stay running forever.

Over the years, I had scaled down my requirements again and again from dedicated military PCs to smaller PC/104 compatibles … but once I realised you can burn the server code onto nearly any thin client, I realised about 2011 that all the hardware for VOS you could ever need would be available as $1.00 surplus thin client devices, many of which have superior MTBF to military grade embedded boards.

My book on VOS (which is the only thing I will charge money for) will essentially assume everyone is building their control system on thin clients and I may even have several chapters on how to set up the most common devices like the ubiquitous Compaq 1100. If you spent more than $2.00 on VOS by the time you got it running, you probably spent too much money. Most of my monitoring sensors I now know how to connect to USB, CANBUS, serial and parallel ports would simply be parts stripped off cars, which there should be a big supply of after TSHTF.