Monday, September 7, 2009

Man is Not A Learning Animal

More government = more misery.

Limited government = limited misery.

8000 years and counting, most of mankind ain't figured it out yet. These lads may be a tad slow. They're always convinced we're all just one more Headstart program away from the globalist utopia.

VAULT-OS: It's the Little Things That Cause Failure

I thought I blew out my new Thinkboy over the weekend, turns out I didn't realize that a mini-ITX board needs a 12 volt 5 amp power supply but a 10 AMP fuse. I only gathered this information by scouring Japanese mini-ITX support groups.

This isn't the first time I have worried I have blown everything up and it turned out to be a fuse. This is a good reason to stock a lot of fuses.

Anyway, in the process of reinstalling Windows 2000 Advanced Terminal Server on a compact flash inside 200 megabytes of storage space. It runs really, really fast. I was in the middle of creating another partition on a backup CF when all of a sudden the system just turned off. The 10 AMP fuse will give you enough protection but won't blow until it really needs to. A 5 AMP fuse will often blow at 5 AMPs, meaning normal operation of the mini-ITX will blow the fuse.

Took about two hours to locate this problem. You can see why this kind of thing takes a lot of patience and time to get right. In my setup, it was the first time I tried to drive a second storage device off IDE 44 PIN power, which apparently pushed the 5 AMP fuse to commit hari-kari.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

WHO Confesses They Create Pandemics As Well As Attempt To Fight Them

See what I am talking about with the entire planet becoming a colossal lunatic asylum?

Anybody out there who is scalping tickets on the Mothership, please put me and my family down for a couple when they make it back around this way. We've done enough observing of these nuts, now we want to go back home. It's crazy down here.

First The Burning Sky, Then The Bitter Cold

I knew about Heraclitus from reading Velikovsky and have always wondered if there was something to his "Great Day" of 10,800 years. I have thought about it even more since reading the books of Robert Felix. I am convinced this is not the first time that all of this has happened.

Right, so the Sun died and nobody took much notice. Okay. That's televitz infomation edjumafacashun for you in a nutshell. Something of life and death cosmic significance happened and nobody really covered the story.

If Jonah Goldberg is covering it, it's truly old news

It could be like ... totally ... like a new Ice Age, dude Yawn. No Vault-Co followers, these.

Okay, well, right ... like, then this could be sort of a hiccup for globowarmthinkery and whatnot, then ... right?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Israel : Land Of The Vivisectionist Body Snatchers

Trust me, the real extent of what is going on here is like an iceberg. 90% of its mass is below the waterline. It's not likely the media is going to report what has been going on for quite some time. Israel is the world's largest body part broker, no questions asked. Some say all that matters is that a part is needed with a buyer, not whether it is currently available. One phone call to the IDF and they can whip that part up in twenty minutes or get it from a Sayanim somewhere else in any other nation where their affiliate program extends.

People resort to these types of industries because they can't make an honest living and have no ethical qualms about doing so. If Israelis were say, 5% as smart as they incessantly claim to be, they'd have a huge income from a plethora of high tech industries in almost all scientific fields which would easily employ the entire population. Instead, this. Draw your own conclusions.

Neocon Krauthammer Writes Something Actually Worth Reading

Not a bad piece of writing for a serpent, better than most of his stuff. Actually makes a point in the article.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Empire of the Sodomites

If you were an Islamic fundamentalist, who would you believe to be the spawn of Satan? The taxi drivers and falafel cooks getting bombed to ribbons by these people or the nation of sodomists?

This doomed country will go the way of all Lucifer's children. Not a moment too soon for me, either.

Great new site on the most monstrous, inhumanly wicked creature ever to set foot in the Oval Office.

A monster who himself preys on monsters to lead a nation of monsters - to their doom. Makes sense somehow.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Read This And Weep For The Sheeple

Figure out what is going to happen yet?

(Slow Monday at Vault-Co)

Do you think that they have known for over fifty years? Do you think this is why the seed vault was built? Is this why deep underground excavation and shelter construction has been going at such a furious pace since the turn of this century? Do you think all the other stories are just mass distractions to keep people from finding about what could happen in the very near future?

Why is NASA now releasing this "new" information in bits and pieces? Really think these conclusions just arrived shortly after Robert Felix published his book? Or is this a graduated method of revealing the ideas?

Seems like such a little thing, a magnetic reversal. You'd think it would go as quietly as a field mouse through a bushel of hay. No wonder for so long our civilization was unable to put the pieces together. You have to know all the facts to do that and most of the assumptions that mankind had made about the universe were just plain topsy-turvy wrong. I think Robert Felix has gotten it right.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Kwa Has Already Been Dead For A Long Time

All this is naught but last things. It's the curtain call now ... but the nation really began to die around the time I was born or at the moment that bullet entered John F. Kennedy's head. That's when it all started to go pear shaped.

Within a few years, feminism spearheaded a genocidal movement to depopulate the entire nation of all human life and replace it with savages from distant lands. While I grew up and watched it happen, the termites completely ate the heart out of what was once was the greatest nation we know of in recorded history.