Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Straw Man Reduced To A Straw

Pray for Christopher Hitchens. There's nothing short of a miracle that will do him any good.

It is a terrible thing to develop a romance for oblivion. I know, I have been there.

There will come a time when oblivion will come to claim you and with nothing between you and it that will be a marriage most vile with a honeymoon in darkness that never ends.

Hitchens problem was never with Christianity. He was too lousy an atheist to ever be much of a problem to anyone but himself.

In the end, all is vanity and hollow words. The only thing you can take into that stygian blackness is hope somebody will come to pull you out, somebody who cares so much about you that they would give you a gift you really don't deserve. If you don't understand it's probably because you're still too young. Don't wait like Hitchens did to figure it out, when it's much too late.

This man and his ideas were not promoted because there was a demand or they were worth listening to. He was a tool for the State to chip away at the wall of religion standing between them and their cattle. He was well paid to say what they would say if they did not require the insurance layer of anonymity.

Honestly, Hitchens was a hack. He was a godawful writer, no matter what the subject was. In a sane society, he could not have gotten a job writing in journalism anywhere. Simply not good enough.

Wake Up. Wake Up.

Originally, ten years ago, a lot of visitors to Vault-Co ignored posts about the Illuminati or what is called Revelation of the Method. (Telling people in advance all the bad things you are going to do to them as though it were no big deal - then doing these things)

I'm sure there are many of you starting to understand what we were talking about a decade ago. In time it becomes almost impossible to miss. It is so obvious now it is increasingly difficult to pretend otherwise.

The fake terrorist attacks of 9-11 and the state of seige it would allow the government to justify were all part of the larger plan.

There is no Al Quaeda. There is no middle eastern terrorist organization called "The Toilet" in arabic. There was a Taliban in Afghanistan and they were big-time drug dealers. They never had any central organization much to speak of.

There will always be trained sheep, manimals, barnyard beasts who will never see any of this. They were born with the disposition of slaves and are genetically engineered to be slaves, to enjoy slavery and to defend their chains against anyone who would threaten to take them away. They are creatures of the stable and shun anything but passive obedience. For the rest of us, this may be something that will be imposed on us with a terrible price that they will be only too happy to see us pay.

We're not all in this together. They are them and you are you and you are nothing to them. Not even a peasant. They look at how gullible you are and they say "How could this be a bad thing? We are bringing these stupid beasts to heel."

Friday, November 12, 2010

BUMP ! 2012 ! WAKE UP ! WAKE UP !

... and then some flashbacks ...

China same.

... and then ...

Of course ...

... in addition to a million anecdotes of similar themes I could post up here from all over the world and probably have at some point.


Monday, November 8, 2010

The Kwa Is A Failed State

Jes' sayin' what's on everyone's collective mind is all.

Funny how Homo Sapiens often fragments his consciousness into many different layers. He has things he knows but won't admit to, things he admits to he doesn't believe, things he claims to believe when he knows the contrary is actually true. Nothing is true for him until it's a consensus, nothing is ever false no matter how ridiculous it is exposed as being until there is a consensus it is so. Reality and Homo Sapiens are usually not on speaking terms.

There is no way Neanderthals would have survived over 400,000+ years in Europe unchallenged had they been this unabashedly crazy. You just can't get much done with a brain that works no better than that. You take two steps forwards, your subconscious steps back three paces. It's an organ at war with itself where the real total output ends up being zero. Without neanderthals and their hybrid legacy, I think Sapiens would live in caves and eat their meat raw.

The second half of a civilization is the decline phase in Europeans because it's the era when all the Sapiens occupy the institutions and kick the Neos out. Everything become insincere, theatrical and an exercise in duplicity.

I reckon that Yoshi thrives most in the latter half of the cycle because he's an opportunist and like a termite, requires the wood to be rotten to get his teeth into to begin with. I'm not longer so certain they are the initiators. They are more like the finishers who polish it off. Without widespread decadence and complete loss of equilibrium, I don't know that beany babies would ever be able to rule the roost with such utter aplomb. The first requirement is that the host population must totally lose touch with reality in order to be susceptible to the new modified one that is then offered by their scribes, who themselves live in a world utterly built on sophistry and circular logic. Who would buy into these tortured dreams to begin with when they had anything like a well adjusted perspective? There must be sickness first, then comes the feeble state of malady.

Huge. Colossal. Like Waking Up Inside The Matrix. The Secular Priesthood Just Got Dropped On Their Heads.

Hear that sound? That's the sound of modern paleontology, archaeology and prehistory getting creamed by a semitrailer 18 wheel truck like a kitten crushed in the median strip.

This sort of thing takes a long time for ordinary minds to process. You can say it out loud all you want, this kind of discovery takes at least a couple generations to absorb even in a well informed, educated and open minded population, which we no longer have in the West.

I never expected this to be confirmed during my lifetime. Mind you, this isn't conclusive. The guy is saying that human genes were differentiated a minimum of 8 million years ago.

8 million years is sufficient time for anything you can possibly imagine to have happened. We might have already colonized Mars and the outer planets, have those outposts fade and die off, recolonized them, fought a thousand nuclear wars and seen untold thousands of races of men come and go long before we even got started in Europe. It's enough time for anything to have happened.

They'll both claim some sort of victories here but both conventional evolutionary theory (already disintegrating) and the creationists on the other side are just two different types of wrong. Neither of these camps of orthodoxy are even close to the truth of this planet. Not even close.

Can you live without certainty? The only thing you should ever conclude is that God is true and every man a liar of some flavor or another.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Leaking A Little More Truth Out


Read it and think about it.

Just a hazard to frequent fliers?

C'mon. This bullsh*t is aimed at eight grade reasoning.

If they admit to this, what are they really saying?

Ring Of Fire Getting Started?

"An unprecedented magma reservoir lurks underneath Merapi," says Birger Lühr, a volcano researcher at the GFZ in Potsdam, Germany.

"A rough estimate indicates that there is three times more magma than what was ejected by the Indonesian volcano Tambora in 1815 – the biggest eruption in the last 10,000 years, which led to a cooling of the climate globally.

Nobody is certain what this volcano is doing. There seems to be something building in the caldera and the current pyroclastic flow is apparently only a minor relief valve compared with the pressure that is indicated by the constant seismic events that monitors are tracking hourly.

Volcanic activity is surging all over the planet. It's only a matter of time.

Which one in the world is going to blow first? It only takes one and hundreds have become active again in recent years. The price of food will go through the roof and famine will sweep the world.

China, American and Russia all need a war and there's no easier way to start one than during a famine or resource conflict.

All it takes is one. If one doesn't start the extinction cycle, another will. There's no better place to be than underground in a Vault when one of these things goes off.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Tim Wise Is Right - Kwanzanians Can't Do Math

This is one of the most openly racist screeds I have ever seen printed by them whom cannot be named. It is full of venom that stops just short of coming out and saying white christian gentiles. This stuff makes Der Sturmer look like a mild trades magazine about lawn furniture.

I don't understand why racism is wrong, except when it is directed against white christians or muslims. More than a little cognitive dissonance there.

Obviously, there is now a new boldness there that will be increasingly more outspoken on what this has all really been about for the past fifty years. The masquerade is approaching time for unveiling. I can't wait to see the looks on all those millions of useful idiots over the years who honestly believed this was about making Amerikwa a fairer place. It was never about that at all. I will laugh at them really hard when it dawns on them that they have worked for decades with all due diligence in order to engineer their own extermination. That's funny.

It is better to trust in God than in man, but liberals are all about trusting in men and their ideologies. It is through their vanity they can be easily manufactured for all kinds of purposes. Marxism is good because it makes the retards feel self-righteous. Once you've got them by their vain imaginings, you can train them like dogs.

You're not much of an atheist if you have not figured out yet why the people on the televitz are always trying to strip religion (with a creepy focus on Christianity) out of the common people. It was the last thing standing between them and the State. Not much of an atheist at all.

You won't have to read between the lines for this article. This is a flat out mission statement from Tim Wise. They are going to genocide you with extreme prejudice and erase the memory of your existence. They know all your weaknesses but you have never bothered to inquire into theirs. That is why it is too late to do anything but die for most of Kwanzania.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ZOGBux = Soon To Reach Parity With Old Chinese Newspapers

Fed concedes up to 20% of the value of the already battered dollar will be lost in the last part of this year. This is going to create a trade imbalance in which most of Kwanzania will be dragged off at firesale prices. Most of it's critical assets, including basic infrastructure, will soon be privatized by States desperate for revenue of any kind. It is likely you will be paying foreign governments for the right to travel on your own roads within a few years.

This is the big one. The 'Kwa is going down - forever - and won't be coming back.

Look at silver to bust a move very rapidly in next two months as a de facto reserve currency to move Z-money into in order to preserve it from hyperinflation.