Friday, May 31, 2013

U.S. Government Admits To Assassinating Unarmed Man In Cold Blood

Concedes they shot an unarmed man seven times, including a killshot to the head, after questioning him for eight hours in his own home

Mexico has a government more honest and accountable than that of the United States.

The irony - his father has sought refuge in Moscow for safety and is asking the U.S. government to explain why they killed his son, an unarmed free man who was not under arrest, in his own house.

Even radical leftist scum and paid shills can see there is something wrong with this story

This guy was too close to the other two patsy stooges they pinned it on and so they decided he had to die. They kill everyone who makes things complicated for them.

Lately, you really have to wonder what happened to Breitbart. Seriously. That stuff once seemed too far out even for me but you have to wonder. Breitbart just dropped dead suddenly without any explanation after a drink. An objective observer would conclude that the Kenyan Occupational Government is razing through more political opponents than Idi Amin. Elect a Kenyan, get Kenyan-style government.

All of this would be hard to believe if somebody was making it up as a fantastic story. Unfortunately, the reality is more incredible than any fiction.

The United States is becoming a lot like the Mafia, where they kill their own hitmen after the job is done in order to avoid leaving any traces. I'd think seriously before taking a job of any kind with this government for any reason, even in this economy. I would not count on collecting that retirement pension. Notice how the funerals are always closed-casket ceremonies. For all you know, their bodies may not even be in that box, to avoid a future possibility of it being exhumed.

Jack Vance Gone At 96

1916 - 2013

An amazing thinker and a visionary who has had a powerful influence on all things Vault-Co from the first day we launched this blog.

He basically created the "Dying Earth" genre. His stories were rich with ideas and propositions. He was legally blind since the 1980's but kept writing with a special computer.

The left didn't like him for the same reasons they hated Heinlein. Too masculine for them and appreciative of the virtues of the individual rather than the collective. He had more brains in his little finger than 99% of the authors you see dominating the New York Time list each year. His writing was brilliant because he was overflowing with deep meditations on human existence.

He hailed from an era that thought the group existed to preserve the individual, not the other way around. His protagonists were two-fisted apocalyptic survivalists who never surrendered. His hero was the man who represented the best values of his civilization without ever being subsumed by it.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vault-Co Book Entry

This book is quite good Commie Crapola. I have almost finished it.

UPDATE : NAH. As you get farther in the book you realize it is the usual Marxist agitprop for world government and central control of everything. Well disguised but then the shrill lefty starts to bust out, including the usual tripe about globowarmthinkery.

Most of the parts about prehistory, in particular the chapter on Neanderthals, are poorly researched bunkum. A lot of it would be news to ordinary people but it was covering old ground for ideas I have improved on.

It was very refreshing to hear from somebody other than a tired whiney Marxist shrieking about how we're all going to die. Whenever I hear modern metrosexuals humming this drivel I always think of that scene with Arnie in Total Recall ...

Snowfalls Will Be A Thing Of The Past

Memorial Day - The 'Stain Covered In Snow and Ice In May

It's your ass that is a thing of the past, North America.

The warming is unbearable worldwide. The terrible heat.

We should be so lucky.

Doom Beckons For Kwanstainia

Everybody knows itz coming but they hope if they think positive and sing tralalalalalalala that somehow it will all just work itself out in the end.

Hey ...


Saturday, May 25, 2013

I Have Known This For Twenty Years

I figured it out a few days after I arrived in this country, just by listening and observing.

This situation is not going to improve and so the only option in order to continue to pretend to be a modern civilization is to construct a fantastic delusionary world in which adults don't need to be able to read, write, think rationally or even display the capacity to reflect for long on any subject.

This doesn't bother me as an abstraction. I believe the average human being will always be a simpleminded peasant no better than any serf under feudalism. I don't think this makes my fellow man any less worthy than I am or entitles me to take any petty advantage because of it. I don't get angry at people for their shortcomings. They are to be pitied that they live and die in this condition. Otherwise it would be none of my business.

My problem comes when these people get jobs in my industry in senior positions and end up supervising me as a software developer. That bothers me. You have to experience the surreal feeling of having a guy actually sneering at you as his inferior when he cannot read, write or even speak articulately enough to make himself understood in conversation. Having that guy as a senior architect or as a project manager is a truly absurd situation. Once installed, he will chain hire a series of his peers and before you know it you will be answering to a dozen people like this, all of them regarding you as a necessary evil ... when you may be the only real software developer in the entire building.

I wish I was making this stuff up. I'm not. This is the reason I don't believe the software industry as a whole is going anywhere. There will always be exceptions and god bless the competent. The rest of them are simply damned. Everything about them is abomination. They don't care. They just want a middle class lifestyle and a paycheck on Friday. Yesterday it was manufacturing. Today it is computer and information technology. Whatever. Deep down, these people don't get excited about anything but beer, football and sex. All I wish is ... I didn't have to work alongside them. Is that such a big ask? All it would take is people competent to do the hiring to begin with.

If you're in an interview and your candidate has no private enthusiasms that he works on at home related to this industry, you're talking to an ordinary person pretending to be an I.T. person because he wants some money. Don't ask him about crap like lectures given, credentials he has, references he can produce, courses he has completed - this stuff is exactly what frauds used to build up their portfolio. Ask him where his passion lies after work is over. If he shrugs and tells you he likes to watch spectator sports, you've got a charlatan. Real developers can't wait to get home to work on their own private projects. If your candidate tries to change the subject to a football team or says he likes to hit the pubs after work, make sure you curb him right there. He is a Homo Saps and completely useless for problem solving or accomplishing any meaningful work. There is a reason that 8 out of 10 projects fail miserably and it is awfully coincidental that at least 8 out of 10 people have almost no meaningful Neanderthal gene expression.

Nanodiamonds Created By All Carbon Generation Through Heat

Confirms what Robert Felix has theorized about magnetic reversals.

Heat and compression in the air created those diamonds that fell from the sky at previous extinctions. It is just another example of how Felix always seems to be a couple steps ahead of the orthodoxy on almost any subject.

Compulsory Vaccination Now Being Discussed Openly

Guinea pigs will be chosen by lottery and forced to take the injection, suggest two sick diseased nuts pretending to be doctors.

This is what comes of thinking of the government as custodians of what is best for others. They soon graduate to simply being in charge of everything.

No! You don't say. Whoodathunkit.

I knew this would surface shortly.

Yet to be revealed - they were staging a "drill" on the same day at the same location with the same soldier in which a "stunt infidel" would be hacked to bits and then widely publicized via social media. These crazy coincidences just keep happening. Charles Fort would be proud.

Remember kids, multikult is wonderful, except for the part where they spontaneously chop you up with machetes in the streets. This, not so good, itz. Everything has pros as well as cons. The pro is you cease to exist on your own soil.