Friday, September 30, 2016

The Most Important Story Ever Published On Vault-Co

Yes. To date, this is the most important link I have ever put up on my blog.

Word for word transcript intercepted via spyware installed on a junior analyst's computer.

All other stories pale by contrast.

David Brock

You know you have lost your mind when other homosexuals are outing you as a lunatic.

AMTS & MMSE Cognitive Tests

"FOXACID" - NSA Supersecret Deep Penetrating Analysis Software

"Google Seth Rich and shut up."


I will give you the summary. Democratic leaders, acting with the help of the White House, are going to use an NSA super snooping package to determine where the lone wolf, distributed leadership of the unofficial Trump support is to be found on the internet and then they are going to kill them one by one using the same resources that were used to assassinate Seth Rich.

You know those links where I add at the end "You couldn't make this stuff up?"

Well, you couldn't make this stuff up.

What about those nutty internet conspiracy theories about Hillary using body doubles since her collapse on 9-11 on camera? Listen to this casual comment made by her own staff post-debate:
efink [5:55 AM] 
the only good thing about it was that whoever that was, she looked pretty good. how tf did they do that?
Also confirmed - a billion dollars worth of paid trolls whose job it is to infiltrate the internet and try to convince people that this election is a contest at all. It isn't for people who want to go on living.

All the previous posts on Vault-Co assumed there was some line in the sand that the political elites were afraid to cross. This would be one of them. That was wrong. There is no line in the sand. There is no conspiracy theorist who ever dreamed up anything as incredible as this.

  1. Hillary's staff are stupid to have used a weakly secured chat program to discuss this
  2. This means that the upper echelon of the White House is okay with targeted assassination of it's own citizens for political reasons (like they do in Kenya)
  3. It signals absolute desperation in the deep State, in Hillary's campaign, in the media and the press

I want you to think back to every other story we ever posted a link to about corruption in the governments of the West under control by George Soros and you will realize that the problem with all of our analysis was understatement.

It is all much, much worse than we ever dreamed for them to speak so openly about this. You can rest assured this must be a very commonplace occurrence in modern day America. All those people who have been critics of the Clintons who have died so mysteriously? Do you still think it requires paranoia to think those were targeted killings in light of this revelation?

Most important of all, do you think that one of the Vault-Co core premises ... that the elites have been working gradually towards a targeted assassination of the world's population ... is still "too far out" to consider seriously? After they have been bragging about it for fifty years in print, press and television and concealing it as discussion of "population control?" In light of this revelation that idea seems very tame.

You can help by getting this story disseminated as widely as possible as quickly as possible.

Foxes Guarding The Henhouse

One law for me, another for thee.

Tenth generation. Western governments just as corrupt as the Roman Empire at the end. Basically, the gangsters are pledged to maintain law and order ... for everybody else.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Future Is So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

Nobody likes an I told you so. But I did.

Wait - does this mean I can stop being nuts yet? I am not sure what is the unrealistic perspective any more according to the orthodoxy. It changes on a weekly basis but our message here at Vault-Co has been the same for about 16 years or thereabouts.

The worse part is where everybody agrees with me ... but still insists I must be nuts anyhow. Right.

So remember, the third World War is only not-crazy to those with the financial resources to survive it in proper style. The rest of you peasants, keep moving, there is nothing to see here.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Neanderthal Diet For At Least 400,000 Years

The most efficient in terms of yield, maintainability, calories and nutritional value.

It is almost impossible to give the red pill to ordinary people about the herder race because all their lives everything they have been taught about food is a marvelous pack of lies. They inhabit a world where sunlight is bad for you and sugar is an important food group but fat and protein gives you heart disease. These same people will tell you that religion is crazy.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Israel No Longer Poisons It's Own Population

Protect your teeth so you leave a good looking corpse
Officially banned.

They have seen shrinking IQ scores for years in Israel and are bright enough to reform themselves in response to feedback from the real world. This is a capacity lost now in the Western nations.

Australia has been bringing it in everywhere in big doses at the same time that the rest of the planet has been outlawing it as a dangerous neurotoxin. This shows you just how slow they are on the uptake. It seems to imply they may follow suit but I predict if they ever do it will no longer matter at that point.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Preconditions for the Global Superstorm Beginning?

I would say this is a harbinger of something very bad happening in the northern hemisphere.

The funny thing about the article is that it seems to assume that this is just a transient phenomenon as opposed to the new normal. Maybe because that conclusion defies the current orthodoxy. Robert Felix scores again ... opposing team still at zero points. I have discovered in the past twenty years that Felix always turns out to be closer than anyone else in his hypothesis.

Did the elites know this was coming decades ago and decide to tell the common man one narrative while they prepared for the reality?  Guess who they built the Norway seed vault forNot for you and me and other "useless eaters."

Lateral Projectiles Can Be Very Deadly

The Neanderthal's flying stone frisbee was no laughing matter. Thrown correctly a lateral projectile weapon is essentially an airborne blender if it is traveling fast enough. The aboriginal weapon is of a different design to the flint discs hurled by Neanderthal but is demonstrably lethal.

The real failure of the 'Thal air disk was at extended ranges. Without a part of his brain devoted to precision arc throws of overhead weapons (spearchucking) it meant that the heavily customized brain of Homo Sapiens would have kept him just out of range in a combat scenario. It didn't hurt that even the most modest estimates have the Neanderthal outnumbered 1000 to 1 in Europe. A death frisbee is no match at all for a thousand spears coming from 30 meters. At closer quarters it would be over quickly and the Neanderthal would win. The problem was, these encounters never took place at close quarters according to the fossil evidence at places like Shanidar in Palestine. This is why Sapiens dominated the 'Thals easily with numbers and ranged weapons. The constancy of ambushes as a tactic is hinted at by the surroundings in which these conflicts took place. It almost always looks like the Neanderthal was trapped in a ravine with Cro Magnons flinging spears from both sides. This was such a clever killzone for the otherwise undefeatable Neanderthal you have to wonder if the Cro Magnons were taught to use this approach before they began their campaign of genocide at the southern end of Europe.

Hans Asperger mentioned that when the "little professors" were of European stock, it was common to find they were much more agile than ordinary children in every way except one - Aspergers Syndrome children can't throw like their counterparts. It is not a matter of late development or even stunted development. They never seem to have the very fine dedicated systems in the brain for hurling a weapon overhead and projecting the endpoint of the arc that is created ... at least not with the accuracy of Sapiens.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Prior Military Service Is Bigger Health Risk Than Smoking, Obesity or Drug Addiction

No, seriously.

If you ever think I sound like a real weirdo, you should see the sum total of statistics regarding my demographic. The chances of somebody like me living to see 50 is astronomical.

If you added up the suicide rates of adult males with Aspergers Syndrome, combat veterans, my native IQ and personality type you'd see the suicide rate is around 99.999999999%. I would guess that I am the anomalous 0.000000001%.

Yet I have never even contemplated suicide seriously one day in my entire life and I have had rough days. Suicide just never was an option, ever, for any reason.

I think true Neanderthals, like pimps, never commit suicide. It is opposite their inherent nature.

I've had days in my life I was starving, homeless, loveless and broke with few options and almost no prospects. I can remember seeing the sun come up in the morning on those days and thanking God for my life. I'd always think how grateful I was. With as much ugliness as there is on Earth, there is always great beauty that dwarfs it in contrast and there will always be an innate goodness in everything that is a reflection of our creator.

Incidentally, according to statistics if you have an IQ over 160 the single most important thing you can do to avoid ending up in a body bag before you are 40 is to become a Christian. Reality sucks but there you have it, sorry. Nothing compares but marriage runs a close second to keeping you out of the worm cafeteria. I'm just the messenger, don't blame me.