Tuesday, June 5, 2007


GWYNNE DYER on why Amerikwa will not give up until it gets the nuclear Ragnarok it so desperately desires. WW3 or bust. Sounds like Vault-Co on crack.

If we say it five years ago, it's fringe nut talk. Say it five years later with the right context after the most obvious lessons administered by reality, it's brilliant insight into geopolitics.

A senior Japanese diplomat said to me, last year, he said "You know the United States is a twelve year old with a shotgun". And what he meant was that as the United States begins to suspect that it's past the apogee of its trajectory, its on the way down, as a great power no longer on the way up or at the top securely, that it is becoming extremely erratic, that is lashing out in all sorts of ways to try and slow or stop what it perceives as incipient decline. So there is concern that we're getting into rather deep water here, that we may be going into an era where the Americans become highly unpredictable and quite dangerous.

China Chimes In

See, everybody is involved, whether they say so on the televitz or not.

China + Russia = U.S. Vaporized.

Itz coming, alright.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Putin : Vault-Co Was Right, Pack Your Rice Yankee Dogs

That's the President of Russia.

Talking in clear, unambiguous terms about ... global thermonuclear war.

Meanwhile the United States is obsessed with killing people in the Middle East for moving-while-Muslim and staunching the threat posed by taxi drivers and falafel stand owners. They've got people so focused on Israel's problems that the Amerikwan people forgot they have problems of their own. Sure, Israel has problems. I just thought of somebody who should cope with those problems ... Israel.

As for the United States, they've got real problems with the potential for copping a hurtin' that don't grow back. Iraq is about perceptions, publicity and misdirection. That's not even a real war because mostly all they are killing is non-combatants and other innocent people. If the U.S. wants to see what a real war looks like they should just keep brushing Russia off when she gives them fair warning.


There isn't one of these morons on the Democratic ticket who can crack 95 on an IQ test with a full stomach and a tailwind. The irony is that all these ZOG finger puppets desperately want to distinguish themselves from the others in spite of the fact that they all walk, talk and think identically and express the exact same opinions on any given issue.




Dey bee edjumificated, homes!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

An Article So Brilliant, It Must Be Read - Hitchens Vs. Hitchens

Some of the most important ideas I derived independently after being a devout atheist for sixteen years are here gathered into one place very concisely:

Once a man no longer believes in God, he is ripe to believe in anything.

There is no such thing as right and wrong without a God. There is mere expediency. The last word in expediency for a society is, the big monkey gets all the coconuts until he his killed and another monkey takes them away. If anybody took Richard Dawkins seriously, they would strike him dead in mid-speech, steal his wallet and leave his carcass in the street for the buzzards.

Religion is like a boomerang. The harder you try to throw it away, the more powerfully it will return to you, each time more perverse and radical.

If you don't worship God, you will end up worshipping power.

When you try to erase God from your consciousness, he is replaced by the State, which will come to seem all-encompassing.

Every attempt to replace God with secular values in history has resulted in the complete overthrow and destruction of the society attempting to implement this mental card trick, usually within a few short decades or less.

Of all the world's religions, only one is consistently called an impractical religion for sissies. Only one of them has God sacrificing something of his for you instead of the other way around. Only one tells you to go two miles with your brother, to give him your coat, to turn the other cheek. Christianity is also (coincidentally) the dominant religion in every nation on Earth that is a primary target for immigration from other nations with supposedly equivalent religions. People's feet tend to vote on the best religious ideas in contrary directions to their lips.

Russia Says : BMD Means Itz Coming

Remember, if Vault-Co says it five years ago in 2002, it's whacky fringe apocalyptic talk.

If Russia says it in 2007, verbatim word-for-word with same rationale for escalation, then it's news.

Either the U.S. is so stupid it doesn't realize it is on a runaway course for WW3 or else it knows and doesn't care. I say it's a bit of both.

Television Is Designed To Kill Everybody, Women Foremost On The Corpse Heap

I don't think I have the patience to fully elaborate on how many ugly things that television does to the female mind.

The reason it affects women so profoundly is that they are the better sex, in addition to being the weaker sex. Women can turn a mud hut in a field of dust into a paradise amidst an oasis. The same qualities that give them the ability to engineer hope in everyone else and make things seem better leave them wide open for the masterfully engineered lies sold by the poisonous box from hell. It's the fact that women always want to believe the best about the world and they want everybody else to believe in the best that makes them supremely vulnerable to the worst monsters you could conceive of - the ones who design television programming.

First, it colonizes their minds. Once they see reality through the lens of that television, they are receptive to all the crap it has to offer. Women are prone to suggestion because they can be suggestive themselves.

Second, it appeals to them on a certain female level as an optimistic media, one that has something to contribute to their increasingly miserable and lonely lives. Oprah has built her fortunes by convincing the millions of ruined female train wrecks out there that if they will simply follow her advice (never really specific) the pain will stop and they will get back everything that mass media culture has stolen from them. For the sake of that promise, never fulfilled, most women tune in every day.

Third, they are creatures of habit. Once they are trained to receive their ideas and paradigms from the box (we're just like you, girls, we understand you) they will return to imbibe this poison over and over again until that last final night when they celebrate their 40th alone with a few of their "girlfriends" and later that evening sitting alone they mix a handful of sleeping pills into a tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream and impulsively sacrifice themselves in front of the light streaming out of that wicked box. The animal down deep in them finally goes so insane from the drought of real human feeling and love it decides to nuke the girl from the inside to put her out of her suffering.

The television is death. It's designed by the children of the devil to kill everyone, but specifically targets women as the most important of the two genders to destroy.

Their wombs start with the potential to draw down the future and once you take them out of the picture, the wretched males are easily picked off and eliminated one pink slip/heart attack at a time. The males are real tough guys who can go without food, water, sleep and fight with sticks and stones ... but destroy their females and isolate them from each other, the males will wither up and just blow away like dead flowers. Men need women even more than women need men. Without women and children, men have nothing to live for. Don't be fooled by that three-time divorcee chuckling over a beer about how glad he is that none of them bitches "tied him down," girls ... he'll be dead in six months in a car accident because he had insomnia at 3 am in the morning, saw a sharp turn and suddenly without knowing why just decided to hold the wheel steady and go right over the mountain. Men without women and children to protect and love are nothing, they're not even human any more. That's why television knows, you kill the female, you kill the entire species.