Saturday, July 31, 2010

Military Creating Shortage of Radiation Drugs?!?


Something. Before this year ends.

Modern Physics Is Garbage - Read This

A steady state universe like the one suggested by Fred Hoyle, where mass and light interchange freely as it expands to keep everything in balance. How utterly wonderful. This model makes mathematical sense and actually applies far better to the actual physical data we can observe and see all around us.

The universe goes on forever, has existed forever and will always exist forever, as will you. It's just a matter of what state you will be in at any given time. Vault dwellers prefer the highly organized state as opposed to the unorganized state.

The Asians seem to be taking the reins of the future away from the white man. I have a good feeling about it in spite of my race being eclipsed in the process. If it had to be someone, I'm glad it's them. Maybe they'll make it a better place. Their wholescale conversion to Christianity is symptomatic of the spirit of God leaving the Europeans and flowing now into the asian people.

Globowarmthinkery Is Cosmic Fail

It's a religion. Like all religions, backed by secular interests using it as a vehicle to achieve control over other human beings. Psychopaths and organized religion are joined at the hip.

The psychopaths behind it are continuing to pump money into it to try to blow some hot air into that balloon again but it isn't working. The issue itself has become something of a laughingstock behind closed doors. Still good enough to shovel to the sheeple in the mass media, as long as you wear a clothespin on your nose while you're doing it.

This rubbish wouldn't fool a child.

ITZ COMING ---- Listen For The Hoofbeats

Really good summary of the situation at the link above.

Something is getting ready to happen. As I told you in a recent blog, something is gearing up. I think they are about to reset the matrix.

Something is going to happen in the world between now and the end of the year that is going to completely cream the faux reality that the sheeple call their lives. The real world is going to punch through the paper mache stage front and everyone is going to realize that the world they thought they were living in never existed. This will be just the beginning of an ordeal that will last a long, long time. Decades, in fact.

The media tries to structure any change as a "crisis," soon to be "remedied" by the State. This paradigm operates in the public mind such that anything that happens, always seems to the sheeple to be an "interruption" in "normality" (illusion) ... but this time the State won't even bother to try to cultivate the misconception. The common man will come to realize that things have actually been very, very bad for a long time. Possibly back to the day they shot John Kennedy in 1963, in fact. It was never really better any time since then. Men in power just kept us all waiting for the sanity to return ... and the truth is, it never did. All the intervening years were required to set the beasts up for the cull that was planned. To that end, they were narcotized by television, radio, books, public opinion and a manufactured consensus to keep them pacified and docile - for the exact same reasons they pipe easy listening pop music into a slaughterhouse as the cattle await their turn on the ramp.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Last Week's Far-Out Radical Fringe Theory

Three stages.

1. Unnoticed and ignored.

2. Vehement denial.

3. Regarded as self evident.


Impress your friends and stay at least thirty years ahead of the intellectual power curve by quoting Vault-Co on all matters.

Here's another one you can start passing on now. Albert Einstein was the biggest crank and plagiarist fraud in scientific history. Trust me when I tell you now, all of that stuff in the consensus is bogus. It's all going to come down soon because it is a house of cards based mostly on self-referential gibberish. The universe is giving us different data than those theories would predict and it is now becoming obvious the bulk of modern physics is abject rubbish.

Another Round of Bitchwater For The Posse

This is the key to understanding gun control and the predispositions in character that make it possible.

It's simple.

Boys raised on this water will surrender their guns to the State when asked. Our ancestors would not. This is what makes gun control possible or even a safe topic to discuss.

They'll getcha with something. They've got so many poisons loaded into everything we breathe, touch and ingest there is bound to be something they will nail you with sooner or later.

All an accident, of course. Like the heavy lead poisoning that women get from cosmetics and lipsticks. All accidental. It's an accident that everything right down to the water supply is deliberately poisoned by injections of known poisons. All accidental.

You can fool some of the sheeple all of the time and most of the sheeple all of the time, too. The poor sheeple don't know when they are being had. The stock lines up at the barn trough and drinks their prescribed poisons just as intended. If any sheeple tries to avoid drinking the mercury-lead-aspartame-formaldehyde-water, all the sheep baaa-aaa and bleat "Conspiracy Nut! Conspiracy Nut!" just like Farmer Brown has taught them to do. Any sheeple that turns his lips away from this toxic garbage is "some kind of tin-foil hat nut or something! Now get your snout in there and drink your water like the rest of us!"

Disruption In The Magnetic Shield : Spacequakes

This makes an awful lot of sense. It is in keeping with the long prevailing Vault-Co doctrine that the majority of the action between the Sun and the Earth takes place in bands of the electromagnetic spectrum we can't even see.

The Return of the Druids

This is the natural destination of all globowarmthinkery and death cult religions. They seek to destroy not just technology. Their goal is to destroy everything. They will not stop when they have blown up the power stations. That's only the beginning. They can only be sated by the destruction of all human life on this planet. That's when it ends for them.

Jim Rickards : Roman Empire Was Better Off

How true. I have to agree. The Roman Empire was restrained in many excesses near the end because their troops and mercenaries insisted on being paid in gold. If they had accepted paper instead, the Empire may have been able to carry out it's most lunatic schemes to extend their lives and the ending would have been even more apocalyptic than it was.

The 'Kwa has degraded itself into even more severe debauchery and degeneracy than did the Romans, long after it deserved to die. Long after they lacked the sound financial means to fund any of it. Their empire is built of paper and dreams.

The Fall of the Roman Empire was before thermonuclear weapons, orbital space platforms and the neutron bomb. The Fall of the West is going to be a million times worse.

All around you, people who failed to notice anything wrong over the past decade are now telling you "Yes, but it's not the end of the world. It could be a problem for our children, though." These people are wrong. The leeway is gone. The safety margin has dissipated. The free play of the gears of our society is now at an end.

The people of this generation are the children that the former promised would endure the final collapse. Our generation is where the chickens come home to roost. There's no more live and be merry. The day to pay the piper has arrived at long last.