Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Can You Do Math? Debt + Income = ITZ COMING

When you realize how far the United States has extended it's credit and to whom they are indebted and what instruments have to be paid off and with what collateral, you will know the truth.

I_T_Z ....C_O_M_I_N_G. Nothing is going to stop it.

No amount of sophistry, semantics or wordplay is gonna change this. Somebody is going to get paid the money they are owed, whether they take it in barter or take it out in ass. Amerikwa never had the power to cancel it's own debts and they are not going to legislate it into existence now.

Obama = Repamarations

I knew it.

Knew it.

Predicted it here on Vault-Co too.

I cannot tell you how badly I want this guy to be elected President. It's the shortest possible distance between two points.

Seriously, why drag it out? Let's end it and get it over with. Who wants even another couple years of this abject humiliation watching Mystery Babylon drag it's nose through the slime where America used to be?

I assure you, this dude will absolutely vaporize any semblance of order left in the United States. Couldn't pick a better time to get in office, either. Just as the economic tsunami is cresting for the massive crash, he'll be taking his oath of office. It's truly Vault-Co Apocalyptiverse grand theatre. The Black Pharoah ascends the throne just as Egypt is slipping into a famine it will never emerge from.

A False Flag Starts Every World War

The 'Kwa goes to a "heightened alert" state.

I think I know why.

The stock market hasn't even moved yet. It's about to, though - it's going to plunge 2000 points one day, 3000 the next, in the very near future. A diversion will be needed. If the 'Kwans realize their government simply liquidated them all into the poorhouse, their outrage will have a focus. They need to come up with a crisis and a corresponding excuse very soon.

How do you do that after your coming economic collapse, John? Use a newspaper on their nose when they stray, a doggy treat when they obey? I'd like to see that on a budget of zero.

No, Johnny, very soon the 'Kwa will only have one asset left they will be able to deploy to induce anyone anywhere to do anything ... and that is nuclear weapons.

I want Obama to be elected because I have 100% confidence he is nothing but Robert Mugabe on a diet. A marxist as hardcore as Barack during a major economic depression will literally be throwing gasoline on a fire. McCain is Bob Dole in pancake makeup, he's the walking dead, it is nearly impossible that he will win at this stage. Amerikwa is more than stupid enough to elect Obama if they were dumb enough to elect George Bush. Even if it was close, Diebold will simply make sure Barack gets enough votes to be confirmed.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Chimpout at the O.K. Kwan Mall

Tyrell and Laquavis keeping it real, Kwanzanian-style.

As many as 300 hominids took place in the riot, acting natchurel and what-have-you/what-not

Most people don't quite understand what sort of effect all this has economically on a country.

In the 1960's, my family used to go to an open air drive-in and they allowed us to run up front to the playground to frolic with the other children while the movie aired. I remember those warm summer nights as being some of the happiest of my life. We whirled around on the carousel, they gave away free ice cream, my brothers and I played cowboys and indians with plastic guns. Saturday night was the most fun of any night of the week.

Then the drive-ins got desegregated.

Today there are no drive-ins, just vacant lots with tumbleweeds blowing across them. Nobody in their right mind would go to a drive-in with blacks unless they had a death wish and wanted their kids to catch a stray bullet. A drive-in for a black person is the equivalent of an open range shooting gallery.

Slowly the world shrinks. Nobody sends their kids outdoors anymore without an escort. Nobody trusts their children even to be out of earshot without supervision. Bowling alone. Pretty soon you don't even trust people you formerly felt safe around. The government presides over a nation of animals kept captive in their homes after sundown and a social environment in which everybody else is terrified of their neighbors, feels no common bonds, has no homogenous culture to share other than what is force-fed them from the sterile idiot box on television.

In the last and final stages, boys and girls no longer have any social situations in which they can be introduced and meet marriage prospects, they decline into impulsive sexual encounters with random strangers. Losing any common ground with the past or the future, divorced from their heritage with all traditional role models ridiculed as persecutors and exploiters, they turn to tattoos, piercing and self-multilation of a variety normally only seen in zoos in primates that are absolutely cut off from all sensory inputs and normal family bonds.

Is it possible to imagine a more toxic, ruined civilization than the Western world?

Everything good that our ancestors left to us has been utterly, utterly destroyed.

Land of the Dead

Excellent comparison between U.S. and China. The United States is a rotted out hole where a nation used to stand.

I usually don't link to Jim Kunstler because I think he's a bit of a poseur and a drama queen. This column was particularly poignant. Kuntsler is a leftist who gloats a bit too much at what was a deliberately engineered failure, not a failure of the American ideal.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

J.R. Nyquist - International Bolshevism Wins

"Self-tenderize." A beautifully coined expression.

Australia Decisively Cuts The Dead Horse Loose From The Wagon Team

It's the exact opposite of anything that John Howard would have permitted during his reign. It's also very, very smart.

The Australians are basically telling the whole world that the United States of America is insolvent and they are cutting the debt loose the same way we used to do with third world failed regimes that had made it obvious they would never be able to service their bills.

This limits the pain on Australians and is helping decouple our economy from what is a millstone headed straight for the bottom of the ocean.

The fake real estate boom was a great scheme to extend the working life of the 'Kwa another few years so it could be completely stripped of all assets before the final hour arrived. It's over now. There is no last resort left. Now the chickens come home to roost.

How Mossad Conquered France

Sarkozy would have to one of the most clever political insertions in Mossad history.

"The Future of Food" - Must Watch!!

Excellent summary of how the modern agricultural system has prepared the entire world for the mother of all famines. The destruction of decentralized farming was deliberate. Whether or not the result was deliberate will remain a question for future generations.