Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ron Paul Forbidden To Elect By Elites

You will be given the cheap illusion of "democracy" until you test the bounds of that fake, rotten institution ... at which time you will find out you live in an oligarchy. The only candidates you are permitted to consider for your leaders are decided upon by them.

You do not live in a "democracy" or anything remotely similar in Kwanstainia.

Monday, February 27, 2012

1950 VS. 2012

Good article but it barely scratches the surface. It is a crime to call the nation that is there today "America" and so I don't.

The 1950's gave mankind a brief glimpse of paradise and what could be before the improvementers went to work on it.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vault-OS : Assembly of Hydro Rack Underway

Hydro Racking

My former rack was so rusted I didn't think it was recoverable, so I started on a new one. This one is going to get a very heavy coat of rubber sealant when it is done.

The PVC pipes there have to be flushed with sodium lye solution to off-gas the surface residues left over from their manufacture, after this they are safe to use for growing things in. They really only act as a conduit for the nutrient solution and are not the actual bed where the plants sit.

I could have purchased all these components new but I wanted this to look slapped together for the book, to show that anybody can build one of these from junk just laying around and even automate it easily if you have a copy of Vault-OS to run it.

You're probably already thinking I could maximize my surface area for growing by running another array of pipes down the back and you are right. I need to purchase some more 90mm clamps this week to bolt to the other side.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wyoming Says ITZ COMING

... followed by mandatory disclaimers to tell sheeple not to worry, yada yada yada continue paying them tax revenues etc.

So why bother?

"City Of London" Paying Us Frequent Visits

Our hit stats show we have an admirer in the very special place.

Remember, I am just some pariah crank who has no influence whatsoever outside of the tiny group of hardcore survivalists who visit this site on occasion. I never intend to run for office, form a political party or engage myself in attempts to gain an audience.

I am widely regarded as a hopelessly deranged blathering village idiot with some kind of severe brain damage who no reasonable person would take seriously on any subject.

Don't let the hit counter fool you, that half million figure up there is probably the same five guys bumping the tally all day long. All of us, including me, are fit for derision.

If you're keeping a logbook, please mark this site as "fringe" with "no credibility" of any kind.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Defense Intelligence Agency : China Preparing To Wax Kwanzanian Ass Big-Time

America complains here that another nation has taken to orbit. America advocates one thing and does another. They tell the rest of the planet that space-based weapons are banned while secretly building a huge arsenal of orbital platforms bristling with nukes.

The Chinese are apparently hard enough men to think realistically about waging this sort of war 24/7 while the U.S. melts down internally into a puddle of bubbling fecal matter. They know that this is probably the last aspect of the U.S. War Machine that is formidable and they know once they achieve parity here it will be game and match.

Two can play at that game, Kwanzans. Looks like the Chinese can play better, too.

I told you ... those Sunday Supplements in my youth describing hell bombs from the troposphere and cobalt-60 death shrouds were all right on the money. It was everyone else who got it wrong. This is not your neat little Herman Kahn style conflict coming. It is a Klausewitzian final hour.
Comments :

"There have been lots of tidbits about China building vast underground tunnels for their nukes. I think it varies from about 3000-5000 miles of tunnels underground, and they seem to be just getting started. I honestly think that the Chinese have come to the conclusion that a full scale global thermonuclear war is not only possible in the future, but actually survivable and winnable, if you can believe that. They seem to intend to come out of such a war with much of their industry, weaponry, and civilian population intact. The only sure fire way of doing so is, IMO, moving EVERYTHING underground. Now, contrast that with the Kwa, which decided decades ago that nuclear war is NOT winnable, and thus anyone else in the world would be crazy to initiate full scale nuke attacks on anyone else. They rely on the principles of MAD to keep them safe, as their scienjimasists have convinced them that not even cockroaches survive global nuclear war. I guess that's true though, as cockroaches cannot dig deep under the ground like the Chinese are doing. To make matters even more hilarious, China's incredible rise over the past 2 decades would never have been possible if Kwa and the rest of the western world hadn't filled their walmarts and their homes with chinese made crap. Haha, Kwa even funded their past decade of war with the Muslim world by borrowing heavily from China. Good job Kwa, way to think ahead. Guess that can't be helped when you are trained to think only uptill the next election."

Clearly, what was "Crazy" on Vault-Co 5-10 years ago is increasingly mainstream.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ron Paul Makes Sense, Kwanstainians Baffled

The 24/7 All-Night Firing Squad needs to move these journalists to the very top of the list compilation. They are the head of the viper biting at the body politic from the inside. The Founding Fathers would not grant them a last cigarette or even a last meal.

All the loaded questions work on people with IQs between 80-120. "Are you electable?" is a front-loaded question designed to cast an impression, not to get any information from Ron Paul.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sun Dying, All Metrics Show Declining Outputs

In nearly every spectrum that is measurable, the sun's output is declining, with intermittent bursts of activity that are quite violent. How all this will conclude and in what way is unknowable except to say that the sun is absolutely entering a Grand Minimum.

The magnetic shield will become unstable, oscillate and then undergo massive drift or reversal. When exactly that happens, nobody knows for sure. Just the side effects from such events will stir the characteristic volcanism and tectonic activity that normally accompanies ice ages throughout the geological record.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Sewage Outlet Disguised As A Nation

You won't get it from the televitz but all anecdotal evidence seems to indicate the majority of Kwans teetering into true madness. Most of the 'Stain is doped up on either psychotropics or else conventional drugs and alcohol. You get the feeling on a good day any one of them at random is at the brink of gibbering lunacy.

This is why we have a constant stream of visitors from this garbage dump asking "Why are we so down on the Kwanstain?" They don't have any idea that anything is wrong.

Within a few short years a generation will exist in the U.S. that has never known anything but this insanity. The memory of the former things will pass away and they will enjoy the state of those who live in parts of South America - a sweet ennui and dismal oblivion that they cannot awaken from. These fantastic tales of the former country will seem like mythologies about some long lost Eden.

2012 : The Year 'Stainians Laid Down To Die In Their Fake Kosher Colony