Monday, September 29, 2014

Functional Illiterates Indebted To The Grave For Their Edjamafacashun

The majority of Americans read and write at less than a 3rd grade level but their "education" debts continue into their senior years.

You couldn't make this stuff up.

Unemployed and in debt for a hundred thousand dollars for a piece of paper that is not worth the cellulose it cost to print it.

You read about the horrible workhouses of the 18th century where people worked off their "debts" until the day they died and wonder how on earth the government could allow the banks to turn their citizens lives into a living hell in which the only thing they had to look forward to was the release of the grave.

The Old Testaments advice for a jubilee every 49 years was the least mercy you would expect in this world from anybody who was a child of God.

I swear if I were in charge I'd have a jubilee every 12 years, around the length of a long term bond. You can imagine the raw human happiness and the limitless vistas that would open up for society. It would be like a little slice of heaven every 12 years. People would get a clean slate, all their worries would be gone. If your bank had not collected the price of your home by then, you'd own it free and clear. I reckon most people would think I was a fool to even dream of such a thing but you know it would change the whole scope of human struggle and improve everything in society at every level. Bankers would cry and fret like the Satanic little bastards they are but I'd tell them, if you cannot recoup your loan in 12 years then don't make it asshole because after that people will tear it up and throw it back at you. The banks would make wiser investments, loan money with a lot of stringent discipline and likely end up the happiest of all because of it. It would lead to more private coops to raise capital with much greater redress for investors.

The people who run the world ultimately are not as interested in money as they are in causing misery. If they had to forfeit a lot of money just to insure a lot more misery they'd take the loss.

Usurers wreck nations. Jubilees liberate men from usury and recharge their batteries full of hope. Mankind needs hope like a fish needs water. Without a teleology of the future, men despair and waste away. Most people don't realize it but survivalists are people with a teleology that tries to charge them with hope where other men just get drunk from sheer pain, frustration and hopelessness. The survivalist would have to be considered a kind of man or woman who does not give up as easily as others do.

Do Women Understand The Nature of Human Existence?

Camille Paglia would suggest the majority of them don't.

I would add to this by pointing out the majority of modern men don't know anything remotely about themselves or the world around them either. If you wanted to do the reasonable thing you'd take suffrage away from women and men who do not own property.

This would have three beneficial effects almost right away :

1. People would want to become owners, not renters or mortgaged. Even if it meant a smaller piece of turf they'd want to own it outright. This would build a country a lot more stable than the one you see now.

2. Every person who voted would be quite clear on what they were voting for as part of the ancient biological rules that govern life itself : territory, progeny, security from invaders. These values in turn promote that most efficient of all family organizations, the nuclear household of husbands and wives defending their children.

3. You would be effectively neutering all R-Types in the population, consisting of whiners, felchers and hysterical drama queens creating never-ending storms in teacups. If they had no votes, politicians would laugh openly at them instead of being forced to nod their heads the way you do with spoiled rotten children and concede to their every crazy, lunatic demand. We'd go back to the 19th century and such people would lose the capacity to reproduce themselves without any means or the wherewithal to even get simple manual laboring jobs.

When I was born in 1963, in around 3/4 of the United States outside of the big cities, just speaking to a woman with a funny tone in your voice or giving her the wrong kind of look means you would be surrounded by her brothers, her father, her husband and maybe the town sheriff in about ten minutes. So much as making a suggestive comment to a woman might see you getting tied up and then tarred and feathered at midnight and thrown onto the back of a boxcar with instructions from local law enforcement to never show your face there again. One experience like this was usually enough to guarantee that even hobos would hold their hats in their hands and look at the ground when they spoke to a strange woman the first time in a new place. You never knew how many champions she might have close at hand.

The lives of women have never been so cheap as in the modern world under feminism. The belief that the State can protect females from males when women have lost all of their value to them as kin and family members is a Marxist fantasy. Feminism has fixed females so they are no longer considered qualified to be wives, sisters, mothers and daughters but flesh puppets in a three minute porno and nothing more. Feminism has seen to it that females are now regarded with less respect than at any time in recorded human history. If your male protector is the State, ladies, you picked a real wimp to guard your household. The State is an abusive husband who is never around when you need him and has nothing but apologies when he shows up after intruders have ravaged you and your loved ones. If the State loved you the way a man should love you, would they attempt to strip the female of the greatest equalizer of them all - arms against predators? Of course not. No heterosexual man anywhere has ever supported keeping arms out of the hands of women. Betting on the State to protect the dignity of women is betting on a losing horse. That's just another thing they claim to be able to do when experience shows they can't. That doesn't stop centuries of Marxists from promising that rainbow stew express will pull into town any day now bringing the earthly paradise with it. The really incredible thing is that so many idiots still believe it.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ebola Zombies - First Canary In The Coal Mine?

Witnesses claim they were certified legally dead, buried and then emerged from fresh graves.

Somebody call George Romero. This is how these things begin.

Mystery illness hits the heartland - Paralysis, respiratory failure and encephalitis-like symptoms

The real enrichment is yet to come. Remember this stuff when you are trying to sprint all out with a huge horde of fast-movers on your tail, leftists.

Not Such A Stereotype After All

Roma family caught with unknown little girl from Europe they were claiming was their own

It is not permitted to say nowadays because of political correctness, but amongst other reasons there was one big cause of persecution of gypsy people for the past two thousand years - it was widely believed during the Dark Ages that if you were stupid enough to permit gypsies to camp nearby, they stole children and would vanish with them, either to sell them or raise them as servants.

For this reason, angry parents used to storm gypsy camps and burn them to the ground often to drive them off. The truth is, gypsies have been caught doing this in the past and will without question do it in the future. It is part of their culture and their identity.

People in Europe raised without any knowledge of gypsies will hear of some camp of them setting up outside their town and before you know it, your lawnmower vanishes from the backyard, your kid's bicycle … and sometimes, your kid. Our ancestors thought the things they did not because they were evil and paranoid but because they wanted to survive and protect their families from predators.

Generation Fail

Bret Ellis on the tenth generation, which is always the last generation.

I don't even want to get started on this subject.

All I am going to say is … the kind of historical ripeness just begging for another nation to come and kick their ass and take everything they have. They might as well advertise for it. Remember, nowadays it is much worse than barbarian hordes and females dragged off over the shoulder. Much worse. Chances are it starts with a high altitude EMP burst and just goes downhill from there.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Russia Preparing For Global War Since 2003

According to Putin's aide.

Putin is a smart man. He has known for a long time that either Russia would join the NWO or it would be exterminated. Putin chose to fight and strategy has focused on isolating his nation for genocide over the past ten years. They have been trying to demonize the country like they do any enemy they intend to launch a war against. I have yet to see Putin trying to foment a conflict anywhere but the Kwanstain has been prodding Russia every single week for years.

Chief Constable Testifies To High Level Protection of Pedophiles In Britain

Specifically forbidden to arrest or investigate.

MP was allowed to continue his child rape and baby  buggery with overt protection from upper society political machine in Britain until his retirement.

So many sheeple wonder why there is all this paranoia about satanic baby rapist rings. It is a fear that is very well justified and heavily documented as a fact of life in many nations. It is not just baby rapists you are dealing with, it is baby rapists who are immune to prosecution and in fact have direct protection from law enforcement as did Jimmy Savile. How do you fight a man who meets with the police in his home once a month to discuss policing strategy? Do you report him to the police? They have orders to frame you for a crime to shut you up if you do. See what people are afraid of?

Possible Scenarios For Upcoming Ebola Op

They're plotting something with this Ebola drivel. You can feel it. It is an initiative started in tandem with the fake terrorism videos green-screened in "the Middle East."

Everything going on in the world at the moment is a panic and a crisis created by the elites. There's no panic or crisis, just the usual crap. It is all being generated and they are getting sloppier every time they stage something. I know from my experience in USAR psy-ops that you cannot stage an event that is better than the people who take part in it. If your participants are morons, the operation will fail to convince. These operations fail to convince because the people running them are morons. A much smarter group could have done ISIS videos that would have been authentic and convinced even people like me that the group existed. If anything I was convinced of the opposite by seeing them.

The Ebola hoax could all just be part of a marketing campaign where they eventually get our kids to take 10,000 vaccines before 12 months. Create a fake scare, pretend to rescue everybody with a fake vaccine and do it again until people are so worn down that they take any injection they are told to.

Soylent Green Style Death Chambers Right Around The Corner

Complete with beautiful music and a nice movie to serenade you on your way out.

Belgium has always been a testing ground for all kinds of demonic initiatives by the NWO. They are always embroiled in horrific child sex trade scandals and human trafficking, exploring the limits of how cheap they can reduce mankind's individual worth per head.

They are promoting this double header event heavily. If they had their way they'd be doing two parent households like this at 30 like in Logan's Run. Economic return starts to dip after that age. When you see those dystopian stories, do you think they just started blowing up people in the air at thirty years old with no desensitisation first? Of course not. There was a long history there for quite a while and then one day it was well enough accepted they took the next logical step and started blowing people up at Carousel once their usefulness was at an end.