Saturday, August 2, 2008

The "Recession?" That's old news.

The 'Kwa is looking at cratering economically. This is no minor recession. We're talking a one way trip to the bottom from which it will never return. There are no "cycles" left for the 'Kwa. The business cycle is over forever.

The Ethnic Cleansing of Britain : Natives Flee!!!!

I've warned you before, now I'm telling you again : Britain has been lost.

Just as if I were the commander of a zombie defense force, I am telling you that your life depends on recognizing when a city has fallen to the undead. Staying behind when the critical threshold has already been passed means you're going to end up lunch.

Know when to get out of Britain. That time is already past. If you have not left already, you should make preparations to as soon as possible. Don't get caught there.

Both Sides Of The Equator Freezing To Death In "Summer"

Tasmania cold and snowed in.

Once again, high altitude regions in Peru are rapidly proving to be uninhabitable because of the changes in temperature. Agriculture is becoming impossible in parts of South America because you can't grow anything when it's winter all year round.

Resource wars are coming. Soon it won't be over fuel to power cars, it will be desperate terror at being unable to heat a nation amidst mindnumbing, horrid, acridly bitter cold. It will be fight or die for the Western nations.

New York Times Censors Anthrax Story in Real-Time

I noticed the exact same thing. I could have sworn the version I read originally was different from the current version.

Sure enough, somebody got a call and made some quick edits.

Understand that whoever and whatever this guy was, he was first and foremost a Zionist conducting a false flag attack. His letters were forged to make them look like they were from an Islamic muslim terrorist. Notice how his convenient suicide allows the media to bury the entire story of the anthrax attacks with the greatest of haste.

The question of whether or not Israelis are capable of faking attacks on America to make them seem as though they are coming from somewhere else is answered. It was answered a long time beforehand.

The story here runs deep. In any nation other than one so sick it was close to death, it would lead to the largest scandal and subsequent investigation that had ever been seen in the United States.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Viral Experiment For Romero Style "The Crazies" Bug?

Gettin' crazy out there, Vault Dwellers. Might want to spray some WD-40 on those hatch hinges and practice going down that fire pole a little this weekend. I am starting to reckon most of them are fixing to completely bug out.

Of course, my Asperger's neural web instantly recalled a huge number of anecdotal details in the news and on hundreds of blogs and forums over the last two years about the strange effects on brain tissue ("the fog") of the latest and most virulent form of the common flu. I can't help it, I go to the file cabinet to pull out a single news item and my entire brain archive falls over on top of me in a tsunami of relationships. It's that Daredevil information ultrasound thing I've got.

Russia Moves To #2 Worldwide In Uranium Stocks

He who controls the atomic moonjuice, controls the world.

Future planned additions to U.S. nuclear arsenals may have to reclaim their fissionables from abandoned X-Ray Machines and radium dial clocks the way things are going.

U.S. Military : Send More White Girls

Fighting for the right to rape white girls worldwide. Rape-rape-rape. That's what female duty in a combat zone is all about, putting defenseless teens in the hands of monsters where they can be raped and then fragged when they start to get too used.

Tell me who the good guys are again. Who are the beasts and who are the champions of all that is holy and true? They're all starting to blur together into one big demonic mass for me.

If you think what they do to white girls is horrible that's because you don't know how they do black women.

Seriously, are we allowing these troops to return to U.S. soil? Why? We need a ground war in Iraq if for no other reason than to guarantee most don't.

Great Depression Canceled At Government Request!

Oy vey! Had me worried there for a while. Whatta relief!

Notice this is second attempt to flood news services with faked up "statistical proof" that the 'Kwa only appears to be plunging earthward at 1000 miles an hour. As Oprah would say, "it's all about perception." That's right. Wish harder it won't be babies, the other white meat soon.

That Man Stole The Chicken!

In Schindler's List, the commandant threatens to begin shooting men at random until someone confesses to chicken stealing. The first person they shoot, a child steps forward and volunteers the dead man ... "That man stole the chicken!"

Somebody got wind this guy would be charged soon, another straw man like Hatfill himself - and decided this would be an excellent time for this fellow to "commit suicide."