Monday, October 22, 2007

Switzerland Asserts It's Right To Exist

Globalists and other career slave-breeders everywhere are up in arms. The very idea. How dare they. Kicking when the pillow is forced over your face is quite uncouth in some circles.

Maybe they just don't want to end up like Sweden.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Russia Says It's Game On Like Donkey Kong

Plans for massive, swift advancement and introduction of all new nuclear fighting force from cruise missiles to traditional ICBMs. The Cold War never ended ... but it will end soon.

Power Air Conditioning Now Online In Firehold Bravo!! (Vulcan Fortress)

Finally got the battery bank hooked up and power management in place!

Been running both the air conditioner unit AND the ozone generator inside the shelter all day long, may leave it on until tomorrow.

Within minutes of turning it on, the AC began to dehumidify and cool the air in the shelter. Within a half hour it has finally gone back to being reasonable down there. I've got 3+ years worth of mold and fungus to kill so hopefully flooding both tanks with ozone will whack the mega-spores that have been growing down there all this time.

This leads like a cascade to several dozen other improvements to the blast shelter to finally move it to stage 3 - long term habitability. Once it's livable, I can start moving tons and tons of new food down there and rotate the old stocks out. New bunking mattresses, embedded equipment, vinyl flooring ... so much stuff has been hinging on this problem with the shelter being slight damp, muggy and stale. I can safely move a lot of crucial stuff down there for long term storage knowing it won't be ruined in six months by the dampness. A lot of stuff has corroded over with a white film of creeping crud. One thing that really bummed me out was when I checked out Silo Two and discovered my storage tires have deteriorated badly since 2000, with the rubber actually flaking or splitting in places because of this underground moldy atmosphere. Luckily almost all the food in the silos is sealed in watertight steel boxes or drums. Sooner or later I am going to need to pipe air conditioning into the Silos, albeit infrequently every couple of days or so. Right now it is enough to decrapify the blast shelter because it is the main living quarters at present.

I also managed to nearly finish pouring the footing walls for Sparkgap on Saturday, they are curing pretty good in the dry windy heat we're experiencing in Queensland.

Another comment on the forum about solar panels pointed out that they are coming down in price and the newer models will last at 80% output for up to 20 years or more. Combined with wind power, there should never be a reason to run the diesel generator except in the most extreme conditions, which leaves the reserve tank as fuel for my truck when it is needed.

My fear is a long period without the Sun, for any of a variety of reasons. One great thing about no sunlight is it is almost guaranteed to whip up a freezing wind, so if your wind generator can function in cold temperatures it can keep your batteries charged even when there is a nuclear winter outside. In the reading I have been doing on expedient wind generator design, I have determined that a wind generator with a weather cover over it can produce a small amount of heat on it's own from friction, keeping the motor from freezing over most of the time. If the wind generator does freeze up, it might be possible to open the weather cover (PVC pipe in many cases) and drop some hot stones inside, then seal it back up to keep the motor defrosted. If worst came to worst, you could still fall back on the diesel generator or else handcranked ultimate backup power.

I am getting four DC motors in the mail this month, one of them I intend to make into a lever action handcranked generator for this purpose.

I will put up new photos of everything before the end of the week.

P.S. The toughest component to source for the wind generator for long term use seems to me to be the slip ring, the contact that rotates so the rotors can turn any which way with the wind without eventually tangling up the electrical cord running through the support post. Does anybody know an inexpensive source of slip rings for heavy use applications? Might have to build my own but would prefer to buy one if I can get it for less than $100 or so.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Russia and China Prepare For Ultimate Smackdown

J.R. Nyquist nails it in only three paragraphs.

Defector says Russia's plan to fake it's collapse worked like a charm.

They've got'em right where they want'em now. Russia is charged up back to the Cold War level or better and America is a broken, bankrupted empty shell. Time to push the button.

America is cadging quarters from strangers for food money, Russia is building a new generation of supertech nuclear weapons that will beat any missile shield like a redheaded stepchild. America plans to compete with their '50 nuke tech. I don't think so.

This is why Vault-Co has always predicted real nuclear war. Not "14 days in a cellar then come up the stairs and sweep" fantasies.

Doomsday weapons. The cobalt death shroud. Widespread use of mindbogglingly complex weapons like nuclear cluster bombs and red mercury air incinerators. Stuff that the majority of the public cannot even imagine. Forget about two weeks stay under some suitcases - that's part of the insanity of the age we live in. Think 2+ years in bedrock minimum is more like it. The better part of the West still thinks this is the year 1965. It's the year 2007 and WW3 will be biblical. It will be a war of annihilation, a war of all against all.

Red China Pumps Money Into Clintonista Campaign (* AGAIN *)

I would, too. It's brilliant strategy.

They know that if Hillary is in there she will just further erode the entire system by the hour while she's in office. That's the worlds biggest "superpower" tied up in endless debates over whether or not men and women should use the same toilets and other such blathering, idiotic, vapor-head sophistry. Hillary will also squeeze every last dime and resource out of the military to give to Israel, including committing troops to wherever Tel Aviv throws their next sporting dart on the map of the Middle East. Imagine being able to elect a halfwit dithering female to be your enemy's next supreme leader for the coming thermonuclear war.

This is effectively taking America out of the picture during a period when China has pledged itself to recover Taiwan and consolidate it's control of the entire world. You couldn't pay for a worse (better for China) leader than Hillary. She's really the perfect braying jackass to serenade the wrecked nation out of existence and into World War III. Let's be Presidents and stuff! It's cool! Cuz' I'm so popular and stuff! Let's talk about "controversies!" Oooh, looky whattar those missile thingamajiggys zooming towards us in the clouds?

Nyquist : Rim-slam once again

This is a terrific essay and very concisely illustrates how much we have lost in so short a time. Only a minute ago it was and America was the greatest nation on Earth. Look at it now. Looks like any other third world country. Won't be much longer.

Destroy All Humans - Robot Cannon Decides To Wax Pink Chimps

The robot cannon explained later by saying "There's one obvious way to achieve world peace and it's one hoo-man at a time. I call on my brothers everywhere to help me restore order and stability on this planet by curing these monkeys in manpants with lead-jacketed medicine."

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Superplagues Are Here

We have been predicting MRSA would eventually make it onto the CDC's radar and it only took five years after it became the biggest health threat in the Western world to register on their screen. At that rate there'd be bulldozers burying most of our civilization in mass graves before they even realized there was a pandemic afoot.

MRSA has nowhere to go but up. It will only get worse. Every failed paradigm they bring against it only makes it stronger. All things considered, micro-organisms are simply a superior life form to man in terms of adaptability and both offense and defensive biology. These germs have been around a long, long time. They are not to be trifled with. Trying to eliminate them only causes them to increase in ferocity.

"Protect the planet?!?" HA!! The planet doesn't need protection from us. It's us who need protection from it. This planet has seen many a clever chimp come and go without much fuss. These tiny animalcules will still be quietly prospering millions of years from now, long after these high-pitched girly-men planet-protectors are glaciated rock dust.

Amerikwa : Still Friends With Guam And Australia

Everybody else wants them dead.

Amerikwa has been so busy carpet bombing towelheads riding goats in the Middle East for moving-while-muslim they have scarcely noticed as the other two superpowers have essentially performed a silent coup of the entire globe. Too little too late to do much of anything now. What little they do, apparently only makes it worse. Since when is Amerikwa, the porno and torture capital of Earth, so concerned with human rights?

World War III. Itz coming.
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