Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Got My Eye On You!

Sneaky son-of-a-guns. They creep me out with those weird eyes of theirs. Always plotting, always planning something. Stealthy bastards.

Remember, we don't want to profile, but if they look like Richie Cunningham, Pat Boone or Ozzie Nelson, they're probably terrorists. Keep your eyes open, bro, there's no telling what those cheese-eating swine will try next.

There's always been something strange about them. With their Izod-Lacoste shirts and love of traditional musical tastes. Plus they are always meeting together at Nazcar in huge mobs, no doubt to plan their next attack. You can see their hooded glances at one another during their Dungeons and Dragons games, conspiring together at Star Trek Conventions and pie-eating contests.

See suspenders or a pocket kerchief, watch your back bro. I'm jest sayin' is all.

What Kwanzania needs is a Soviet-style psychiatry system, complete with frontal lobotomies and electroshock for those who need it, because they don't do what I tell them to do.

Your Tax Dollars Will No Longer Be Wasted On Airing Facts That Do Not Support Our Conclusions

The difference between the BBC and Pravda in the former Soviet Union is that the inhabitants of Russia were well aware that Pravda was naked government subsidized propaganda to increase government power and prestige.

Konrad Zuse

See the classic "haunted" look in the eyes? That's what your eyes look like when the brain behind it is not divided up into three different components : a subconscious, conscious and a persona. When it's just one big continuous chunk, it gives your eyes that look. Sapiens sees that look, they instantly know at a very deep level who they are dealing with, although their conscious mind never concedes it.

Zuse believed the entire universe was a computer simulation over seventy years ago, running on hardware beyond our comprehension as an infinite series of cellular automata. I discovered his books when I was in the military.

Any major development in human history, you look behind it, you'll find a guy with this characteristic look and similar bone structure in his face, invariably with a line of descent that goes back to the original Toxic Lozenge.

Another Promising Supervolcano Revs Up

It only takes one to revert the Western world to the Dark Ages. Just one would do it. Any of them blows significantly, it's game over. Hundreds have awakened in the past five years.

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

European Union was always doomed, as we predicted on the original Vault-Co site in 1998. The euro has become a very dangerous spear aimed at the economic heart of every single nation which insists on honoring this funny money.

Many Early Christians Just Plain Made More Sense

For every heretic they burned, the Catholics incinerated many ideas which presented a far more coherent and less pagan notion of Christianity. It took centuries before Calvinism was able to recover many of these ideas.

Note that a believer who truly put his faith in scripture would instinctively know many things his church does are simply wrong. Think about how much more reasonable it is to call Mary "The Mother of Christ" as opposed to "The Mother of God." That is simply more accurate according to scripture itself. Mary gave the world the Logos, the link that enables God to communicate with humans, Jesus Christ. She didn't give birth to God. The Catholic Church is full of things like this and nobody in it has ever cared enough to reform these doctrines. If a man had the Holy Spirit, he'd find his way to these conclusions but a merely religious person never would.

The slavish devotion men show to their particular sect nearly always exceeds the faith they are willing to put into the scriptures themselves. Why would a person trust in these things when one's church will tell us what to think on these subjects? Fortunately, the "Church" in Christianity is wherever true believers are gathered and not invested in some secular institution that claims authority because they wear cones on their heads or sport magical wands with paganist symbols at the end. I was raised a Catholic and I assure you that although almost all Catholics will not hesitate to put their trust in their "traditions," you would rarely find a single one of them who would put his trust in the Lord instead. How many cardinals does the Lord have? That's how they'd feel about it.

Rather than choking on some doctrine, it is better to eschew the inside of all churches and enter into heaven on nothing other than Christ's vouching for you. That is all you need according to scripture. If every man on Earth tried to bar the door, if Christ were to open it for you then you would enter inside.

"Might Not Be Constitutional"

You might say that, yes. It might not be.

Brawndo. It's got electrolytes. It's got what plants crave.

Soon, it will be time to weld the hatch shut from the inside and bid all adieu. Soon.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Seven For Six In the Ring of Fire

Scattered out, like the stresses are found underneath the entire plate.

El Hierro is a very interesting volcano. Could unleash hell if it were to start erupting again in a big way.

Don't Panic

First rule in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Everybody else is. But you shouldn't. Because you've got to keep the revenues rolling in to provide the money to complete the government shelters. You should keep shopping until further notified.

Remember :

1. This is cyclic and regular. That's why the planet is not overrun (completely) by idiots.

2. Humans have survived it before.

3. Nobody who survived it before was anything like left wing. Left wing is a type of person that lives during the interglacial but not outside it. Left wing is synonymous with anti-life. They always do the opposite of what makes sense.