Saturday, September 3, 2011

If The Ballot Box Fails, The Bullet Box Succeeds

When the "elected" are still meeting with representatives of foreign countries to listen to their feedback but no longer listen to their own constituents, the democratic process has failed and will not be resuscitated.

The Only Creatures Left Playing The Market Are Computers

That's right, folks. Read it and weep.

In place of an economy, we have a handful of computers creating a Potemkin village simulating economic activity.

The end comes and it is Pythonesque.

These People Make The Nazis Look Like Badly Behaved Boy Scouts In Comparison

The horror. The horror.


While the rubes like yourselves believe in the assurances you get from the elites that everything is just peachy and a mere bump on the recovery, the big power players are telling their clients to pack it because itz coming.

Part of the entire game of stocks is always keeping the peasants falling for the next wave of scams. When they stop purchasing and investing in the latest ripoff bubble and start asking for their money, you're going to see a rolling wave of defaults and busts hit every major institution in the Kwanzanian economy, leaving nothing but a gigantic crater behind it.

Australia Is Digging Its Own Grave

We have 250 million radical muslims surrounding on us three sides and our own government is busy dismantling our military and completely disarming the population, driving all munitions manufacturers out of the country and doing everything in it's power to streamline an invasion from the North which would vaporize the inhabitants of this country in about a week.

Thirty million lambs with metrosexual necks stretched out for the slaughter.

All it would take is a flashpoint to make Indonesia even less attractive as a place to live and force the inhabitants to look for better shores beyond their own.

The world projected will be a very hungry one and Australia remains one of the last productive, reliable sources of agriculture and beef production. The most likely scenario is a new China Pacific hegemony backing the Indonesians by providing them with the navy and amphibious support they need to cross the eighty miles of ocean at the northern tip. After the Kwa defaults the Chinese will be the new rulers of the planet and they will not necessarily be interested in paying for anything they need anymore. They will probably enlist the Indonesian government into service to put the boots on the ground they need to simply take everything by force. Indonesia will be starving and only too eager to oblige them.

The computer simulations show the upper 50% of the country falling to occupation in a week and the rest of the country the following year. You add a few tactical nukes from China to soften them up and the whole matter could be concluded in one month, with no remaining traces that there was ever a European population down here at all.

It's so simple, even an Australian could figure it out.

Lightning In The Brain : When Evolutionary Change Starts To Make Sense

Magnetic reversal is the holy grail of all the major sciences. Seriously. It's the key that opens every door. There isn't a single branch of science that would not benefit from recognizing the role it has played in the history of this planet.

The Knock-Out Game

If lions had killed 48,000+ Americans in the past thirty years, there would not be a lion left alive on this planet. The U.S. Air Force would napalm jungles and drop daisycutters on zoos. People would shoot any lion on sight and it would be legal to put out traps for lions in public places where they had been responsible for the deaths of humans. Genetic engineers would design viruses to render lions sterile and then spray entire peninsulas which were identified as regions populated by lions. Politicians would run on strategic planks promising a "world without lions" where humans could live secure and peaceably. The most popular saying in the United States would be "the only good lion is a dead lion." Within a few short years, lions would only exist as stuffed displays in museums and in picture books.

What we have now is a game preserve where lions are legally entitled to stalk and eat human beings, with government action to protect their rights to do so. Anyone who objects is simply a "lion-hater" who prefers humans over lions in a species-specific bigotry that cannot be tolerated.

Nothing To See Here People, Keep Moving Along

All just a minor interruption in the great march towards the globalist paradise, with Care Bears and Smurfs serving up rainbow stew to all who hunger and everyone riding on the backs of little unicorn ponies. Oh how we'll laugh. Please regard this year and the year coming as mere hitches on the road to the secular humanist utopia.

Revelation of the Method

This is the way they do it.

They plan it. Then they manufacture some dream images to reinforce it. Then they do it. It's like a magical belief that the subject of a mural painted on a cave wall can come to life by willing it into existence.

Remember PEARL HARBOR coming out the summer before 9/11? Emphasizing that America was a nation of playboys with no focus in life and how being attacked on their own soil would mobilize them to meet a greater destiny for empire?

Hey, you're thinking. People with IQs of 97 would not have the acumen or wherewithal to organize things in this fashion. You're right. The wicked people who really run this world don't have IQs of 97. They have native intelligence nearly twice your own.

Just imagine somebody like me except without guilt or remorse, a firm belief in their own infallibility and a strong conviction there is no God. That's what kind of people really run the world. They run circles around the common man. As a peer, I can tell you the only thing that would protect a mere mortal from such human beings is a devout, genuine faith in God. They don't have the brains to parlay with such creatures otherwise. They can make ordinary peasants think and do whatsoever they wish by weaving them into their tale of madness and making them a player in this drama without them even realizing it.