Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ditching PHP. Check This Out.

I tried some of these samples and they seemed to run pretty well on my $1.00 Compaq Presario T20 Thin Client using the default IE6 browser that was installed on it ten years ago.

I program in Angular regularly but Angular doesn't support much older browsers. Ember not only supports them it runs SPA (Single Page Applications in Javascript) on Internet Explorer 6 fully integrated with JQuery and JQuery-UI 1.8 which is also compatible with browsers going back to IE5.5+ and up with a small patch snippet. Since I got Raphael and Maphael (graphical mapping with animation) running long ago with JQuery on IE6 this all seems like a pretty killer combination. I started to think about a SPA application in Ember with JQuery/UI, Raphael, Maphael, my custom SCADA controls in Raphael and even my SVG importer for shapes to Raphael all hardcoded into my executable and it was pretty thrilling stuff thinking of it running on multiple thin clients in a Vault using IE6 only.

Every weekend I have been plinking away at the PH7 embedded PHP implementation for Vault-OS without much enthusiasm. I knew I should have gotten really excited about it but somehow the thought of coding everything up in PHP didn't grab me. I just had this nagging feeling there was a better way out there just waiting for me to discover it.

I've programmed and gone live with a half dozen SPA apps so far on contracts I have had, 5 of them in Angular and 1 in Ember. Without question, Ember was way more productive. No doubt about it. A few lines in Ember and you have what appears to be a full application. The Ember app was semi-realtime and it ran like a dream. Add some generic CRUD (Create-Replace-Update-Delete) routines for AJAX calls (I hardcoded these years ago in raw ANSI C for built-in SQLite) and you can create full editing systems with a couple of lines. There is so much sample code in Ember I could throw in features like Vault Mail at each terminal and Vault live chat with very little effort.

I know I refactor often.

But consider this.

If I have a Batcave-In-A-Box running SPA applications on 20 year old browsers for $1.00 thin clients running almost all major realtime protocols that fits on a floppy disk and runs under everything from Linux to DR-DOS 32 bit, you know I will have basically achieved something legendary. Imagine that entire batcave computer on a floppy running on DR-DOS and Bruce Wayne dropped like a billion for his. Now imagine this as open source given away for free to survivalists worldwide.

Batman would have a nervous breakdown and probably need to go on anxiety medication.

That Neanderthal is an asshole! I'm being targeted because I'm a celebrity!
 I'm telling you, the guy is trying to break me down mentally!
I don't know how much longer I can take this!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Civil Defense For Me, Not For Thee

When they do it is is farsighted and prudent. When you do it, you are crazy.

In public they continue to claim everything is going to be fine. In private, they read Vault-Co and plot their escape routes and pack their bugout bags. "That Vault-Co guy! Whatta nut!" (Secretly reading Vault-Co blog on his screen)

Notice my unpromoted, unadvertised, unmentioned, unlinked, unspun, unknown and unaccredited blog is about to coast through two million hits. You can add another two million to that easily, the original Vault-Co blog once got 30,000 unique hits in a single day.

Only a Neanderthal could fail to figure out a way to make money off of it. I didn't start the blog for that reason and I never intended to run it for that reason. You will never see advertisement banners on this site, ever, until the day they drop the bomb. Might someday have a link to my book if I ever finish my stupid computer game.

Putin Laughing and Snapping Girly-Man Necks

It is easy when your opponents are so stupid they practically defeat themselves.

These idiots spent 4 billion and still lost the entire Ukraine. They couldn't organise a bowel movement.

The false flags were so lousy that they immediately tipped public favour back to Russia.

Remember, when what you are doing produces worse results than had you done nothing, you can safely conclude you are a moron.

Get More Flu Shots

You can have mine so you'll get two, one in each temple. Two is even more better than one.

Why stop there? Get a couple dozen more so you'll be "safe."

After all, if they work the only person who will be at risk will be those that didn't get them, like me.

Strangely enough, every time a flu comes through the office wherever I am working I get two weeks paid leave inside of the company because it sits totally empty while the staff are at home sick as dogs. I surf the net and read up on world events. Pity me, the sad Yank contractor who was the only person in the office who didn't get the free flu shot the company offered.

All the staff come back in two or three weeks later looking even sicklier and more diseased than they usually do, coughing and hacking and seemingly clinging to life by a thread. "Wait - you were the guy who didn't get the flu shot! Now I know why we all got sick! Everybody had to get it for it to work! You Yank troublemaker!"

Another Great American Sniper

Of the exact same flavour as Chris Kyle … specialising in shooting women and infants, sometimes together with the same bullet.

They're all combatants in the end. Soldier, civilian, man, woman, friend, foe they must all be destroyed through a scope in the State's opinion. A whole life snatched away at a distance by cowards who shoot unarmed civilians and call it their duty. These men think they are warriors, except we have one million years of fossil evidence from the greatest warrior race that ever lived and there is not a single anthropologist on the planet who has not remarked on the strange absence of any victims of this breed but other males, whether their own species or another hominid. Amongst the Neanderthals, it must have been the creed of every male that if a war must be fought, so be it and we do so with all our might but we never, ever kill the women and children of our enemies for any reason, even if it costs us our own lives. Such things are simply not done by proper men, the Neanderthal would explain.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Vaccinated Individuals Turn Into Disease-Carrying Typhoid Marys

The evidence for it is overwhelming. I read something to that effect from a soldier in the trenches in World War One, that troops dumb enough to let the medics at them with their inoculations were instantly quarantined by the other soldiers and often died not soon afterwards.

Doctors from just a couple decades back would consider "modern" vaccine theory to border on Dark Age pagan witchcraft. If doctors discovered that their vaccines carried live cultures, they could explain to you in one second why you were sentencing your patients to death by injecting them. You would be bypassing their natural immune system to go right to their bloodstream. It is utterly insane and vaccination is actually becoming a kind of white man's voodoo it is so irrational. They don't even try to make sense of what they are doing anymore, they just plunge that thing into your veins if you don't stop them. Even they can no longer explain the theory of what they think is happening. They don't think that deeply on any subject. They just push the plunger if you don't stop them.

A while back one of them was swabbing my arm with alcohol during a routine checkup. He was tapping the syringe before he decided to tell me what was in it. I asked him, did he know I was strong enough to force that syringe in one ear and out the other side of his head without breaking it? He deferred my treatment. Otherwise God only knows what he was about to stick me with. I think he was mumbling about tetanus. I told him I would take my chances but he better put the syringe away. Turns out that tetanus is afraid of Neanderthals, not the other way around. The tetanus germs, if they were there, appear to have died before I did. They fell on their own swords when they realised they were in the courtyard of a Neanderthal immune system. I left their bodies piled beside a million other victims that day, none of them stopped by a vaccination. Turns out the body left to it's own devices if healthy wipes out billions of these critters each day without blinking an eye. It is just that easy.

I just don't know how people survived before doctors. They probably had to endure the slings and arrows of life to a much older age, wistfully looking forward to a day when advanced scienmajists would jab them and their kids with mercury, formaldehyde and aluminium.

Watch For A Fake Outrage Soon

Why? To conceal this real one.

Classic magic. Watch this hand while this one pockets the ball. They blew up Ferguson so people would barely hear about the unarmed man in New York the police choked to death.

So there will be a new shooting covered heavily soon on Foxed to keep people's attention away from this one.

Call 911 and it doesn't matter if you are only doing your job as a citizen and reporting a crime. The cops will show up and shoot you without even announcing themselves. They'll shoot your three legged dog first so there won't be any witnesses left.

I've heard about countries in South America where people who have witnessed a crime contact their local mobster first to complain. They are too scared of the police, widely known to be ruthless inhuman cutthroats who do not distinguish between the guilty and the innocent when they pull out their guns. Also people are afraid the police may see a woman in their house they take a fancy to. The next time they see her she will be exhumed from a mass grave in the desert the police dump their rape victims in when they are done with them. These countries are all big on gun control and it is easy to see why. The criminals draft all the legislation. Many of these countries began with registration and incrementally altered the laws until they could collect them all.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Paul Craig Roberts On The Unreality Bubble

Can you have an opinion on anything if you live inside a sealed bubble with intellectual climate control? Paul Craig Roberts doesn't think so.

World War III will be a dumb war, like all wars that finish off civilisations. Later on, people will have a hard time understanding why it was fomented so devotedly.

Maybe the truth is, they just don't need you any more. The other 99% are extraneous as far as they are concerned. Making money means you have superior genetics, so these critters think. To have such a thought, one must first have crappy, substandard and mediocre genes. Anybody who thinks about it long enough will conclude as I have that even the lowliest manboon is as entitled to his life, his freedom, his folly and his failures as I am. These sloppy bipeds first build up their confidence by engaging in a lot of do-gooder schemes and when they learn the bitterness that all improvers of mankind stumble upon eventually they then decide on the sophomoric insecure sweaty adolescent overcompensation meme - since we can't fix everything that is wrong with the world and now know why then we are entitled to destroy it. What childish sycophants. From such crooked timber no straight thing was ever made. It shocks me and feels humiliating to think I once shared thoughts with these people when I was too young to know better. It is as if the thoughts themselves had stained my human dignity to have traded in common with the likes of these troglodytes.

How many of these people know that one important quality so many of them have in common is that they have scary, disturbing voids in their brains? Some in the frontal lobes, others in the amgydala and occasionally in the cerebrum itself. Less brain is never better than more brain so if anyone is numbered amongst the inherently defective it would be the human being who lusts for power so strongly he is willing to sacrifice anything to get it. We called these botched and bungled socialist parasites the nouveau rich and they are the people this article is talking about. One less worldwide bailout would have put the majority of all of these psychotics straight into the poorhouse or prison in 2008 when the natural consequences of repealing the Glass-Steagall act were just allowed to manifest themselves.

The manboons are not the species they think they are. That's my species they are confusing themselves with. That species of primate has never changed and never will change. Look here to see that they will always be the same, no matter what happens … this was written 2000 years ago.

"They have plundered the world, stripping naked the land in their hunger… they are driven by greed, if their enemy be rich; by ambition, if poor… They ravage, they slaughter, they seize by false pretenses, and all of this they hail as the construction of empire. And when in their wake nothing remains but a desert, they call that peace."

- Tacitus (Roman Historian)

Tacitus lived through the reign of the madman Domitius and also knew what garbage Emperor Nero was. Both men fancied themselves the pinnacles of human perfection.
Nero had captured Christians bound to posts in his garden, soaked in oil and set alight to provide illumination for parties in the evening, which many guests were said to have declined because of the stench of burned bodies. When Nero had the nearby mountain carved with his face, the inhabitants of Rome said in private they no longer liked to watch the sun rise in the morning because it would mean witnessing his hideous, corpulent face to start a new day. Nero had women shot by archers at his poetry recitals when they tried to sneak out to get simple food and water. After the rebellion of Vindex, Nero was a fat miserable coward who realised he would probably be tried and convicted for burning down Rome to further his architectural ambitions, so he poisoned himself rather than man up to his own crimes. Such men, the Sapiens call their leaders.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Another State Saint

You can always tell which man the monsters will venerate - just look for piles of human bodies piled up to the clouds and meaningless destruction and chaos, a wasteland of blasted earth where there are nothing but crows left and the smell of smoke and devastation.

Ordinary people cannot tell right from wrong. They can't tell good from evil. They can't distinguish truth from lies. They are blank slates upon which is written the will of the psychopaths and abominations who rule over them.

The same things were said about Emperor Nero by his friend when he was gone. Every other wicked man wants to idolise his predecessors even as he himself plots to exceed them all in body counts.

I suspect my ancestors had simple criteria for "good leadership." If they are getting a lot of people killed then they are not good leaders. If they are getting a lot of people killed and not doing any of this fighting themselves, they are not fit to be leaders at all. If Western people insisted on only permitting men in leadership who had themselves been soldiers and known the horrors of war, they could save the lives of their sons and the lives of the people who have done them no harm.