Friday, July 31, 2009

Why is Obama's "Birth Announcement" A Forgery?

It's so obvious. His race is listed as AFRICAN. That's such a glaring anachronism it stands out like a sore thumb and it is absolute proof it was forged in the last few years if not the last few months.

In 1961 a man's race would have been listed as NEGRO. "Africans" were not a racial classification in 1961!!! Nobody would have listed his father as "AFRICAN" in 1961, it would've been ludicrous!!!

Even his phony "birth announcement" is a fake. Everything about the guy is fake. His whole life is a sorry fake.

Wake Up, Little Sheeple





It's not just a few coffins anymore. Stacks of them are appearing across the American landscape. Your box is waiting for you to fill it.

Addendum A. B. C.

Yes, I know that your farmer has such a kind expression when he fills your trough. You refuse to believe the slaughterhouse truck will arrive someday to take you away to be ground into hamburger but you are wrong, sheeple. That's your whole purpose.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Globowarmthinkery is Religion, Not Science

We've been saying it since 2002 on Vault-Co.

Meanwhile, while these idiots around you argue over whose farting cows are melting the most glaciers, there are cracks appearing in the Earth's magnetic field of apocalyptic size and duration.

All the people staring at the sky and gasping at what is for them a mysterious fireworks display overhead remind me of those people in Independence Day who cluster on top of the building and wave signs reading WELCOME TO EARTH E.T. right before the laser cannon opens up on the bottom.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Interested in Living Much? Don't Take The Vaccine.

Busted! Hard Evidence The Vaccine Was Created And Engineered Deliberately


Saturday, July 25, 2009

ZOGBux Are Doomed

The Kwa is going to fall from a very great height in a balloon that has more ballast than hot air left in it.

Soon the Kwanzanian dollar will fulfill it's ancient destiny since 1913 ... to serve as fuel for fires in refugee camps. The Weimar dollar will have more intrinsic value than Kwanstain bux before the year is out.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Robert Felix on Clovis Diamond Layer

This is such a great introduction to the clarity and elegance of Robert Felix's ideas. I recommend you read this short essay if you have not read his new book yet.

The basic problem in his opponents is that they can't think. Professionally speaking for their situation, there is almost no way you can fake it. You can go to college for sixty years and build up one piece of paper after another with a wax seal on it and a ribbon hanging off it. At the end of sixty years, you still won't be able to think. Such things are either genetic or else predetermined at such a young age they might as well be genetic. The problem with all these other guys, the reason I give them such low credibility ... is that they can't think - and Robert Felix can. I can see this in the first few sentences of either article. The author betrays himself in both instances.

Thinkers are specific. They communicate information as either conclusions or else as inquiries. Everybody else is ambiguous. They communicate subverbal emotional states based on group consensus which is always disassociative in nature and never seems to have any real semantic content. You can usually tell in the first paragraph which camp the author belongs to.

Of course, recommending you read his essay and think about it is futile if you're incapable of reasoning yourself. The truth is, we could say that people who cannot reason are magnetically attracted to other disadvantaged people like themselves. Others who are also unreasoning seem more logical to those who themselves cannot reason. Since they cannot consider a man's arguments, they have no choice but to seek whoever appears to have the consensus. This is why they are always wrong, about everything.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

France Burns, Decides Best Course of Action Is To Outlaw Reality

Kiss France goodbye. HYAR BE DRAGONES.

All beautiful losers now. The only role left to play on this sad stage.

Anyhoo, I was thinking about it today. It really was a brief shining Camelot, this thing called Western civilization. It lasted a little while. Then it passed away. Everything that is too successful carries within it the seeds of it's own destruction. When it wanted to become empire, it withered away. Nothing is permanent and the most beautiful and sane things are the shortest lived of all if we are talking about human beings. The bad drives out the good. Mankind is a cesspool and it's the biggest crudest chunks that float to the top given enough time. The best men die and are trampled underfoot by simpletons who will soon starve without them. Everything vulgar, brutal and weak easily overcomes the rare and strong through numbers. Keep that in mind - I will return to it at the end of this post.

Perhaps the planet will roll on into the darkness with the hooting of mindless apes and no end to swift crotch-grabbing and be-bopping. Then the lights will flicker one last time and go out.

Or not. Maybe something else altogether is getting ready to happen. Maybe it happens all the time, which explains why we're still here. Something very big, too big for man's tiny chimp brain to altogether grasp for the most part.

Maybe we'll just close the hatch and set a while when the time comes. Maybe we'll just hunker down while these critters fry.

I have a very important question for you.

What is the driver of spontaneous equilibrium? No, don't say it doesn't matter. It's a very important question. Has to be something. What is it? After a long time of pondering this question, I think I know now.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm afraid ITZ Coming

Check out the conclusions in the article where there should be only news. The journalist who wrote this is trying to tell people that the evidence right in front of their eyes doesn't mean what it clearly seems to mean ... that in fact, it means the exact opposite.

“I suspect, as many of us feel, that it is global change, but I fear we don’t understand it,” Wickwar said. “It’s not as simple as a temperature change.”

You don't understand anything and you never will, sheeple. Yours is not to question why, yours is but to do or die.

The interglacial is ending. The magnetic reversal is coming.

If you don't have a vault, you're not going to have a chance.

Like in Isaac Asimov's Nightfall, I have a feeling that the human race forgets this cyclic event every 11,500 years because it is so traumatic the only way they can remember it is as mythology. I think it sweeps most everything clean away.

I know that Carl Sagan, never much of a scientist to begin with, was guilty of great irresponsibility in exaggerating nuclear winter. I cannot help but wonder though ... what about a nuclear winter during the post-glacial period? What happens if a nuclear war occurs during a natural transition back to an Ice Age? How long would it last? Would it ever really "clear up" at all? This is why volcanism is associated with Ice Ages and the triggers that cause it to occur very rapidly.

Israeli Soldiers In Combat Fatigues Standing Guard Lower Manhattan on 9-11

I had heard about these guys many years back and didn't know if this was urban myth or confused reports from bystanders.

Here's one caught by ABC news on camera acting like he has jurisdiction over this area the same way the IDF suppresses news in Palestine.

You couldn't make this stuff up. Seriously.