Thursday, July 13, 2017

Terminal Madness of the End-Times : Journal Entry #90345683495798

Here you go. What do I need to make anything up for? I couldn't make this stuff up anyway.

Warning about a crisis you intend to create.

I just link to this stuff. Nobody here at Vault-Co is creating fake websites and posting fake links to unbelievable stories like these. No fake news here, just links to mainstream media and sites that orbit the mainstream.

I don't think Graham believes a word of this stuff he says. I think they've got dirt on him so foul that the stench alone turned him into a human teleprompter for NWO missives.

Pre-Improvamentation Days. The horror.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

We're Nuts, Until It's On TV

Been telling this to people who read this blog for over twelve years.

I've read a lot of stuff. From a lot of different sources.

No way could all of this be going on without massive cooperation with Church, Police and State involved for over a century.

People don't check orphans out on a schoolbus every weekend for forty years without the entire government being utterly and completely incurably corrupt. Couldn't happen. People don't accidentally miss things like that. They are lying when they say they just didn't see it. Lying through their teeth. That's impossible. You don't see babies marched onto a schoolbus without knowing that is wrong.

I think the Western governments are done. They need to resign and let a whole new generation of people with no prior experience in politics take over. They're done. They had their shot and they are not right for that job.

Past century is pretty much one big mistake in our leadership. These people should never be leaders anywhere of anybody.

I don't think the human race is who they think they are. That's their vanity. They are actually something else altogether and it's not good. I'm not talking about these preverts. I'm talking about the animals who vote for them and continue to support them as they sail right through the sanity flags. At some point you have to wonder how much evidence it takes to overcome that cognitive dissonance. We're talking whole schoolhouses of children taken away without proper channels every Saturday and taken to remote country estates where people play spin the bottle with them. That doesn't happen to a sane species.

What's really spooky is when British people smile while they are talking about a subject like this. Like it's an amusing anecdotal account of something that is a necessary evil. I don't understand what is happening there. It supports my contention that most smiling in modern society is an ancient primate expression signifying terror and submission.

This guy specifically mentions Oz here in his speech.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

You're A Nut, They're Rich, Totally Different

Totally totally totally.

These places are palaces internally. A Vault-Co reader asked a short while back why the elite would want to exterminate 95% of the Earth's population if it meant the inconvenience of staying underground a year.

Doesn't look like any inconvenience at all.

Until that Siemens generator falls over and it turns out somebody didn't stock a .12 cent replacement part. Or they discover failure to rotate correctly means half the food is inedible. Should have gone for the Vault operating system that fits on a floppy and features mostly scavenged parts from automobiles. Sucks to be you rich guys. Really does. Also, I included standalone chess with mine.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Mass Media Catches Up With Arthur Jones in 1970's

The media is where you go to find out stuff that everybody else around you has known for decades.

The thing about the news is ... there is never any news in the news. Ever. The media is a collection of people who are the very last group to ever find out anything about anything. If ever.

Oh god, don't make me explain it again one more time.
If you ever wonder why every single picture of Arthur Jones features a look of dismal despairing bored face palm disgust, this is why. The guy was too smart to be wasting his time trying to teach Homo Sapiens anything.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Buchanan Channels Ancient Vault-Co Posts from 2009

We already published this conclusion back in 2009 here on Vault-Co.

Here it is. The nation-state is an allegiance of kin-related individuals who decide they can provide better for the protection of women and children by sacrificing their own immediate interests to the strategic goals of the group. A nation of invaders with allegiance to their original countries and cultures is not a nation. It's a civil war that has not kicked off yet.

This was over a long, long time ago. The truth is that ordinary people are so slow-witted they are only figuring it out now. We had it nailed on this blog over a decade ago. Like I always said, I'm an early bounder. I start pronking when no other springboks can see the lions. I see their heads from way, way off crouching in the grass. That's the Vault-Co blog in a nutshell.

ROFL Fake Hawkings Gibberish

Not the same guy. Not even a good match, in fact. A caricature. The new
guy looks healthier and younger than ever. First time somebody with ALS has
ever lived to this age? How likely is that?
Hawkings double promises we will all be pelted by acid rain storms if we don't impeach Trump.

I just link to this stuff. I couldn't make it up. Too ridiculous. I just link to it.

Nobody with ALS lives to be 75 years old. Never happened. Never will. This guy was near death's door in his twenties. He was on his last legs when his book was published.

He's too valuable as a shill to allow a little thing like death to interrupt his agitprop, so they found a double. This double looks like a healthy guy in his 40's slumping in a wheelchair.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Suspect All Water Sources After SHTF

There are different organisms that can make water unsafe to drink even if it filtered. Even if it is boiled. Blue-Green algae killed the Clovis people 12,000 years ago in North America when it poisoned nearly all their water supplies.

The best water source is from your own in-situ deep aquifer well. Nothing beats that. If not your own well then perhaps your own storage tanks. Or in bottles. You just never really know for sure what you are getting after a black swan incident of any kind.

You definitely would not want to bathe or swim in untrusted sources.

There are a lot of new weapons specifically designed to corrupt the enemy's water supply. Some of these weapons were practical for use in 1964 so they could have come a long ways since then. Destroying the enemy's water is a big strategic goal in an unrestrained war.

The Left Is Not Decent

They aren't. They're just not wholesome people. Most of 'em, they try to conceal it but you can see something is wrong with them.

The thing about the average leftist is they have a desperate need for acceptance by others. It's no surprise because ultimately everything about them is unacceptable.

Trying to overthrow a legally elected leader is bad stuff. It's really, really bad. It's worse than child pornographers or methamphetamine dealing because you're trying to destroy the rule of law, not just exploit individuals. Only a really bad person does stuff like this. Only a really bad person doesn't know this just isn't something you would even try to do. They're too stupid to know that this is exactly how civil wars start. They don't know that.