Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Craziest Thing We've Ever Posted

I honestly believe that when my brain and nervous system were burned by sodium lye in my bloodstream at 18 months of age, I hooked into this somehow very similar to the way animals are hooked into it. We might say animals are hooked into it because they don't have the blather of conscious thoughts to drown out the signal.

I think in some way I may never be able to accurately explain, I still hear the signal despite an inner dialogue as sharp and intense as that of anybody else if not more so. I think my early trauma did something to me that enabled me to hear this signal despite the presence of a conscious mind.

So there you have it. Sounds nuts except I think if you've been reading Vault-Co for a couple of years you know it might be plausible.

I'll go a little further and say all of my precognitive flashes take place at night and not as visions or dreams, either, rarely if ever. I believe they actually occur under the surface in another part of my brain that never sleeps.

I suspect the reason that all severe Asperger's sufferers have such chronic insomnia is that there is a part of their mind that never shuts down and continues to run at night when they are supposed to be in deep theta. In fact, as they grow weary after dusk, this part of the brain is able to come into the foreground and exert itself more intensely. I don't think it is the subconscious because it seems quite rational in ways that other people's subconscious minds never are.

I think in some people, like me, it acts as native radar several years in advance of the fact.

Many paleontologists often wonder how it happens that animal migrations and shifts in behaviour in ancient times always seem to proceed the actual changes to the environment. It's because they have a radar that feels things. Animals know when itz coming and so do some people. I believe that sodium lye burned out a part of my brain that creates social conformity and consensus and once it fell silent, I could at last hear the ancient dormant mammalian part of the brain that watches for subtle changes in the environment that can save it's life and the lives of others around it.

I think if I had been on the coastline of Indonesia before the tsunami, I would have felt a strong desire to move to higher ground before it showed up, just like all the other animals there.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Firebird (Free SQL Database Standalone) + .NET ADO

I had a bad experience with this database about two months ago but I realize now it was the idiots I was working for at the time. I just tried to port the CDC.NET code from Microsoft SQL Server (hard to install and configure for beginners) to the Firebird Open Source database (runs as embedded, local or networked) and I had the ADO provider replacing my MSSQL commands in less than one hour. There are a lot of administration tools for it, most of them less than 1 meg in size executables, contrast with 250+ megs for Microsoft SQL Express.

It's a great database - the best, in fact, when you consider it alongside all the other options. It has an automated install for both the SQL Server and the web service provider, so it should be really simple for amateurs to install it on their network if they just follow the prompts. At least it should be a lot easier than the very expensive and time consuming MSSQL server in comparison. You can set up your users in configuration files and never have to touch anything again. There will be a tabbed configuration window where you can do this the first time you start Vault OS and anytime thereafter you want to change something.

Because the database supports it, you should be able to run all the features in standalone mode with no server started if that is what you want. I'll see how it goes but I think that Firebird makes this fairly easy to do with a few configuration switches.

CDCommander Source Public Domain : Reboot

This is the CD Commander source code + executable : CDC Source Code

This is as many supplementary run-time files as I could find for Borland C++ Builder : RTL

Sorry about my first attempt, looks like I included a lot of unnecessary files and had it compiled for Dynamic run-time linking. This version I compiled from scratch with static libraries, but if you get any errors otherwise let me know.

It should be as simple as unzipping the file at the top of this blog to it's own directory and doubleclicking on "CDC.exe" to run it. If you have any problems please tell me. I also erased the database, you add new records by doubleclicking "->NEW RECORD" on either tab for Personnel or Inventory.

I figured if anyone used this source code they are first going to port it into a more recent version of C++ Builder.

Globo-Warmthink = Communism, Plain and Simple

Scientists under communism deal with their opponents not by refuting their arguments, but by having them committed to mental institutions and lobotomized.

Many people in the globo-warmthink kult have questioned Gray's "mental state" and suggested he is probably senile. That's how they cope with genius. It's in their nature.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

CDCommander Source Released As Public Domain

This is a legacy archive in the development of what is going to be Vault OS. It was nearly finished, it could use a bit of work and then it would be complete as I originally envisioned it at that time.

I release this source code as public domain, you can do whatever you want with it however you want. I would ask as a courtesy if you fix this source code up and decide to sell it, you present a small credit line to me as the original author. I would also ask you to consider making it freeware if you do so.

This program could possibly be completed in about four hours of work by a good Borland C++ Builder coder. It needs reporting features and some improvements in the query designer. There are quite a few features it could use like calendar scheduling, I cannot remember what the status of those features was when I abandoned it.

This was designed as a single user application using the SQLite database as it's storage repository. Making this multiuser would be next to impossible as it is now, but I would like to have seen some features like mass email for all personnel implemented. If you do not know how to do with with BCB4 I have some source code for it.

Note it uses a cut'n'paste XML format for the query designer so that people can share queries via email as text.

If you are serious about developing this further, you can leave a comment here and I will get in touch with you to give you some more information on what could be done to it. There are a number of free tools for BCB4 I collected with the intent of integrating with it, like "FreeReport," a print report layout tool. I can tell you where to get these if you know how to compile them in with BCB4.

I completely wash my hands of this version and encourage anybody who thinks they could do some good with it to consider it their property to do with as they like. The only favor I would ask of anyone is to make some version of this software free for those who might need it and could not afford it. Remember, you can always sell a manual for the program and in this particular case that might be in high demand for a tool like this.

Understanding the Amerikwan Legal System

What's the charge, officer?

You removed by force over 400 children from their mothers and put them into foster parenting homes without review or appeal?

You must have a warrant in your hands, right? What is the charge printed on that warrant? Does the warrant list the prima facie cause for the warrant being issued? Is the accuser a physical person who has sworn testimony before a judge that the judge has decided justifies issuing a warrant for the arrest of person/persons residing at a named address? Does the warrant authorize the immediate removal of children from the parties named in the warrant because of an imminent danger that has been identified in this environment?

This is an excellent introduction to understanding how the legal system works in the U.S.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Nancy Pelosi : Banking On Ubiquitous Feeblemindedness

I just had to post this because it is kind of the essence of what it means to be an 'kwan.

Subconsciously, the assumption is there in the back of the minds of all the 'kwans that everybody else out there is also a moron. A 'Kwan cannot imagine their own stupidity nor do they have any sense of the vast spectrum of human intelligence from top to bottom.

They think to themselves, I've never actually read the Bible but I have nothing to fear by inventing scripture on the fly because everybody else does it. Hell, they think, I don't really even believe in God or fear him and everybody else is faking it completely as well. We are all stupid bastards little more than animals who can walk on their hind legs and we have nothing to lose by making up all kinds of crazy quotes from stuff. We all know at a subliminal level that there is nobody left who can even read books, so what risk is it to me if I pretend to have done so? Who will correct me otherwise? Everyone else is faking it just like I am.

Fifty years ago, the general population was so familiar with scripture that she would have been exposed as a person with no credibility as a human being by the time she finished her speech. She could forget about getting re-elected after word got out she was so dumb she fabricated scripture.

It's the same situation with global warming or the big bang. It's true because it's on television. Once it is on the box it is self-validating by virtue of having been announced on the box. It doesn't matter what the facts are because nobody is left who is bright enough to tell the difference between reality and what they have heard on the televitz device.

The entire civilization is self-referential, just like somebody drove a polyvinyl tube up their ass and fed the other end back around into their mouth. All their inputs are connected to their own outputs. The real world stands no chance of gaining admission to this closed-loop cycle.

Nevertheless, Pelosi got caught.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Half-Sized Food Storage Bucket

Got these empty honey buckets for .50 cents each at a grocery store. Good for smaller items and portions, requires a smaller mylar bag and oxy absorber too. I did about 12 of these last weekend.

In order of access after occupying the shelter, my nutritional plan is:

1. First Two Weeks - Daily Ration Boxes
2. First Two Months - Freeze Dried Serving Portion Food
3. First Year - Half Size Buckets and Canned Goods
4. Next Ten Years - Full Sized Buckets and 100kg drums

I plan to keep acquiring new food in my rotation until we have another ten years worth of 100kg drums and full sized buckets. This super long term reserve will probably go into the silos. At present the silos are a hodge podge of all kinds of food, most of it due to be rotated out and replaced. I always wanted the silos to be the long reach reserve where I break that stuff out after ten years of subsisting on the plan above.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vault OS : Feedback Needed

I have two things to inform you of and I need to know if anyone is interested.

First, I've got Civil Defense Commander, which is say 75% complete. I've got all the source and binaries for Borland C++ Builder 4 which I could package up and release as public domain code. It makes me wince to look at because there is little room for expansion and not much attention to some of the final details of the implementation. I left off at this point because I gathered it was not what I wanted. I had to think about it for some time before I got around to the Vault OS concept. Some of you from the first Vault-Co site may remember when I had photos of that posted up. It's no skin off my nose to give it away, it might be useful to some individuals and it even might get polished up if I include all the source code. I can tell you a specific path to follow to complete it, even where you can get a free report design tool to plug in to generate printed reports. I just feel like I have other things that are better directions to go in, for example Vault OS.

Second, I've got CDC.NET, which is an application I've never told anybody about. Basically, it is a .NET/ASP.NET powered shell for a complete client/server shelter management system, running under Windows with a server required (MSSQL/MySQL). It's all powered by Web services over the network and uses stateless sessions for everything. I have not looked at it in 2+ years, but I distinctly remember it being fairly complete and quite usable. This includes inventory, logs, time management and scheduling, personnel and medical records. I could have kept working on this and was pretty close to making a complete product before I abruptly got sick of it, especially when I was thinking it was pretty current tech if it would have to also run on ancient x86 hardware. I didn't want to ever mention it since it would appear to be just something else I got started on and never finished with gusto. * UPDATE * : I just had a look at it. Much more advanced than I remember. Looks like a perfectly usable complete app, in fact. You wouldn't know otherwise unless I told you from looking at the front of it.

So there are two options here. Hendo, a friend of mine for a while, the guy who always promises to run me over with a monster truck, has recommended I do a .NET version of Vault OS first that will run on modern hardware, then do the x86 version later, because modern hardware is much easier to configure and develop for.

1. Release both CD Commander and CDC.NET as public domain or open source. Kiss'em goodbye and never look at 'em again. Stick to working on Vault OS in QNX Neutrino for x86 PCs in DOS.

2. Release CD Commander as Open Source, then do the work needed to package up CDC.NET and release that as a test version of "Vault OS for Windows."

I'm curious to know what would be more useful to the most people in the most accessible way in terms of platform, environment and paradigm. Remember CDC.NET will work standalone on any machine with the server running. There's also another angle ... CDC.NET may be very demanding (relatively) for the server computer (you'd need a modern portable with Windows 98SE/XP at a minimum) but the clients can be pretty much anything running a browser. So you could still use cheapo PCs even running something like Arachne possibly (?) under DOS for the client end, as long as the server was a decent machine. I know it can be done and is routine for many sites but I don't know the exact mechanics of plugging DOS boxes into area networks in Windows. Of course, you could also just run the client browser on another low end portable with Windows of some flavor. I think the problem with pure DOS browsers is that CDC.NET uses Javascript for some client-side validations. That still doesn't mean it wouldn't work.

There's one more interesting twist to add to this. You can run a real .NET application on a Windows platform with an embedded HTTP browser as the client. Above this browser window you could put any kind of Winforms/Toolbar/Tabbed/Menu you wanted to launch things like a local monitor for I2C sensors like I was talking about for Vault OS in DOS. There's also the potential there to submit local sensors to the server in the background so they are available to all other machines on the network.

Finally, considering what I already have running, this is much easier to develop than my grand plans for Vault OS in QNX Neutrino. It's coming along well but of course you're still talking about ten hours of coding in QNX to duplicate functionality I can perfect in ten seconds by dragging it from the Visual Studio IDE and dropping it on the design window.

Any feedback much appreciated. If it's not obvious by now, I always have more ideas than time.
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