Monday, November 29, 2010

Scientists Concede Massive, Unprecedented Volcanic Activity On Floor Of Arctic

Lunatic fringe madness ten years ago on Vault-Co, mainstream science today.

Scientists concede that unprecedented underwater volcanism is heating the oceans

Evolutionary gradualism simply not supported by the evidence.

The evidence is that the planet is a million times more catastrophic in cyclic fashion than anything in the wildest imagination of scientists. It's the only possible explanation that fits the facts. The Holocene in which we live is coming to an end and with it our lovely interglacial climate and environment. We had a long lull in the eye of the storm for 12,000 years but it's over now.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Planet of Fail #4 : Ultimate Provocation Fail

Getting interesting now.

The common man thinks the risk of nuclear war is in the past because the televitz said so. Anything they put on televitz, the common man thinks. He swears they are his convictions, a coincidence they are also on the televitz 24/7 around the clock. A coincidence, itz.

The common man has never been further from reality than today. The worst part of the Dark Ages, the peasants were closer to the real world than most modern people will ever get. Reality is all so complicated. The televitz is so very simple. As a critter who generally avoids pain and discomfort and seeks to be lied to in order to allay his fears, Homo Sapiens is the ultimate failure as a hominid.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Planet of Fail #3:Black Friday Manboon Stampedes Grow More Violent Each Year

Really bad this year. Hundreds of videos of people behaving exactly like cattle on a feedlot trying to force their way through the dip chute. Stabbings, broken bones, punching, kicking, scratching, pulling. Shoppers brandishing guns, knives, pepper spray and saps. Over discounted prices at Target.

Like a Lovecraft story about rapid genetic degeneration. Almost seems to be accelerating year in and year out. You see some of the misshapen beasts in these videos, they appear to be half-man, half-ape hominids.

As somebody who has been out of the country for twenty years, I have to tell you, in many recent videos from the States I do not recognize the population of this nation. It looks like any third world hellhole in South America or Africa, a sea of hooting black and brown with an occasional terrified white floating along in the midst of it.

These creatures will not be returning to the moon to harvest Helium-3, I can assure you. Just keeping basic infrastructure is already something they have failed to do.

Where the Kwa is going, it won't be coming back from.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Planet of Fail #2

Europe ready to disintegrate.

China and Russia abandon dollar as reserve currency.

NK-SK on verge of all-out war.

Seriously, isn't it redundant for me to keep posting here? If you want to get a Vault-Co feed nowadays, you don't need to get it from Vault-Co. Any newspaper or media in the world will do.

I believe this year, next year and 2012 are going to be really interesting times to live in.

Update on Vault-OS : It's so bad-ass it will blow your mind. I really should put up some screenshots soon. So bad-ass that Reed Richards would pull his teeth out with envy. It's now cross-platform and compiles on QT TrollTech for any machine you want to deploy it on ... Linux, Mac, Win32/NT, OpenVMS. The architecture is simple. Every machine is a server. Every machine is a client. Browsing your control systems in the Vault is as easy as browsing the web. If you've got SVG diagrams, DXFs or even 3D layouts (VTK mini scripted) you can load them in and use them for a Heads-Up display that would make Batman drop a load in his shorts. It took me eight years of trying everything else before I got it right.

I had to write a custom daemon to drive the cheap serial port I2C device used for the I2C I/O. (Three diodes, a transistor, a couple resistors) That's the only component that isn't cross-platform. If you have a serial device for I2C control, I do have a driver for that written in QT. Otherwise, it's write once run everywhere. Performance kills .NET, Java or any of that crap. I get 60 fps on my Pentium III running at 133 mhz. Gives you some idea of how bad-ass it is.

Planet of Fail

Who are these guys? Where do they get their funds from? Why does leadership in your nation provide financial support to a supranational self-styled governing body which has no mandate and no authority, staffed by unelected hardcore marxists? Did you authorize one dime of your money to go to these idiots? How stupid is the human race that they blithely accept anybody who climbs up on top of a bucket as an authority figure? Who gave these guys the financial means to afford three hot meals a day and a place to sleep? They're superpowered international freeloader bums.

The United Nations is a collection of failed human beings from failed countries imposing failed policies with failed goals destined to fail. It's about failure.

A Wonderful Smurf Future Of Rainbow Ponies

Which is why the military is wargaming large scale civil unrest, urban rioting and complete social collapse. Jest sayin' is all. Gotta be doing something to keep busy.

World Affairs Monthly

I forgot to link to Thomas Pochari's site when the old site went down in 2007. I have added him to the trusted sources list.

I recommend you read him regularly. He's usually publishing the news at least six months before it happens in most cases.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ZOGBux Apocalypse

The other two superpowers dump z-bills as reserve currency, largest economy in the world moving to metals backed exchange.

November is apocalypse month on Vault-Co.

Itz not coming any more, because itz has arrived ... for the Kwanstain.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


... quick blog ...

... situation in escalation past 72 hours ...

... starting to get a tad dicey ...

... watch this space ... interesting times ...

Russia/China watching ...