Friday, August 31, 2007

Was John Titor Right? (2)

John Titor said we would have a female President in 2008.

He also said that next year, almost everybody, no matter how slow witted, would realize that the world they thought they were living in no longer existed.

If Hillary is elected in 2008, despite the fact she just doesn't last any serious polling, it will be the work of Diebold voting machines and the media running offense on her flank explaining her victory away to the incredulous American people.

Forget Ron Paul. He's only got 90% support, which is not enough for anybody to get elected President in America today. If you're not a zionist ass klown your chances of getting employed anywhere are close to zero.

Nation of Sodomites

The best line I have heard recently is that "If God doesn't judge the West soon, he's going to have to issue a press release apologizing to Sodom and Gomorrah."

I don't think that is going to be necessary.

Haggard wants more "insertions" and "laying-on-of-hands." Wasn't that the problem, essentially? What a bunch of preverts.

Majority of Accredited Climate Scientists Say Global Warming Is Gibberish Talk

Edjumificated people mit der "consensus" scream fowl, wave bloody chickens over wijun altars and plunge pins into voodoo dolls in disagreement. Grant checks to study farting cow emissions could be put on hold if this persists, requiring a return to actual science as opposed to building computer sims in Flash that demonstrate how decomposing baby nappies change solar magnetic fields.

Amerikwan Balloon Plunges Earthward Screaming Shedding Flaming ZOGBux As Ballast

It's all good, homes. In the larger scheme of things, anyhow. It just may involve the deaths of about 99.9% of the existing population sometime soon in hideous worldwide nuclear war. Oprah Winfrey says it's all part of the magnificent journey on the issues of our life edjumification, I trust Oprah hams'n'all.

The combat stress syndrome of our time - the thousand mile stare of the Amerikwan Mind

Somebody is betting September 2007 is going to be very interesting economically, just like way back in September 2001.

Ron Paul says the government is betting this whole sad polychrome frozen nightmare is ready to give way to the real darkness.

Does Amerikwa think an attack on Iran is the only thing left that can save the dollar?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lifehacker is just plain cool

Go there, it's worth the click, trust me.

Globo-Warmthink Druids Cry For A Blood Sacrifice

Television makes sick. Watch enough television, you'll be hopelessly sick. Kill your television, get well. It's that simple. The reason people pay so much for the mass media is not so they can broadcast the truth. It's so they can retrofit their lies to whatever is happening in the world at that time.

Britain skips summer with record cold snap, that's global warming. Winter shatters all records for cold temperatures, that's global warming too. 75% of the world's glaciers grow, that's global warming. All arctic research centers buried with snow so deep that a new design will feature stilts, that's global warming too. A new Ice Age, that's global warming you see. Sure it is.

The average man cannot think anymore than he can run the 100 yard dash under ten seconds. He doesn't have the genetics for it and it is only his vanity that makes him insist it isn't so. He runs the 100 yard dash, you show him the stopwatch with 16 seconds on it, he squeals there is something wrong with your watch. 95% of the human population can't think anymore than they can fly or breathe underwater. If somebody is going around telling the general population they are smart, all of us are smart, then that person is a sneaky bastard with an agenda. The general population is dumb as donuts and twice as fat, the naked eye screams it out to your brain and if you can't hear it you must not be listening. Check your six senses and tell me again about how the man in the street can reason. He cannot.

I work in the IT industry, supposedly the last great refuge of the best minds of our age. At least half the people in my industry cannot spell "accommodation" correctly. Some of them think the word "carrot" has a 'K' in it. Lots of them believe professional wrestling is a real sport. They all sit down at the stand-up. Many of them use "Agile" and "Rational Rose" in the same sentence, believing them to be largely the same things. I worked with one guy a while back who thought that one of the ten Commandments was "Get them before they get you" and he also swore that Iraq and France share a border between them. He was a Senior Software Architect, of course. You probably already guessed that.

These are the sorts of fantastic intellectual colossi behind the science of global warming.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oy, your money, cursed, I tell you!

The gypsy money curse would have to be the oldest recorded criminal scam in history - there are stories of gypsies running this scam on ancient Egyptians.

They put out a fortuneteller sign. Everybody gets their fortune told for a few measly dollars. It's not about fortunetelling. It's about keeping your net out to capture the right person. A lonely widow, gullible old man. You see, your money is cursed. It's bringing you pain, misery and bad luck. Until you get rid of it, it will haunt you. I can get rid of this curse for you.

Sometimes they ask for their life savings, switch it with fake money and pretend to throw it into a fire to burn it up. Other times they recommend somebody it should be given to. Same old curse.

Al Gore is running a 3,000 year old scam and he's identified the perfect suckers ... the soft, goofy, gullible television-fried rubes who inhabit the decaying remains of Western civilization. Do as I say, not as I do, rubes.


Last man in the 'kwa turn out the lights when you see the missile contrails coming in and close the door behind you.

The U.S. wants an ass-whipping and they want it now. It's a race to see what knocks their infrastructure down first : rust or rockets. If the Russians wait much longer they'll just be pounding rubble with missiles.

Depraved Deviant Denounces Detractors At Dismissal

The best justice system that money can buy.

Chertoff tipped to slither in, 'natch.

The late era Roman Empire is starting to look like a civic model of honesty and accountability by comparison.