Saturday, October 31, 2015

Aaron Swartz Still Wins

The righteous Jew died because he made himself a nuisance to the powerful.

This was what Swartz was working on leeching when he was charged with criminal trespass and file theft. He was possessed of a notion that certain things that are already public cannot be charged for, including case law. One of the ways lawyers keep the world confused and dependent on them is they way they zealously guard public property - case law in the United States.

I encourage you to see the recent documentary and you will be astonished at how much good one person did in his brief lifetime. Made me feel like I have never even really tried. Truly a great Neanderthal.

Did you know all my life I have thought men's lives are in vain because they can only flail harmlessly at the infinite branches of evil in the world? This kid was a genius who went straight to hack at the root. He did it from such a young age you have to wonder what inspiration he drew on inside to become so effective a force for good.

Nobody believes he took his own life. He is just another casualty of this administration which has piled up the bodies of its enemies like cordwood for eight years.

Somebody Up There Is Looking Out For Kwanstainia

... and here they are. Looking down.

Boom! God has still got it! It's the comic timing that makes the gig.

Happy Halloween From Vault-Co

Friday, October 30, 2015

Busy Foragers

... with time left over to construct huge earthwork mounds and who-knows-what megalithic structures all over kilometres of Kazakhstan.

8000+ Years ago ...

"Hey, guize, let's break for a while from scavenging for bugs and rabbits, I want to build an 80 kilometre ring of earthworks with millions of tons of soil."

That is probably "truish." Sort of. Nothing to see here, folks, go back to your televitz programs. No need to revise those history books dramatically or do the smart thing and just tear the pages out to use for bird cage liner.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Total Surveillance State Worldwide Coming Online

Google will monitor search metadata to fish for dissidents in the name of "mental health" to treat pre-crime and ungood political ideas.

You read more and more of this and they are increasingly poor at disguising the story as some sort of benevolence. You see similar themes embedded now in movies and television, where somebody has to have absolute power over all private communication in order to "help people."

A clear violation of the 4th amendment of the Constitution but unfortunately there is nobody left who can read.

When this showed up in the second Batman film with Christian Bale I just tuned out at that point and started daydreaming. The part where they explain why it is necessary to tap all cell phones. Ruined the movie for me and didn't have much to do with the plot at all. Just sort of inserted clumsily at that point. I could almost hear the government reps convening with the script writers for the sequel.

"The Technocratic Age is slowly designing an every day more controlled society. The society will be dominated by an elite of persons free from traditional values who will have no doubt in fulfilling their objectives by means of purged techniques with which they will influence the behavior of people and will control and watch the society in all details". "... it will become possible to exert a practically permanent watch on each citizen of the world".
 -- Zbigniew Brzezinski -- (Illuminati and co-founder of Trilateral Commission)

Monday, October 26, 2015

Terminal Madness of the End-Times : Entry #3189473198

Enforcing "climate change regulations" with drones and bombs (and worse) on foreign countries.

What an absolute madhouse this planet is.

Zombie hordes falling into places for Agenda 21 regime.

Staged chaos ... somebody is transporting migrants to Europe from Turkey to deliberately cause social unrest and disorder.

Australia thinks it wants to get involved in WW3. The non-nuclear Australian military has a jeep, two biplanes and some coral reef starter carriers to contribute. Good plan.

Outlawing Red Meat for Peasants

It's happening. The Melonheads reserve fresh grass-fed beef, garlic, chocolate and other extremely healthy foods for their ruling classes. They had these proscriptions in Sumeria, India, Egypt and most other nations they reigned over throughout history. The peasants have always been fed gruel. Lately they have been talking seriously about trying to wean the commoners onto a diet of insect slurry. This  of course would be a natural progression towards Soylent Green. One day you'd be slurping on your Big Worm Gulp and you'd find out that is no longer mealworms in there. It is human livestock being recycled.

Melonheads know that meat makes strong and they don't want strong slaves. They want them vaccinated and fed carbohydrates so they grow up to be the living dead.

New World Order Spreading The Pain Around

Autism rates soaring since Asia adopted Western vaccine schedules.

The Nazis were like the Vienna Boys Choir with snappy dress compared to these people. They have committed the worst crimes in the whole of recorded history with these vaccines, worse than any genocide in mankind's ledger, wiping out entire generations of people or reducing them to vegetables.