Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Real News On 8/6/2017

This is the only news worth reading if you want to anticipate future trends. Everything else on this page is just so much trivia in comparison.

Grand Minimum. Not a Maunder Minimum. A Grand Minimum Superstorm to signal the end of the Holocene in the next couple of years.

Everybody worried about the apocalypse but they are all looking in the wrong direction. Vault-Co and Robert Felix got it right 16 years ago. Everybody else you know is just flailing at the branches, that's the root of the matter above. The Grand Minimum is the catalyst for the Apocalypse Trifecta and people worried about fake nuclear tests by North Korea are completely off-topic.

Wish we saw more stuff like this on the internet. This is a .PDF link to a superb practical outline of some of the considerations everyone needs to contemplate to endure in a new Ice Age. Highly recommend it to people just starting to think about this topic.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Communist Squirrels Strike Again!

Something to laugh about. Too much dismal tide lately.

We have "bush babies" here in Victoria. They're so darn cute but the worst pests you can imagine. They come out and fight and raise hell at night. They like to leap around a lot after dark and see what sort of stuff they can steal. All God's creatures have a funny quality to them, can't help but think the Supreme Being designed them for his amusement. It is hard to hate any animal after you watch them a while when they think nobody's looking and marvel at how easy they take life. They seem to have fun no matter what they are doing.

Poorly Deployed Cointel Hoax

Being used to sell the Russian hacking story by pretending to leak NSA information.

So badly staged. I am embarrassed for the morons who put this together. This is what happened to these branches when they failed to recruit people like me. They had to hire the next guys down the list ... actually, they probably hired the guys a couple hundred names down from the top of the list, which was almost certainly me. I guarantee you they had only a handful of 4-sigmas on that list, I was one of them and I wanted nothing to do with them. The problem with recruiting for evil is that people bright enough to be good minions might be bright enough to realize they don't want to serve evil causes. This is how they end up with clowns like Anderson Cooper. They have to staff from the list of also-rans and honorable mentions.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Agenda 21 - Depopulating The Countryside, Forcing The People Into Metropolitan Camps

It is what is happening right now in America. They are well on their way to making it illegal to live outside the city walls. When you control the money supply you just flip a few switches and you can control millions of human beings and their futures.

Once in the cities they've got you right where they want you. They can shut down the food distribution system in a minute and anybody who resists starves to death. This has all happened before. It was called Bolshevism.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Don't Believe What You Read On The Internet and Suspect Half The Crap You Read on Vault-Co

Apply your critical reasoning to everything. 

Billions are being spent on these armies of lurkers and cointelpro agents. Especially suspect the comments sections of anything on the internet on any issue that seems like it might accidentally reveal a little truth.

The internet is not the place you think it is or what it pretends to be. For every little rambling blog run by some halfwit like myself there are ten thousand sites with an agenda. Most of the spoofers on the internet are not concerned about what is good for you. They are paid to promote the interests of others.

If you'll think about it you will see this is an act of desperation. It's not a good sign for the NWO they have to pay half the planet to post gibberish to the internet each day. That's a losing strategy that cannot possibly win long term.

P.S. Wikipedia admits it works intensively with this group of people to edit all their content and suppress all edits by anybody else. They admitted it and said they were proud of it and anybody who doesn't like it shouldn't read Wikipedia. This extends so broadly you could not possibly imagine ... for example, to articles on K&R theory in anthropology. Google has admitted they communicate with Wikipedia and share strategies with them in the same way. There's a reason you cannot find "Vault-Co" on the larger search engines and the first entry that is always at the top of the list is the RationalWiki entry ridiculing both myself and this site for about ten years. That will be the first thing you see, it never changes. This is a lot of trouble to go to for a deranged crackpot who isn't lucid or making any sense according to these guys. A lot of trouble. Google seems to continuously edit their results to always keep me off it. Mind you, I never cared much but it tells you that the internet is not quite the free and open society you have been told it is.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Pesticides Far More Toxic To Human Biology Than Previously Thought

European Union rushes to suppress research showing their mandated pesticides are slow-kill genocidal death-dealing compounds.

Causes brain and testicle cells to shrink. Damages cell wall linings. Interferes with intracellular communications (precursor to cancers) and damages cell reproduction.

They will try to bury this one which shows you what their real agenda has been all along.

Do you remember in the original BATMAN (1989) with Michael Keaton how he discovered that it was not any one compound that was killing the public seemingly randomly but combinations of them inserted into their cosmetics by the Joker? Ritualistic programming. Revelation of the method.

Of course, since all food is made from foods grown with this stuff, it finds it's way onto all our tables, guaranteed.

Clean them out first before they are exterminated so they leave nothing behind to their children that could increase the survival advantages of their offspring. Encouraging liquification of all sheeple corpses so no land space is taken up by graves unnecessary for beasts shaped like men. Virtue signal even after death with an environmentally friendly green contribution to fertilizer!

Pyramid Laborers Were Paid Unionists And Volunteers, No Slaves Worked On Them

All evidence indicates that there were no Israelite slaves working on the pyramids. Rather, the detailed records indicate the opposite. The first mention of Israelites comes many, many centuries later and involves a mention of them coming to purchase slaves. It is difficult to imagine so many records could have been amended to record false data on the exact breakdowns of the crews that worked on the pyramids without any of them mentioning a slave force of any kind. 

The very terms used in Exodus are not accurate for describing the land of Egypt at that time and appears to be an attempt to graft a historical account on the past with indirect information gathered about a far-off land that was very different than described. This historical slander of Egypt has confused historians enormously in trying to find any evidence that the pyramids were worked on by any slaves. It should be pointed out that with so many volunteers coming forward to secure a place in the afterlife it would not have been necessary to compel anybody to work on the pyramids - the Egyptians themselves regarded it as an honor. The Hollywood account of the whips and brutal slave labor simply have no evidence in the real world of any kind.