Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Russia Determined To Build Doomsday Weapons To Counter U.S. In World War III

Russia knows ITZ COMING.


Tried to make it look like a close race between Romney and Santorum. Ron Paul was shut out entirely.

Who wants to bet that Diebold was crediting all Ron Paul votes to Santorum to avoid Paul sweeping in with a landslide at 44% to Romney's 26% ?

Anybody out there dumb enough to think Rick Santorum won anything, much less "by 8 votes" (all night long, every update was that close!) deserves the government they are about to get. Remember, Santorum gave his word he will start World War III. He personally guaranteed it in advance.

The United States is now a third world country that needs independent observers to supervise their elections. The rule of law has failed.

The Entire Iraq War In 17 Minutes

Here's the truth.

It was just Dr. Strangelove black comedy horrorshow from start to finish.

It was using high tech weaponry to come in from the sky and grind a civilian population to hamburger without cause or justification.

It was over 800,000 non-combatants, people like you and those you meet every day, going about their business and suddenly being killed by a bunch of very sick people pretending they were fighting a war and acting like soldiers and doing horrible, terrible things to ordinary human beings.

It exceeded the imagination of Stanley Kubrick and it left in it's wake an America that no longer deserves to exist.

Modern Science Is A Joke

Increasingly I feel as if I live in a madhouse. I'm not being sarcastic.

In any given week, people's appraisal of the Neanderthals ability level depends on what was published the week prior. They have a selective memory that apparently changes from hour to hour.

All through the 1960's the remarkable kilns and furnaces discovered in Neanderthal camps were all the rage amongst anthropologists. They became politically incorrect and were stricken from memory. The new meme said that Neanderthals didn't even know how to make fire or transport it and in fact survived the entire 400,000 years of the ferocious ice age in Europe without fire. This is such lunacy it boggles the mind that a person could say this with a straight face. They kept this up for about 20 years and the evidence demonstrating otherwise conveniently vanished out of the textbooks.

When I was selling books in New York city in the late 1980's, I always set aside any textbooks I found in estates that appeared to be published before 1969. I would put them into a private box of my own marked for me to read. I never put them up for sale because I knew they were too valuable reflecting the period before political correctness took over the universities.

Last year scienmajists announced the opposite like it was a big revelation, apparently completely unacquainted with any anthropology older than the past 12 months.

Seriously, how easy is it to get a degree in anything nowadays? Standards have dropped to the point where the college degree like the U.S. Dollar isn't worth the paper it is printed on.

Simon Black Explains It In Terms Simple Enough For A Child To Understand

It takes a really bright man to write this succinctly and to the point. You should read this article if you want to understand what is happening right now in the world and what will happen in the year ahead.

Excellent followup on the same site by Paul Craig Roberts.

The classic pattern for these situations is always like 2008-2010 ... the dumb majority believe the reigning government when they are told that this situation is transient and a minor hitch on the way to the globalist utopia. Shortly after this, even the thickest ones begin to realize this is the prelude to something really bad that is coming. They may not be smart enough to know what this is but slow as they are their natural animal instincts overcome their compulsive gullibility. The worst dullards know that there is a terrible shadow on the horizon. At this point it is obvious.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bizarre 11th Hour Attempt By Media To Bolster Up Complete Zero Non-Candidate Against Ron Paul

NAKED VOTE FRAUD : "BALLOT COUNTING HELD IN SECRET LOCATION" (Pardon, what sort of government do these people think a "democracy" is? Vote counting is done in public, not in a secluded clandestine location!!!

Notice how all updated counts always feature Santorum with less than 15 votes difference ahead of Romney! Why, it's almost like a Hollywood movie! How convenient that each time 1000 people vote for Romney, 1008 vote for Santorum!! Santorum, barely mentioned until YESTERDAY as noted here!!!

At the same time, suddenly Murdoch emerges from the shadows urging sheeple to consider Santorum as a candidate ...

UPDATE : Wolf Blitzer at CNN orders soldier's feed cut in mid-sentence during his endorsement of Ron Paul just as he is referring to Israel. Try to avoid viewing CNN in the future, even accidentally. Better yet, get your cable provider to block all these colonial occupational network news shows, I'm looking into it now. We may be watching the biggest electoral fraud in American History if they fake the results for Santorum using Diebold.

Wait, we're not done yet. Suddenly a few hours before voting begins, a flood of media stories portraying the formerly ignored Santorum as a candidate potent enough to stage a sudden upset. Holy Cow, are these people talking about Rick Santorum, an election ghost who fell off the polling radar months ago?!? The same Rick Santorum widely regarded as the second most corrupt member of Congress currently thieving from the American people?!? Rick Santorum, the biggest neocon towelboy Israeli-Firster Shabbas Goy in office?!?!? You gotta be kidding.

I'm allowing my spidey-sense to function here ... I am getting a picture here ... it's fear. This is a good thing. If the sons of the devil wait until the last minute and flail about madly trying to gin up some support for a complete unknown, that tells you they are on the defensive and this is a good thing indeed. Normally as smug as the Grinch who stole democracy, this tells you they are genuinely afraid of Ron Paul. Quoting Arnie from PREDATOR, if it bleeds, that means we can kill it. It is good to see that this monster can bleed.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Innsmouth Horror Comes to Planet Earth

The Horror.

Jon Stewart On The Blind Spot

This is an old piece but it is more relevant now than ever.

At some point, if people in the 'Stain want to demonstrate any sanity of any kind, they just have to flat boycott the media. Start the revolution by refusing to watch any news broadcast by these shills for any reason.

I have turned on Fox News in the past for the noise to see what the criminals are planning next. I am resolving as of right now that I will no longer change my cable channel to Fox News for any reason whatsoever. Do yourself a favor and make the same pledge. Even if they are successful, let's not have it on our conscience we funded any more of this crap. This is foreign occupational government news and it needs to be leeched of attention until it wanes and perishes. As the Simpson jingle goes, "Just Don't Look!"

Robert Bast With Some Straight Information On the Popul Vuh and the Aztec Sun Wheel

I've been shocked at the laziness of the mainstream media myself. You just read rehashes of rehashes. None of these shiftless bastards does any real research into the subject, they just hit Google and end up regurgitating the same crap. I have encountered this phenomena for so many subjects - self referential sophistry where all the people involved are simply quoting other people as authorities when in fact those people are themselves just leveraging other source material.