Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Recovery Proceeds Apace

Yes, it's a recovery. I can't even be bothered to explain to people any more why you need jobs, a civilization, a citizenry and an actual nation to have a recovery. America has none of those things.

Kwanzanians, in case you have not figured it out yet, you got swindled big town style, forever.

Poor Kwannies are standing around in their underwear in the middle of smoking ruins wondering if the globalist paradise is here yet or not. Is it coming soon? You know, like the people on the televitz promised.

Where the 'Kwa is going, it won't be coming back from.

U.S. Congressmen Hand-Deliver Seeds To Doomsday Vault In Norway

Paying attention yet? Can't strip your eyes away from Lindsay Lohan to concentrate on other news?

Think hard about this Vault. Think about the expense, resources, manpower and organization that has been dropped on it through a collective effort of all the nations on earth in an apparent frenzy to complete this Vault as soon as possible.

Think hard about the implications.

It could not have been kept a secret because it was an international effort, conducted in a place that would have been open to survey and observation.

It was necessary to build it in plain site with some vague, ambiguous cover story about "global warmthinkery" etc. etc. yada yada yada.

What was the real reason it was so important to construct this thing, expense be damned, before the coming final solar maximum exactly 11,500 years after the last radioactive black mat was laid down worldwide mixed with nanodiamonds that apparently fell from thin air at the time? A black mat that coincided with the great extinction of mammals worldwide on every continent? A black mat that coincided with the extinction of entire races of humans including the Clovis people? A black mat that apparently coincided with the formation of the Carolina Bays and the Florida Everglades? A black mat in which all the animals found dead beneath it have tiny pure balls of carbon that were apparently fired so deeply into their bone marrow they would have been traveling at hypersonic speeds?

Think about that.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Something's getting ready to happen.



What does BP have planned?

Something. I'm not sure what. I don't have ESP. I just have good instincts.

Something is coming.

The marines have a plan.

I'm not sure what exactly. I can feel something in my bones. Like a dog whistle that only Tex Arcane can hear.

Something is getting ready to happen.

Feel it? It's coming. Something. Shut down that chattering ape in your head and listen for it. It's very faint. You have be very quiet to hear it. Something.


I had a really powerful dream last night after posting this strange blog above. It woke me up it was so frightening. Probably I was just rehashing subconscious fears, sure.

I dreamed the third world war started and it was really, really bad. It turned out most of my worst fears about the use of dirty weapons and the advanced tech they had been concealing were all true. In my dream, the Red Chinese dropped nuclear cluster bombs on the Gold Coast with neutron bursts to clean out the barbarian Han without destroying their real estate holdings. I went up on the mountain and looked out and could see the Gold Coast was partial ruins but completely desolate, without so much as a bird being heard.

The dream scared me because it exceeded anything I had predicted and I guessed that the rest of the world had suffered much, much worse ... with worse on the way.

Vault-Co Told You This A Long, Long Time Ago

All the egyptians were european caucasians. Didn't you know that?

Your "history," used to be my "history," too. Until I found out it was all bunkum and the real story was the exact opposite.

They got one thing right, though. The last pharoahs were blacks. They were also the last pharoahs. Not long after they came to power, Egypt collapsed into absolute ruin.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Here's the interesting part.

How long have these cycles been going on for? What do you have the nerve to speculate?

Hundreds of years? Thousands of years? Millions of years? Trillions of years?

The media is so corrupt they managed to change a scientific discovery today into it's complete opposite by the time it went to press. The Earth is much, much older than previously assumed by edjumfacated types. Much older. Our current geological configuration took 100 million years to form, not thirty million. That pushes most theories of tectonic chronology into the rubbish bin. Note how nobody ever suggests that maybe the tectonic cooling they are talking about was only one in a long series of such events which has happened over and over again. Same planet - different stage.

World Empire Of Sodomites

Whether you realize it or not, these people are laughing at you all the time. They are laughing at how stupid the sheeple are and how easily they can be made to think anything, no matter how ridiculous. They are laughing at you. The poor sheeple think they know what these people are up to but they have no idea. They simply lack the imagination to comprehend what is happening to them. They will never be able to understand real beast cunning.

They pretend to be like you for the same reason wolves creep up on herds on their paws in a crouch. They want to get close enough to make the kill without spooking the sheep into running.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Planet Buster Waiting Underneath Deepwater?

Read the article. The temperature of the oil is now hot enough to melt methane hydrates locked up in ice at that depth.

Whatever happens it is going to be much, much worse when it climaxes than it is now. Even released slowly, the Southeast is going to be poisoned to such a degree that it may become completely uninhabitable.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Smurf Cannibal Hell Approaches

I did a bulk buy today and topped off a lot of long-term staples : peanut butter, salmon, sardines, crackers, self-raising flour, instant mash.

I was amazed at how far prices have gone up in the past six months alone. It was staggering. Luckily there are a lot of these bulk foods still produced right here on Australian soil so the price remains reasonable. I can only imagine what they might have climbed to elsewhere. For example, sugar keeps a comfortable surplus in Australia because of the huge production from Bundaberg.

Something important to grasp about the coming famine is that governments never come out and admit there is a problem until it is so obvious it can no longer be ignored. It's the same for the economy. Nobody wants to be blamed for setting off a psychological panic and later get branded as the guy who started the great depression ... or a run on the banks ... or a panic of food hoarding. Instead, you just get a lot of nervous looks and sweaty brows and then they offer you a story about Lindsay Lohan's sentencing in court. Anything to avoid talking about the real world. Nobody wants to be remembered as the guy who tossed the cigarette butt into the dynamite dump and got blamed for the inevitable explosion that followed, so they just keep smoking and pretending to talk about other topics.

It's the same when they ask Alan Greenspan about the economy he helped destroy or Al Gore about the coming Ice Age. They are going to mumble under their breaths and dodge the issue altogether.

Meanwhile .... food is climbing in price by the month, week in and week out. Sooner or later, it is going to get so ludicrous that somebody will have to admit we've got what looks like a real shortage on our hands. That's not supposed to happen in Smurf World, the globalist utopia. Unfortunately, we don't live in that world.

Friday, July 9, 2010

We Are Not Governed

We are ruled. By psychopaths and sociopaths. We do not choose these leaders. They are not the men and women we would have represent us. We have nothing in common with them and they have nothing in common with us. Their ways are not our ways. They are not like us, no more than if they really were David Icke's space aliens. They are just as different from us, as remote as if they were other than human.

The psychopath snickers at what he thinks would amuse us, as well. They are monsters, they are born that way and they can never do anything but seduce us to give away our human dignity and sacrifice everything we have worth fighting for.

It's never fun to shoot people. It's also never fun to eat them or see them drawn and quartered by horses. These people appeal to the damaged aspect inside every man that represents the madness we tried to escape with Republics. They are anti-humans and they are our rulers.

Katla - 14 Quakes In 48 Hours

Looks like she is getting ready to blow sooner than later.

Since many meteorologists were already forecasting apocalyptic snowball Earth scenarios for the coming winter in the northern hemisphere, you can imagine what a supervolcano eruption would do to the planet right now.
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