Monday, January 18, 2016

The Utterly Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse

There is already too much unconsciousness in the world. Into such a sleep what dreams may come? What horrors rush in to fill the shadows we are seeing that used to be the in-dwelling places of the soul? Nature abhors a vacuum and most of the population is nearly there now.

As sure as death and taxes, one way or another we will have the zombie apocalypse. The flavour like Baskin Robbins is no matter. We may have it from hunger. We may have it from disease. Or we might just have it because once you strip enough humanity away from humans they aren't human any longer. I agree with the author. It is written in the stars that this will happen. Where will you be when it happens? On the road like the sheriff and his merry band living from hand to mouth? Or 12 feet underground playing parcheesi in a properly constructed and livable, hospitable long term vault? A day is coming when the question will no longer be theoretical.

Friday, January 15, 2016

PicoTCP For DOS Released

TCP Stack with very small memory footprint for 16 bit DOS

Have not had a chance to look at it yet, apparently it is supposed to be smaller than Michael Brutman's amazing network code.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Manjaro Linux

I normally would not promote one version of Linux over another because there are so many varieties but after trying this distribution I gotta tell ya it is smooth ... fast ... quick loading ... and a darn good replacement for Windows 7 or XP if you're resisting the Orwellian Windows 10 Borg autobots popping up their intimidating windows on your machine despite never approving that kind of advertisement taking over your PC with your last Microsoft "Update." (Virus Installer)

Try the SSD installation procedure if you want to see an 8 second boot with another partition on the same card. I tried to scratch my nose before the screen appeared but it brought up the desktop before I could finish.

THE ITZ DIET! Finally a diet that really works! ITZ COMING!

It leverages time tested principles to guarantee you shed those excess pounds - FAST!

Proven solution to unwanted weight gain tested in third world countries and demonstrated to help you lose that flab at an unprecedented rate!

"I've tried all the popular diets and none of them really worked for me!
 This one will keep that weight off after you have lost it - guaranteed!"
This is the life-changing diet that Amerikwans have been waiting for!
P.S. Every single famine in history during the last 500 years has been deliberately engineered by governments. Without governments, the human race was capable of providing ample amounts of cheap, healthy, plentiful natural food over a half a millennium ago based purely on advances in agriculture and animal husbandry without any resort to GMOs, pesticides or large scale corporate farming. The reason there are famines coming is because (as always) the government has seen to it. For example, if they taught you about the "Irish Potato Famine," did they explain to you why the Irish only had potatoes left as a crop? Did they explain what state the Irish people were in right before the "famine" happened? No, chances are they didn't teach you these things. There is a reason they didn't teach you these things. When things get bad, the government will make sure you won't be able to learn about this and many other things.

Australia Builds Naval Ships For U.S. Military That Are Not Optimised For Water Operation

Give us a couple billion more and we will fix that thingamajig, say Aussies.

Normally R&D testing brings out bugs like this in ships before they are mass produced.

"R&D Whatchamasay now?" - Australian

Testing is extra. You Yanks said you wanted boats. Nobody said anything about them being seaworthy. That's just like a Yank to try to sneak in extra features without paying for them.

I took her out fer a spin meself before delivery, yah stupid Yanks. She wez perfectly fine I donnow whatcha talking' bout. Yer bein' too ruff wittit. That bow was fine before she left and you started hittin' a bunch of waves wittit. You dun broke it yah stoopid Yank.

P.S. Notice it's an Australia company which doesn't build these ships in Australia, despite an abundant supply of idle shipyards and men hungry for work. Instead they build them in Alabama providing jobs and helping the economy there. Australia they put on their stationary but they don't actually employ anybody in a 3000 mile wide nation with prolific infrastructure rusting away designed for exactly this kind of manufacturing.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Deconstructing The Military and the Martial Virtues

When Bolshevists seize power

The Romans found out they were living in a complete fantasy world when they went into the Teutoberger forest. Eyewitness accounts say the Teutonics piled their bodies six stories high and left them to rot for the buzzards.

I correspond with some old military buddies now and then. There is not a doubt in my mind that in the first conflict with a real enemy the U.S. is going to get absolutely creamed. I see radioactive wastes a hundred miles wide with the bodies of soldiers in Europe and elsewhere six stories deep this time around. The next war will come as much a shock as the last one was to those who have failed to innovate or improve their strategic outlook.

When feminists, butch girls and metrosexual soldiers encounter Spetznatz and Red Chinese assault troops they are going to discover that playing Call of Duty had not prepared them to fight a real war in the least. Not the tiniest bit. I think of the French on horseback with feathered hats riding into the German machine gun trench gauntlets while bored Huns turned them into hamburger by just squeezing a trigger. This went on for days before French officers suspected anything might be amiss in their battle strategy. Kwanstainia talks a good game and certainly had the original lead in tech but I think all of that has changed now. My ancestors made it look so easy to stay on top they just took it for granted that it would just stay that way. They make scienmagistical sounds and squint but when they open their eyes nothing good has made itself and they are still gearing up to fight World War Two. Unfortunately this is World War Three.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Yellowstone - The "Nuke" Extinction Event That Leaves The Planet A Crater

It is long overdue to blow and is getting more active by the hour.

The Russians were threatening to open the caldera with specially targeted nuclear strikes.

If you think about what has been happening in the real world the past 15 years or so, it is more bizarre than Stanley Kubrick's DR. STRANGELOVE. The funny thing is ... we were talking about that world before it happened. In fact, the wheels were already in motion when the first edition of TEXAS ARCANE'S SURVIVAL REPORT went up on the web back in 1998. We breathed out the ideas and the next thing you know, they were on the front page of the newspaper ... leaving poor Tex feeling like George Orr in Ursula K. Leguin's THE LATHE OF HEAVEN. We slept, we dreamed ... in the morning when we awoke the world was like this. It is no wonder the Neanderthals were a dream culture focused on the internal world as much as the external, given to reverie and long deep contemplation of images by torchlight. They knew that the work of the subconscious always precedes the conscious realization of new information. Once appreciated it can save many lives where rational thought is much inadequate. Visions and portents mean something because the mind is using them to try to focus your attention on things your conscious mind is missing.

General Jack Ripper was a man far ahead of his time who foresaw the
world that was coming and the evil that was at work and decided
 to take action against it when the initiative was his.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Weapon Systems of the Third World War

Doomsday delivered under the sea.

I've been wondering for months if all the saltwater displaced by the explosion of one of these warheads might lead to radioactive rains that annihilate anybody aboveground and this article seems to confirm it. This is a serious 1965 Sunday Supplement style future weapon to be certain. America has forced innovation in this field with their actions worldwide and the Russians appear to be getting really serious about the Klausewitzian nature of nuclear war. It's no-holds-barred, winner-takes-all. The Kwanstainians don't know it now but their own government isn't even on the field yet with a strategy of their own. The plans they do have are all about survival of the government, not the population. That means they have already ceded this conflict to the enemy. If you cannot protect your population you have forfeited the war in advance by default.

Catch that bit about the "cobalt shell?" Nobody likes an I-told-you-so but Vault-Co has been talking about cobalt salts for 15 years. They tell the public a bunch of fairy tales about cobalt not being effectively dispersed and thus posing no threat. To listen to Americans, you wouldn't think there is any aspect of all-out nuclear war that needs to be worried about. This is preamble to an extinction.

In the late 80's I read about possible experiments in the desert with small cobalt payloads. The results were so terrifying that apparently people working on the project killed themselves from sheer despair. This ain't no suitcase shelter in the basement we are talking about with a two week stay. An atomic war with cobalt really separates the men from the boys in surviving armageddon. If you have two feet of dirt for overhead cover or six inches of sandbags you could be in trouble with 100,000 rads an hour topside for months. You need a real vault for these events.

New Landspeed Record Set For Corporate Wrecking

Apple scaling back production of IPhones

Please, CEO of Apple, tell us some more about your gay marriage. That is so relevant to the billion dollar industry you were managing, we all need to know more about that.

Nothing worse than leftist parasites taking victory laps for other people's work. This guy was so sure of himself given Apple's profitability at the time he thought nothing he did could spoil the dream. Not as easy as Steven Jobs made it look, is it? The dude must have been taking counsel with Steve Ballmer. Ruined Apple in a matter of weeks.

I love my Mac. Wouldn't trade it for anything out there. Terrible to see technology so critical to the advancement of the industry falling into the hands of such nincompoops.