Saturday, June 6, 2015

Soros Claims Visions of ITZ

When we say it, we're nuts. George Soros should know, since he is instrumental in starting almost all of them.

Melonhead spends entire life destabilising governments to trigger resulting wars -> then despairs of man's warlike nature and his inability to just get along. I don't know how guys like Soros look at themselves in the mirror without bursting out loud laughing at their own bullish*t.

Matt Barber On Early Demolition Preparations For Gomorrah II

Matt Barber will not be widely read, quoted or believed because his words are too rational.

Anything that makes sense nowadays is not welcome in the public sphere. If you are trying to chop off one of your own body parts, be it a leg or something a little dearer, you will find a wide appreciation and no doubt be described as "an hero."

This guy was the greatest "an hero" of them all!

This dude was such a badass he managed to get access to Hitler's inner circle and then kill Adolph Hitler! Where so many others failed, he found the courage to succeed like Caitlyn Jenner.

Veterans Offered To "Buy Back" 2nd Amendment Rights By Surrendering Benefits and Pensions

I couldn't make stuff like this up.

Historically, revolts are always led by veterans who are not scared of the government as much as they are of them. The U.S. government knows this. It also knows it is weak, evil and worthless. Therefore they spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to take arms away from veterans.

To Pass Your Children Through To Moloch

Things like this are the reason my blood boils when people mention doctors. They might as well be commending the merits of Jeffrey Dahmer or Charles Manson to me for treating human beings. They "treat" them alright. The people they can't "treat" end up like the Amish - healthy, wealthy and wise.

They're idiots. Dangerous, cocky, self-assured idiots. Nothing is worse than unhealthy self-esteem. It fuels people with the confidence needed not just to screw up their own lives but billions of other lives as well.

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Smithsonian Has Become A Vault Of Secrets

Read this article carefully and you'll see the key piece of evidence was sent to the Smithsonian - and then promptly vanished, never to be photographed or displayed ever again.

That copper coin with two human figures would be the deal breaker ... so they packed it up and put it away where it will never be found. Along with all the forbidden discoveries they are recorded in the history books as receiving from all over North America for 200 years.

I'm sorry if this might be testing your suspension of disbelief so I will describe the exact mechanism of how they were able to stash the bulk of it away forever after the death of John F. Kennedy.

After Kennedy was assassinated, the civil defense program he had funded and set into motion was immediately disbanded. That funding was steered into programs to provide for continuity of government and a popular movement in the sixties to "preserve cultural treasures" after nuclear war. The whole program got twisted around and actually turned into funding for sealed underground tombs where the majority of the most important secret archaeological finds the Smithsonian was sitting on top of were sequestered behind concrete. There are supposedly only a half dozen people left alive in Washington who even know where the entrances are and how to open them - some of them are apparently built clandestinely beneath Washington landmarks.

Here is what I think is the motivation behind all of this skullduggery.

They don't want Americans to see a copper coin dated at 30,000 years B.C. which has a pyramid with an eye at the top of it identical to the one on the dollar bill they use every day. 'Nuff said. As dumb as people are, if they saw all the evidence even the slowest person amongst them would realize that the history they have been taught is all bunkum. Just as scripture told them, the ancient world was ruled by a race of giants with red hair, six fingers, two rows of teeth and melonheads. They ran a worldwide seafaring empire that enforced a common language for at least 12,000 years all over the planet and seemed to be invulnerable until something happened that ended up in mythology as the "Destruction of Atlantis." We may never know what really happened but all these ruling families ended up scattered across the planet and have been butthurt over it ever since. They've been trying to organize their great Tower of Babel again for tens of thousands of years and lately they have been achieving stunning success in working towards this goal. The last thing they need right now is common people viewing their ancestor's bones on a slab or in a glass cabinet and wondering just what in the hell is really going on down here.

I am certain that if these vaults were ever opened we'd find a lot more stuff in them than just surplus from the Smithsonian. We'd probably find all the long skulls from the Island of Malta.

Remember, Neanderthals were here long, long before all of these idiots and we will be here long after they are gone. Their precious worldwide globalist empire and all their kingdoms are just a little jot of time during a little summer breeze called the Holocene. What all of these races have in common, including their slaves, is they are all just dilettantes and flash-in-the-pan try-hards. Neanderthals have slept or dozed during epochs that exceeded all their reign on the planet for the last 40,000 years. We are men and women who are natural features here and the Creator gave us dominion over the earth, his favorites, the Adam, the "man who shows blood in the face." If there were ever a way to describe the Neanderthal it would be the man who shows blood in the face. My buddies in the Army used to say, technically, I wasn't a white man. I was pink. From the mouths of babes.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Terminal Madness of the End Times : Entry #991991919

People, please, I just link to this stuff.

Just imagine me as a dispassionate floating observer like THE WATCHER in Marvel Comic Books. I am only here to observe. I couldn't make this stuff up, I just post it on my little blog. Sometimes we can punish the messenger but he is only a slack-jawed village idiot cutting and pasting a URL. I did not write this article and I am not behind the "transabled" (!?!?!?!?!?) movement. I am merely here to observe and relay.

All governments in the final phases of a decline become the biggest oppressor of their own citizens.

P.S. I have spent hours throwing a concrete block into the air and letting it strike me in the head on the way down in the hopes of becoming severely retarded because I heard retarded men get a lot more action than Aspies. After I went through a couple pallets I finally gave up. No one around me has noted any significant change in my behaviour except somebody said I actually seem more alert now than before.

P.P.S. I am trying to get Entertainment Tonight interested in a reality television series where the crew just follows me around as I seek to drop heavier and heavier objects on my own skull in my quest to become severely retarded. The series climax episode will have me dropping an oil tanker from the top of the Empire State Building grill first while I wait on the sidewalk on an "X" far below. It will be bigger ratings than the end of THE WALKING DEAD season with hundreds of millions of people tuning in to see how retarded I will be after the oil tanker hits me in the head.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Terminal Madness of the End Times : Entry #49839821093

Itz about improvamentation.

Improvamenting proves that improvamentation works. Improvament yourself using edjamafacashun and scienmagistics.

I was thinking about something last night.

How come it is the tenth generation that goes insane?

Why don't civilisations last 3 generations or 75 generations or 267 generations before they all go crazy?

Ten is the number of fingers and toes that humans have. Neanderthals technically have 8 toes and two talons on their feet but that's just nitpicking.

Why is the lifespan of civilisations set exactly to the number of digits on the human hands?

Any more, they'd lose count. Any fewer they would be wasting a couple of fingers.

I just see a melonhead standing over the cloning vat asking his boss, "So what's the time lock for the self-destruct switch set to?" His boss looking over the specification … "It looks like they forgot to write that down in here. We might have to fudge it. What's a good number?" The melonhead tech thinks about it for a moment. "Why not ten generations? They have ten fingers to count each one of them off." His boss nods "Works for me. That's a nice figure. So set their time locks to 200 year intervals, ten generations before they go totally insane and destroy their own societies. I will tell the big boys upstairs if they ask and I think they will agree that's a suitable figure. Any longer and they may do some damage or even escape the planet. Ten is a great number, it suits them. They can only get up to so much trouble in ten generations before they render themselves harmless again."

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fifteen Years Of Groping Grandma Paid Off

In spades.

They hate us for our freedom. Therefore, the only way we can protect our freedoms is to take them all away. We can only continue to enjoy our lives if we crush every opportunity for joy and dignity wherever it presents itself. We are envied for our democracy so when we live in a dictatorship that employs convicted pedophiles at airports to strip search toddlers we will appreciate what we lost in order to become "safe." Everything. Turns out, we were never safer in the least even after all of that.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Vault-Co Nailed It Before Anyone

Started up with this stuff in 2002 almost 14 years ago.

Sounded so crazy back then. So nuts. I wrote about it anyway, just recording my gut instincts on where the technology was going. I got email from people saying they didn't visit the site any longer because they realised I was just a run-of-the-mill madman obsessed with the apocalyptic Terminator movies. They weren't really reading what I wrote.

Imagine what a single madman could do with armies of these robots. Rule the world with a joystick.

They will always announce a series of strict regulations making certain that doesn't happen. It will happen a week later and they will blame human error. That's the problem. Humans make mistakes. Machines don't. Once set in motion, they do the same thing until shut down.

How did I know they would aim for autonomy? The fact is that humans are extraordinarily lazy. After a while, sitting there controlling one of these robots becomes tedious. Such a natural progression to cut 'em loose. It's so easy for the robots to spot viable targets. Giving off body heat in the wrong quadrant. What happens when every quadrant on the planet is marked as the "wrong" quadrant?