Sunday, April 30, 2017

KFOR CONELRAD Signal Lost. Only Our Transmitter Remains.

KFOR Falls To Enemy Occupation Forces, Station Goes Dark

It's just Texas Arcane left now.

I was interviewed in 1975 by KFOR radio in Lincoln, Nebraska as the sole graduate of the last round of civil defense education at City Hall. Out of a class of more than 20 students, only four remained at the end of the term. Out of the four set to graduate and be certified, I alone showed up on the Saturday to receive my diploma and be inducted into the civil defense corps, which would formally cease to exist as a funded institution by the end of the year. I had come every week on Thursday riding the bus into Lincoln and quickly distinguished myself as the best student in the class by a very wide margin. I started to call myself "Texas Arcane" because the CDV-715 had a sticker on the back announcing it had been manufactured in "Texarkana, Texas." The radio jockey at KFOR asked me, "So Cleve, we hear you are a very bright young man. Apparently you have an entire portfolio of sketches of civil defense equipment you have designed. When are you planning to release some of your ideas?" I told him on the air, "Since I am the last civil defense officer in the Kennedy program, I plan when I report for duty to bring some really impressive new advances to the corps." That was 42 years ago. Still working on my premier product.

North Korea Couldn't Operate a Port-A-Potty Without Instructions

Fail and more fail. This is the great dragon that is going to start WW3. These clowns could not organise a bowel movement.

If all the world has to worry about is North Korea they have no worries. They sure don't have a crisis on their hands. North Korea - like all communist/socialist countries - is a failure.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Looking But Not Seeing. Hearing But Not Understanding.

You see these people every day. They loaned you the money to buy a house and they are the ones you mail your income to each month just to pay the interest on your credit cards. They print your money on paper and take your tax revenues.

My theory about the melonheads is not far out conjecture. It's seeing what is right in front of your eyes. They have not gone anywhere. I can turn on my television and see them instantly lecturing and telling everyone what to think and what they are permitted to think about.

They were the rulers in Atlantis. Their families have ruled the planet for untold millennia. They were at Malta. They are the pharaonic class and I don't just mean in Egypt. They are the ones who hold the sceptres and sit on the thrones. The Sumerians had specific codes of behaviour telling you not to meet their gaze, to stand aside when you see them or their wives approaching on the street and that if one of them decided to kill you, he would be required to pay a small sum to your relatives for their loss. They do not answer to you. They barely answer to one another. They are lawless but they impose the law on others. They judge you. You do not judge them.

Nothing unusual about this guy. Been telling us what to
think on any subject for 25 years. It's all good. No need to panic.
Most importantly, they are not aliens. They are men like you but with bigger brains and cruel character. Once they towered over you in height but recently they have had to come down in stature so they can pass for one of you when they need to in order to avoid rebellions. They are those who wish not to be named. They are them that build pyramids and monoliths and grand structures. They have a secret language, a secret set of hand gestures, a different cosmology and a different view of reality. They are not you. You think they are and that is why you are always their victims.

They think their temporary loss of control over the nations is just an aberration and they have been working for millennia to set things aright again. The cattle back into their barns where they belong.

The slaves in ancient Sumeria must have figured it out at some point ... and when they did, the rulers fled with the clothes on their backs and into the diaspora.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Easy Anthropology For The Beginner

Remember, if they are suspected of being ugly, they are Neanderthals. If they are clearly taller, more muscular and better looking than humans, they are "Denisovans."

If they look like fully modern humans, that rules out them being Neanderthals. Easy rule of thumb to remember ...

Good looking people ≠ Neanderthals. Simple scientamagism. It's a factoid.

Priming The Rubes For The Fake Alien Attack

I've always thought this will be one of their big tricks they've got waiting in the wings.

Originally called "Project Blue Beam" in FOIA documents released in the 90's. A fake alien attack could be used to mobilize the population quickly for an unpopular war. They'd be on the ground in the latest third world country fighting before they realized there were no aliens. You're laughing and you don't know, the government discussed this seriously. A lot of people might suggest they are already doing it with ISIS in the Middle East.

I think if there were ever a serious chance of a lot of them going to jail, suddenly the planet would be under alien attack. The technology exists today to fake a lot of big things in front of people. If done at night you can really make it look like a football field sized UFO is hovering over a city. Scattered reports of them on the ground with some guys running around with rubber masks on, add some air raid sirens and the panic would be apocalyptic worldwide. It wouldn't take much and would be an enormously effective diversion. People would do whatever the government told them to do. You know it's true, I've been in minor events like this and you would not believe how quickly the average person completely loses it. Their critical faculty, barely functioning in the best of times, shuts down completely once they are scared.

"I'm a nationalist and a globalist"

We're done here, take down the campaign posters and throw that MAGA cap in the trash.

Anyhoo, he still isn't Hillary at least. That was fun while it lasted. You know it was one hell of a scam when it even caught people like me up in it. It was a brief distraction with plenty of lulz watching this Manchurian candidate demolish the other globalist puppets who were ringers this time around.

What I want to know is ... how deep can a barrel of rice be before you risk spoilage from the weight of the contents on the rice underneath it? Is the 55 gal. blue a good idea with the rice touching the sides? What about the risk of offgassing toxic plastic fumes into the rice over ten years? Is it better to always pack the rice in sealed mylar bags then put those into the drum?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Glaciation In The Sierras

Thanks to the modern media, the humans are forced to choose between their five senses and natural intuition and what the televitzing device is telling them.

They invariably decide the televitz is telling the truth and the real world is lying to them.

A glacier is nothing but old snow covered by a new snowfall each year before it melts.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Donald Trump Stopped Making Any Sense At All

Content to put out an arrest warrant for Assange.

I just don't think that Donald is real anymore. At all. About anything.

I thought I was too cynical to believe Trump possible. I should have stuck with the cynicism.

Hillary would have been worse. She had a lot planned immediately after she got it. The FEMA boxcars would be packed by this summer.

That civil defense program was wasted on Sweden. Very shortly, they will have no need of it because they will no longer exist. Don't you wish you could get that trillion dollars worth of shelter equipment to use in your own refuge? What a waste of money. The Swedish got overrun while they were sleeping. It's Greater Somali Land now. Maybe the Somalis will find a use for it because clearly the Swedish people didn't care much about it.

Obviously Trump's handlers were engineering his message to be what people desperately needed to hear. As soon as he was in office, it all went right out the window, business as usual.

Don't be demoralized, Vault Dwellers. It's what they want. Keep packing it, you got time to get it together.

Taxpayers get bupkis, the government isn't spending that money on their security.

Right after my game comes out I am getting CD-OS out in open source. It still needs a lot of work but I will have to wait until after I get Grimoire released.

Monday, April 24, 2017


Tenth generation crazy factor is beyond 9000.

Now for Tyrone to have the last word.