Thursday, April 11, 2013

One Million Hits

That's a lot of hits. For any site.

Probably all up two million, one million since we started to record them on blogger.

Two million hits.

Interesting Anomalies

This is a very good roundup on some of the inconsistencies we are taught don't matter

I know I do go on but man I love Charles Fort since I read his biography. I had read fragments of the guy previously and only now have realized he was easily a genius on par with Voltaire or Nietzsche. This man was so far ahead of his time he is difficult to fathom.

Anyway, I noticed that Theodore Dreiser often said of his friend Fort that nearly every single man who dismissed Fort as a crank failed to understand that Fort was the equivalent of any 12 year professor and more in several different subjects, the least of them being the general epistemology of knowledge itself. At the drop of a hat, Fort could quote a half dozen credible sources which had been dismissed by mainstream science in nearly every discipline because they worked their careers the exact opposite of the scientific method ... they only focused attention on results that reinforced their conclusions in advance.

I was just thinking of how many people make fun of my wild notions on animal domestication which they may never discover are actually the result of cutting edge theory which simply has not reached them yet. So often cynics laugh at my conclusions because they are basing their convictions on ideas that were abandoned in the late 1970's. For example, one of the earliest sequencings of the genome for dogs made it patently obvious that they were domesticated over a quarter million years ago. Mainstream science has been telling us that dogs were a Cro-Magnon staple produced in the last 20,000 years. Some scientists were even claiming that Cro-Magnons overcame Neanderthals not because they outnumbered them 10,000 to 1 but because they "domesticated dogs."

Fully modern breeds appear over a 100,000 years ago and dogs split from canids at least 270,000 years ago or more. Dogs and wolves have been separated into two opposing camps for more than a quarter million years and during that time, dogs really have been man's best friend.

Same result for horses. The next time you go to make fun of me as a common garden variety crank, at least do a little research into your convictions to determine if they are current. You would find in many instances you are clinging to ideas that were swept aside decades ago by analysis of genes. I didn't make this stuff up. I read a lot, like Charles Fort. I am pretty certain I would not be bright enough to shine Fort's boots. Dreiser was of the opinion that Fort knocked out most of the non-fiction in the New York Public Library in a little over 12 years under his own steam. Dreiser believed that shortly before he died, Fort had committed to memory most of the scientific literature of the 19th and 20th centuries and had decided that nine-tenths of it was absolute bunkum.

Fort said there were no canals on Mars and many intellectuals in the circle of Marconi and Lowell presented this as proof that Fort was clearly insane. They claimed the canals on Mars were such a well established fact that any layman who would even question their existence should be examined in a mental institution. Fort was right. Everybody else wrong. There were never any canals on Mars, at least none mapped out by Percival Lowell.

Global warming is the modern equivalent of canals on Mars and like Fort, I call bunkum on all of it. Made up out of a piece of whole cloth from the very beginning.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Serious Development In Real Politik

There is a growing consensus amongst the Chinese people that the feeble, declining United States is waging a subterrranean biological war on their population. 

Whether true or false (I think it is true) it is possibly the most important news on the increasingly tense relationship between the two countries.

If this tension moves out of the economic sphere and becomes a discussion of national survival in a naked, Klausewitzian struggle for existence, there will be no diplomatic solutions to a problem like this.

Releasing biological pathogens on your enemy during peacetime is not the sort of thing two diplomatic envoys agree to disagree on ... then shake hands and walk away from the table.

The solution to a problem like that is for both superpowers to fire cobalt-tipped nuclear ICBMs at each other until they have exhausted their supply. The solution is to fire covert "Rods-From-God" in pre-emptive strikes at one another's command centers from orbit, cluster bomb your opponent's civilians with red mercury neutron munitions, spray anthrax and smallpox at each other with drones, explode EMP bombs at high altitudes and wage the kind of all-out warfare that has formerly been the stuff of science fiction from the worst apocalyptic nightmares of writers in the 1950's. The solution to that kind of problem is a raging scorched earth thermonuclear war in which only one country survives. We can safely assume that new weapons will be in use during WWIII which were only rumors before the war began.

Since China is the only nation prepared to fight such a war and is the only nation prepared properly to protect it's citizens in such a war, I gather China will not be the one to back down in this situation. Since America will not back down because they have nothing left to lose with their country falling to pieces internally, it is fair to say nobody will be backing down.

I read stuff like this and I can reach only one conclusion.

I'm going to need a deeper shelter. Designed for a much longer stay.

Monday, April 8, 2013

More Fake Propaganda From CIA-Mossad Asset Julian Assange

He's blown the lid right off the Nixon administration!

Oh, snap! Way to whistleblow, Julian!

Of course, all this stuff is actually available on request under the FOI act. But, you know. Anything to stay in the headlines a little.

I'd seriously like to know how much this guy gets paid. Honestly. Whatever it is, he isn't worth it. More wasting taxpayer money.

The Design Of Sapiens Bipolar Mania

I just woke up from a long, deep sleep. I got up and immediately went on this blog to record an impression I worked out when I was slumbering before it faded. It seemed really important and I thought I had best write it down while it was still fresh in my mind.

There is a built-in failsafe device in Homo Sapiens designed to keep him from ever sustaining a civilization for much longer than 200 years at a time before lapsing back into disorder again.

It is inevitable that as a result of advancing his understanding to build the civilization, Sapiens will begin to realize some fundamental truths about his existence. An example would be discovering he didn't paint the caves at Lascaux or domesticate animals.

These fundamental insights, despite his best efforts, will begin to accumulate of their own accord through simple aggregation. These ideas will then start to form the outlines of his own image. It is nothing like the self-image he carefully cultivates amongst the members of his society. Nothing at all.

The longer his society exists in some stable configuration, the more likely these insights will start to coalesce into a conclusion about who he is, what he is, where he is and what is happening right now.

The ancient myth of the vampire claims that he cannot see his own image in a mirror. It is not that he doesn't appear in mirrors. The myth, before Hollywood got to it ... says he cannot see his image it is so repugnant to him.

When mankind begins to see who and what they really are, they respond by going mad and starting a war. They will wage this war until it has exhausted them. The purpose of these wars and the ensuing destruction is not to achieve any end in itself. Any excuse will do. The good war heralds any cause.

The purpose is to create a violent distraction sufficiently catastrophic that they will forget the image of the thing they just began to glimpse in the mirror.

That's it. Doesn't sound like much but it seemed to be a very powerful conclusion when I awoke.

Amerikwa : Left For Dead

Not a prayer.

Do you know when people will realize that nearly everything that they have been taught to believe about the world in the past fifty years is a lie?

When they even lose what little they have left.

Wonder why we're not covering the "crisis" in Korea? ... because it is a transparent attempt of the U.S. to create a diversion for their crumbling economy. They set all these forces in motion with their joint exercises with South Korea making rushes at the N.K. border. Create a crisis, offer a solution, be confused with leadership.

People would rather starve than think. They'd rather suffer like dogs than think.

In Homo Sapiens, thinking is only a last resort under extreme duress and something they try to forget as soon as the immediate crisis passes.

That's why soon, nearly everybody is going to start thinking for the first time in their lives.

Friday, April 5, 2013


I just finished reading CHARLES FORT : THE MAN WHO INVENTED THE SUPERNATURAL by Jim Steinmeyer.

What an amazing human being. In his own little world, one in which incredibly his preconceptions probably come much closer to reality than all the career rationalists will ever achieve. A dreamer who struggled to envision what the world might look like if one was awake.

In reading his younger years, I knew even before I got through the chapters what they would say about him. I knew because I knew Charles Fort.

Scared of girls and almost incapable of speaking to them. Clever and quick witted and seemingly unable to profit from it when it came to other human beings. A misanthropist who was restrained by a deep conscience in the matter of principles and conduct and how to treat others in such a way as to do them justice in every regard. Possessed of an astonishing strength in his body with the robustness of a bulldog. A way of speaking and writing that made it appear he had not only reinvented English but had improved on it substantially when doing so.

The words on the pages came after I knew what they would say. Strange nosebleeds that came and went with his depression. Of course. A funny discontent that made him stand out from all other children as though he were in the grip of some enchantment.

Should you regret your curse and seek to forget it, I shall cause an issue from your nose to remind you and an outpouring of blood. You (or "your kind") shall have no peace when you sleep or when you are awake ever again.

- The Demon Humbaba, The Curse Upon Enkidu in the Epic of Gilgamesh

The basic insight into the world offered by Charles Fort, similar to that of author Colin Wilson, was that despite the universe being inexplicable, unfathomable and marvelous beyond the dreams of any conceited and blinkered academics ... was that it was fundamentally good. That in spite of all the lies told to us by our authority figures to convince us they had all the answers, the real answers were not something to be feared because the universe was okay and essentially on our side.

The reason this message from 'Thals throughout time is opposed by every level of orthodoxy is that if the universe is fundamentally good it means you don't need them. If a man's private experience of it is something that anybody can discover for themselves it means that you are cutting the primary invisible threads of dependency which their income and social position relies upon in order to keep them the "boss." If the universe is fundamentally hostile and (as they are always telling you) only their institutions can protect you from it, they can build a colossal hierarchy on top of your concession, complete with taxes, tenures and total control over human existence.

In the cave paintings of Lascaux we are looking at a race of people who place a very high premium on the experience of the individual and consider it something worth sharing with others ... but in Sapiens society only the "important people" get to lecture down to the rest of us what it is all about. We know they are important because they have media 24-7 reinforcing how important they are. They use the word "experts" and "scientists" to impress. Upon looking closer, we see they possess traits of neither. Like every 'Thal, Fort was pushing in the other direction and just introducing these ideas into the human mind threatens nearly every single human being who lives with their boots on our necks.

I've read quite a lot lately, most of it unremarkable dreck but this book was something really special. It will give you insights (like reading Colin Wilson) you might not otherwise have. It is a lively description of one of our fellow 'Thals and it may give you insights into your own life you will only chance upon by allowing Charles Fort's madly unconventional mind to work it's magic on you. I only second it to reading Fort himself.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Terminal Madness of the End Times

I'm going to be busy in the coming week so I thought I'd just post a random assortment of links that portray the truth about what is left of Western Civilization. You're welcome to laugh or cry at any of them.

The thing about the modern world is ... as a general rule, it just doesn't make any sense. Worse, if you say out loud what is in your heart, that none of it makes anything like any kind of sense, other people will hate you. A lot. For saying it out loud. The last time this kind of situation prevailed is during the first Bolshevist revolution in Russia. Saying out loud something like "Hey we're all starving, collective farming just doesn't work," could get you lobotomized. So that's why I think it is fitting to call our society what it really is - the rise to power of the second Bolshevist revolution.

On a lot of days ... it just doesn't make any sense, period. I don't care how many people say otherwise, ridicule me or claim I am clearly outnumbered by people who believe it makes sense. I don't care. It is in my heart to say ... a lot of this is what you would expect to prevail in an open air mental asylum. It doesn't make any sense.

Baby shot in face, media doesn't bother to focus much on story at all

Dwarf Porn Double for Gordon Ramsay Found Dead in Badger Den Underground

Penguins reappear in Venice in icebound nightmare with record low temperatures at the same time globowarmthinkers claim the British will all soon be growing palm trees

Record low temperatures in Britain blamed on global warming by world media

Each year, farmers lose more of their animals because the government forbids them to expect cooling

Anybody who talks the way we do at Vault-Co is instantly labeled a madman by the majority

Somebody is using their German submarines to try to start a war between North and South Korea

Leading scientists worry about epidemics caused by epidemic strains they are deliberately manufacturing in their labs with government funding

Massive blaze in a nation's tallest skyscraper fails to cause it to collapse in exactly 20 minutes into it's own footprint like a controlled demolition

Scientists urge people to get more vaccines after admitting current vaccines don't actually work

A man who gave himself unlimited power to kill anyone worldwide at any time without trial or jury including his own citizenry was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize

See what I am saying?

Pretend you're a slack jawed professional village idiot like me and you take everything literally at face value. See how the world looks through my eyes? I don't understand what is going on anymore. No, don't laugh, I'm serious. Somebody explain it all to me the way you would to a 3 year old.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Kwanstainia On Greased Rails To Armageddon

China and Australia Ditch ZOGBux for real money, recognizing this trash paper as unfit for anything but bird cage liner and firestarter.

Yuan crowned as new reserve currency of the planet

Dominoes begin to topple in the 'Stain starting with Stockton, California declaring complete bankruptcy

The Kwa pursues standard policy to try to gin up a new war to divert attention of angry citizens internally

 ... unfortunately forgetting who is really in charge of the world now.

Consequences, Kwa. If you have your own 3000+ mile wide nuclear war survival underground tunnel network and half your country devoted to civil defense structures then you can afford to mess with this dragon, otherwise your candy ass is screwing with the wrong superpower this time around. The leaders in the 'Stain still think they are living in the world of 1975.