Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Communist Dictators Shocked To Discover Communism Doesn't Work

'Kwan leadership is a joke and so is the 'Kwa. The whole country is only recently down out of the trees.

Ben Bernanke needs to have his P.H.D. revoked since his thesis was about how to prevent economic collapses like this one with a communist dictatorship. Surprise. Doesn't work. Anybody with even the most cursory knowledge of the last Great Depression would already know that.

Mankind never learns from it's mistakes. Individuals learn, but mankind as a whole never learns anything from anything.

I'm of the opinion that 95% of modern people are basically faking everything, all the time. They fake understanding and therefore produce fake solutions that would only sound good to somebody else who is also faking it.

Leading Geneticist : We Are In Dysgenics Phase

People who do not understand evolutionary ideas believe there is some kind of "stasis" or "completed" stage they want to adopt as a wooden abstraction.

There is no such thing.

Particularly in high population environments, there is no neutral model. A species is either growing more specialized or less specialized. If someone tells you that eugenics is now so disadvantaged that it is no longer possible, what they are telling you is that species is now in a dysgenic environment ... which is part of the extinction cycle that produces specialization. So even a dysgenic state will return equilibrium to a eugenic selection in time.

Or simply wipe that species out altogether.

Still Pimping That Globalist Crackpipe

It's as if the junkie overdosed and his dealer sneaks into the hospital critical ward after visiting hours and offers him some more when he's on a respirator.

Yes, a little hair of the dog that bit you should just about do it.

Who came up with all this solipsist rubbish, anyway?

I find it a source of neverending astonishment how vigorously mankind will adopt and defend an ideology it barely even understands, sometimes to the brink of destruction.

Bloomberg decides this is a good time to call for global government - whoodathunkit?

Sarkozy backs up his Mossad homeboy 100% on this

Yes, now more than ever, we need more centralized control of the economy and fiat currency. Drink that bitter medicine, you won't get better until you get worse - or die of the cure.

Laws Against Thinking Certain Things

I don't agree with much of Toben. I've read his site and I don't know if I think much of what he says has any merit. He seemed to be a one-trick pony. After you've read a couple of the articles there isn't much more to see after that.

It is absolute lunacy to begin extraditing people for thought crimes.

The world is really losing it's mind. No kidding. I'm not exaggerating. The world is honest-to-god losing it's mind. It's hard to tell catastrophically stupid apart from nuts but I think they went past stupid recently and the only way to explain the resulting chaos is to conclude they are stupid in addition to nuts.

Ted Pike on the absurdity of the situation

Speaking as an "atheist," to let you know I do that better than most of the people you know as well, I would have to say in a secular sense that the single most important intellectual vaccination you can get is Christianity. It will protect you against a whole range of common insanity that spreads through infective memes. The State and it's crazy self-referential themes have no boundaries historically and they don't bounce off the safety bumpers at any point. Their own wandering paradigm of right and wrong is so widely variant from one minute to the next it will never provide you any insurance against the madness of crowds.

Krisschans themselves are often guilty of the same situational ethics as the rest of the asylum

Although in all fairness, it is less a reflection on Christians than the universal standard of stupidity now becoming ubiquitous amongst the populations of the West. Some of the wild descriptions you hear of what their "rights" entail nowadays sound like deleted scenes from "Idiocracy."

The thing about it is that it has crept up so stealthily on the West it's like you just woke up one morning and realized that the majority of the people around you read and write at a third grade level and just are not all there upstairs. If you blinked you would have missed it.

Mainstream Concedes:Mass Extinction Cycle

... then they attempt to link it with human activities and "climate change." (Notice how lately they have stopped calling it "global warming" for fear of being thought ridiculous)

As Vault-Co has been telling you since our first post about this subject in 2002 ... this is some kind of mass extinction cycle beginning right now. We're not sure of all the mechanics involved or exactly how these things are conducted. We do know it is perfectly natural and an innate part of the self-rinsing cycle of life on Earth, all orchestrated by the Sun at the center of our solar system.

We knew about the jellyfish swarms and the anaerobic oceans before almost everybody else once we had heard about the acidification of the oceans. The fossil record shows it always begins in the seas first this way before spreading to the land. We also knew early on that the acidification of the oceans was caused by undersea volcanism and had nothing to do with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Look back over ten years and ask yourself, who has the better batting average? We don't always get it right and we've pitched a few foul balls. Who else have you ever heard on the televitz device who can sink a basket from the other side of the court with nothing but air, months or years in advance?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Consumer Unit Rapture Officially Canceled

The entire Smurf village is being converted into a deep rock fallout shelter and the Rainbow Ponies have been sold off to Thailand to dogfood and glue manufacturing consortiums. The Carebears are caged and being trained to fight each other in death pits.

The globalist utopia was communist bullsh*t and now it's canceled. Ain't gonna happen.

This story will not have a happy ending.

Fighters in your corners.

Fiat Currency Collapse Now Going Worldwide!!

...I T Z...C O M I N G!...

Remember the coming globalist paradise? I do. We were promised an economic utopia. All those "interconnected economies" are now like sailors shipwrecked and chained to one another going overboard. Isn't centralization exactly what was wrong with communism? Isn't "globalism" just a new shiny smear of cheap paint on top of old school failed Marxist doctrines?

UK Indices plunging across the board

Rush on Banks in Iceland

The European Union disintegrates

Europe Will Soon Be The World's Largest Multikult Death Cage

Worst case scenario for credit crisis now a given

Pork Barreling Idiocy Designed To Pull It All Down

How many other nations like the United States will avidly roll over like dogs and surrender their futures to absolute bolshevist dictatorships like that established by Paulson in the hopes that somebody, somehow will solve the "problem?" I predict all of them will.

The derivatives market is now ready to go supernova - the world economy will be vaporized

Fed pouring a river of worthless green paper at the bonfire

Total meltdown!!

Paul Roberts : Commies cause chaos, free markets are blamed for bolshevist crashes

Your host Tex will try to remain at his station sending out bulletins until our topside transmitter is destroyed by flesh-eating mutants before he goes into the vault. I can't promise anything, if it starts to look too hairy I may pull the plug on the spot and beat a strategic retreat.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Acid Seas = CO2 Bubbling From Bottom

This is an excellent IQ test to separate bright from pretend-Oprah-bright.

Read this article. What is really being said here?

The author attempts to drag "global warming" into a purely natural phenomenon.

Is there any connection? Is the article contrived from several facts together with some assertions that are not actual corollaries of what is being said? What in this article is true and what is being assumed without any real connection to what is being talked about?

The article verifies what we have been telling you for ten years on Vault-Co. Carbon dioxide and other gases bubbling up from the ocean floor cause acidification of the oceans.

Where is any evidence of any kind that the oceans can absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, have it sink down to the bottom and then bubble up as a gas? By the same token, where is the evidence for BigFoot, UFOs and the Loch Ness Monster? Is the article really taking two completely separate assertions and trying to draw an inference between them for political reasons?

Isn't that a pretty big lie going on right there? What would be the author's motivation to mislead in that fashion?

The Maunder Minimum Conquers All

Cold shuts down almost every single natural life cycle we have come to expect to be there in the morning when we wake up. It's the interglacial that is weird and unnatural. Grasshoppers are shooting around breeding like crazy and chewing and spitting and leaping and fluttering around in an orgy of sound and fury that signifies nothing in a blaze of heat and light and fertility.

Then the cold returns. It gets quiet enough to hear yourself think again. If you survive.

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