Thursday, January 8, 2009

This Story Cannot End Otherwise

It's the result of a century of stupidity.

The chickens have come home to roost. The cost of stupidity is death. When you protect fools from their folly, all you do is make the entire world pay the fool's price.

There is going to be a global thermonuclear war. Wishing it weren't so cannot change this. It's going to be unrestrained and absolutely vicious without any rules or self-limiting factors of any kind beyond scorched earth.

If you're not working on a Vault or reserving yourself a place in one by now, you do not understand what is happening in the world. You don't understand what is happening around you. You may think that because the majority are as confused as you are that this will afford you some protection in numbers. You are sorely mistaken.

Back To The Dark Ages

The government consists by and large of the worst elements in the entire human population. Such people are drawn to the arbitrary power conferred on people who attain control of government institutions.

Most of the time, the government is a finely woven fishing net that is designed by it's nature to be drawn through the sea of men and catch all the rusty license plates, toilet seats, rotten rubber boots and poisonous sea snakes and leave all the good fish behind.

Once established, the subconscious hunch that they are unredeemed scum causes most government employees to engage in ever more radical seizures of power over their fellow man so as to justify their own jobs, which they sense at some level are not really legitimate. The nagging suspicion in the back of their heads is that they are garbage people who probably could not get real day jobs if their lives depended on it. Even worse, this subliminal impression they have constantly sniping at them is in most cases very accurate. They can't do anything about it. As Milton Friedman once said, it is the awful burden of the knowledge of their own mediocrity that turns them into tyrants as a form of overcompensation.

Sooner or later, people given too much power are utterly corrupted by it and it is exactly the kind of person attracted to government bureaucracy who will be corrupted the worst.

Vault-Co Called It 2003 : Europe=Antarctic North

Imagine what it will be like in a couple more years as this starts to kick in for real.

Western civilization will not survive cold like this in it's current cosmopolitan, multicultural, globalist form. It's impossible. What it has become is weak and climate like this will kill all but the strongest individuals and groups.

You know those old paintings from centuries ago that show the rivers of Europe frozen solid and people ice skating everywhere? Did you think that was artistic license? Guess what. It's going to get much colder than that this time around. Much, much colder.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kwanzanian Death Spiral

Bank of England predicts 'Kwa will be DOA in 2009

The 'Kwa's credibility in all and any regards is permanently ruined

Paul Craig Roberts says it's over, anything to the contrary is delusional

America is finished. It's over with. It had a good run. It's done now.

It got bolshevized good and where it is going it won't be coming back from.

De Toqueville was correct. When America ceased to be good, it ceased to be great.

Funny thing is, I think I know what puts this sick dog out of it's misery.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Socialism Means No Accountability and No Consequences For The Worst Elements

All things are possible under socialism. Nobody ever has to take responsibility.

After all, it's "free" provided by the "government," so who can bring a charge against it? It's everywhere and nowhere. It's agents can do experiments on your kids with industrial power drills and if they die it's all an "unfortunate accident" which "just happened."

When I was in the Army, I saw the medical care provided by the Veteran's administration. That was my first hardcore exposure to socialism and "free" government services. I imagine that Army medical care has claimed more lives than many battles during wartime.

If the globalists have their way, they'll turn the entire planet into one big happy socialist collective ... and we can all sacrifice children to it ... after all, it's "free."

Socialism is the ultimate form of the government for the vicious, violent, hopelessly incompetent and innately defective elements of the human gene pool. It always has a special magical attraction for the monsters and teratisms who discover to what good use it can be put to. It fulfills their unconscious dreams of being liberated from ever being guilty of anything again.

Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 : Coming, Itz

It's not going to get easier.

Food riots are a certainty in coming years, pack it!

I spoke to a guy at the food court today who was atypical. I told him that the next few years could see food become a luxury item and he said to me, "It's never happened before." There you have it. It's televitzery logic courtesy of Oprah Winfrey and friends.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Ionospheric Lightning

Two nights ago I went outside during the storm in Queensland at midnight.

The visibility was equivalent to the midday sun from lightning strikes. There were several bolts and coronal discharges a second in all directions very high in the air. I have never seen such a dramatic painted sky since I went through basic training at Fort Sill in Oklahoma, where the storms appeared as biblical woodcuttings they were so beautiful.

High altitude or "Ionospheric" lightning is a combination of two seemingly simply factors:

1. Extremely cold air at high altitudes
2. Saturations of water vapor in a narrow band at a very high altitude

The extreme cold chills the water vapor at that high altiude making a "seed cloud" of tiny hailstones like a thick fog and it is this fog which the lightning uses as a reasonable path of conduction to electrify that region of the atmosphere and discharge built up currents created by conflicting temperature layers.

In a few rare situations this has resulted in the entire sky becoming a giant glowing field of high amperage coronas. When this has happened in China it has scared people so badly that entire villages have deserted their homes and left for the mountains to hide in caves until it ends.

I stood out there for perhaps three minutes and marveled at the surreal appearance of this storm. It wasn't like anything I had ever witnessed it was so violent and dramatic. Charges were arcing across the sky in rippling waves of color that illuminated clouds from within over and over again.

Something seemed wrong. It appeared to be unnatural and portentous. Nature has a right to throw a lightning storm but I don't think it should have looked like this.

These conditions would appear to precede the megacryometeors and earth electrical events that Robert Felix writes about in Ice Age Now. These phenomenon are possible because of the supercooling of the upper atmosphere combined with saturation levels of water vapor. What I read about in his book ten years ago appears to be coming to pass.

I predict we're going to see some very apocalyptic weather in the coming decade. Like unbelievable out of this world weather events.

What would happen during a Yellowstone eruption?

This is the first part of a five part series on YouTube.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reverend Mann on the Obamination

This man is without question, the most spirit-filled, honest, good and virtuous preacher in the whole of the United States today. He is an honorable child of God and every other preaching whore in the United States is scarcely fit to lick this man's boots. The power, scope and sincerity of his gospel preaching is full of love for people everywhere, including the black man.

If you don't have a preacher like this in your church, I hate to tell you but you don't have a church. The church is just an empty hollow house without a preacher like this inside it.

If I had a preacher like this nearby I'd start going back to church and that's not a joke.