Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Globowarmthinkery, the Biggest Criminal Scheme Ever in Recorded History

Nobody has ever gone for a bigger score. No con men have ever dared to risk so much on such abysmally false gibberish.

Globowarmthinkery is proof positive you really can fool MOST OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME if you dare to tell the big lie and keep a straight face.

2009 : Amerikwa Is A Doomed Nation

Dead cat bounce Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah "stimulus package" (debauching currency) blah blah blah blah blah emergency summit blah blah blah save the world blah blah blah. It's a circus of assklowns who couldn't run a lemonade stand for an afternoon without filing for bankruptcy by the evening but they know what is going on and they're going to "save the world" with their F.D.R. commie new deal that is literally the worst possible thing you could do at the worst possible time to make this situation go awry beyond the limits of the human imagination. Every empire dies in a frenzy of paper money. It's been this way for thousands of years. Unfortunately, man is not a learning animal.

Kwanzanies talk more crap in five minutes than can be safely scooped from a horse's behind in a day. They can't tell anybody anything because they don't know anything about anything. They are a third world nation now and they will soon live like it ... forever. Where do you think these people in these tent camps will be moved to next? Those FEMA camps that "don't exist," of course. Read down near the bottom of the prior article if you're living in your own private little dreamworld of a nation that hasn't existed in thirty years. They will police the mobs that refuse to go with those weapons that "don't exist" they've been practicing with in Iraq.

You gonna listen to these idiots or the blog postest with the mostest for the past ten years? We were telling you about this on Vault-Co in 1998 when the most important thing on the sheeple's mind was that tripe called Y2K. The common man can't spot danger. They can scream at shadows and blacklist heffalumps but they can't see the locomotive bearing down on them for the past decade even when the lights have blinded them to all else.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Vault-OS : IPC and Shared Memory

Embedded programming under Windows operating systems is a closed shop. The correct way to approach the problem is a trade secret and those who know are on the inside. I know because as an outsider I have followed the Microsoft recommended methods and have been chasing my own tail in a circle for months. Every single scheme I have come up with to monitor I2C in real-time has started to slow down when I began loading more devices and sharing the data with more applications. Ask the pros how it is "really done" for all these SCADA systems running Windows NT in factories and for assembly line machines and they'll give you the shifty eyes and weird smirks. It's a secret and it's not widely available to newbies.

This is what I have figured out with the help of some articles on the Code Project.

1. You must run your I2C driver as a Windows service on startup. OWFS or OWHTTP are best in the background.

2. Use IPC (Inter Process Communication) to share the data with all other applications in a general pool. Don't use named pipes. They're ridiculously slow and they crash on a dime.

3. Use a shared memory data structure available through a mutex to make the Windows Service data available to all running applications.

4. Your applications will have to access the shared memory structure without conflicts, which is best done through semaphores and raising events.

If you get this running correctly, it will fly like a bat out of hell and you will have a real-time operating system under Windows monitoring a network of I2C sensors and never missing a beat in reaction time or data updates.

With 12 devices, this is the first arrangement I have had with no slowdown. It entails a rewrite of some of my applications in their interfacing to the data but they are all basically zero-lag now and can look into the shared memory structure at any time.

The first "application" I am trying to get running on top of this service is a totally independent marquee scroller, an adjustable window band, that displays configured sensors in real time all the time with no lags or hitches. I want to make it configurable with things like ...


... scrolling by on the marquee band day and night.

Rising Sea Levels : Greatest Lie In Human History

I cannot fathom that people continue to believe in this crap when the contradictory evidence is right at the end of their nose.

Globowarmthinkers all need to be rounded up and trialed at the Hague for attempting to run the biggest Ponzi scheme in recorded history on mankind. These bastards are so crooked they have to screw their pants on in the morning.

Man Is Not A Learning Animal

Unless you count Russians. I swear this country is becoming more and more attractive to live in by the day. It's leader has more sense than all the sodomites in the Western world put together.

The Great Falling Away

Part of me has always been expecting this and watching for it. When I was an atheist, I didn't believe people who claimed to be Christians. I felt they were not genuine. Now that I am a Christian I know atheists are not genuine either. They are not motivated by a thirst for the truth or by a desire for virtue.

I always knew this day was coming. Don't ask how, I could feel it. All those whining and kvetching evangelists and their prosperity gospel, acting as if the Holy Scriptures were some kind of rigged slot machine that paid off in cash and prizes. They never understood what the Bible was about and have never known Christ.

What Jesus gives you is redeemed in the next world, not this one. If you are grateful for your salvation you'll feel guilty about asking for anything else as long as you live. God is busy, don't bother him with all your insincere and selfish prayers about things you want. Pray for others and people you have never met, that they might be plucked from the fires of hell the same way you were. That's prayer that God will listen to. Everything else you earn down here with your God-given wisdom and whatever talents God gave you.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Post-Atomic Shelter Becomes Internet Datacenter

Very nice. See photographs.

I think people worldwide are being a tad hasty in converting these facilities. We'll see soon enough.

World War III Is Coming

Ice Station Zero opens for business again in the Arctic

Dot : No more Mr. Nice Guy when considering sales of uranium mines to China!

China's Mad Dog : North Korea's ballistic missile program

Reset in the Matrix At 4:54 pm 9/11/2001

Just another drop in the bucket, just another brick in the wall.

That building looked completely intact at 4:54 pm on that day. Nobody could have guessed it would suddenly collapse in seven seconds at freefall speed. Especially not just as somebody cried "pull" over the emergency radio system after a countdown.