Friday, December 4, 2009

Empire Of The Sodomites

God's wrath coming on fast now. Look at history. Every prior civilization we know of was destroyed upon reaching this stage. Won't be long.

What Obama Did to Charlie Brown Should Be Punishable By Hanging

Unconscionable bastard, Barack Obama. What a rotten egg.

There's some things you don't do in this town, boy. Bumping Charlie Brown for your dumb speech was the last straw. There are some things in America that are sacred that you wouldn't know about being born and raised in Kenya. No Christian would interrupt Linus explaining why we celebrate Christmas. Only a muslim foreigner from a dog's breakfast like Kenya would have the raw nerve to do that.

You're not just a rude and unwelcome guest in the house, you're lacking in the basic social graces needed to fit into America culture and society. Whoever let you and that tramp your mother into the country should be fired and then you and she should be deported, even if we have to dig her up.

The Dog That Didn't Bark For Two Weeks

Still think the networks are simply "biased?" You know, that cliched thing that sheeple brains think. I know what their paradigm is. It couldn't be more wrong. "The news is about reporting the news except they may have a bias." I know what is inside the ordinary human brain. All wrong and wrong again. That's not the way the media works at all. They fooled most of you.

The media is there to broadcast the opposite of the truth at all times. If the mass media tells you something, you know it's a lie. There is no news on the news.

The dog doesn't bark because it knows the crooks involved. Sherlock Holmes cracked the case for us once again.

Pandemic Strategy 2010

My thoughts exactly.

If the mainstream media is trying to gain people's trust by feeding them a little truth, be afraid. The worst part of the pandemic has not begun. All of this stuff is probably prologue to phase III where it gets serious.

It is odd they made such a big deal about it and now it is odd that they are pretending to admit they made a big deal about nothing. There must be something very bad in the works that is part of this plan.

If globalwarmthinkery collapses, watch for these sodomites to escalate their backup plan with this pandemic very rapidly.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Global Oligarchs Intend To Build Their New Order With The Skulls of 7/10 of the World's Population

There is no "rollback" for what ails the West. It is not going to get better until after it has gotten much, much worse.

Anyone who understands human history knows how badly all this is going to turn out.

Just Another Thievin' Communist

People with IQs below 90-95, as a rule, do not really comprehend the notion of private property. It doesn't matter what color they are. Somebody with no more brains than that will never understand the foundations of a civilization and how peace, prosperity and order is maintained. You can train them to nod their heads but that doesn't mean that they will ever really "get it."

There are some critical ideas that these kinds of human beings will never fully grasp. It doesn't matter what school you send them to or what you teach them. They don't really ever learn anything.

The true acid test would be to take people like this, give them their own country and see if they can run it. Incidentally, all of the people from the countries where this experiment has been conducted desperately want to get out of their own nations and into a country worth a damn. The world is a museum of socialist failures.

So what to do with them? They won't leave you alone, don't respect what you own and are always clamoring to steal everything you have, anything you have. You don't care about them but they cannot forget about you. They will always be trying to impose something on others, rob others, dominate others. Always with a longwinded explanation of why this is necessary. They're all Robin Hoods, you see. Which makes them the good guys, in their own diseased minds. You can see why some people in history solve this dilemma by teleporting a bullet from inside a barrel of a gun into the middle of their heads. Maybe that's the only solution they could think of. These kinds of guys never go away. They're like sticky taffy on the bottom of your shoe you cannot shake off. You don't get peace until they are room temperature. It's terrible but true.

"Green Fakers"

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Look At The Little Pigs Run

It's falling apart, hour by hour.

Aussies smash the lie in front of the whole world.

Sometimes, the good guys have to get a small win. This is it, so enjoy it while it lasts. They're definitely scrambling like roaches. Soon it will get really vicious and these rats will begin to offer to testify against one another in order to escape justice.

You gotta love it. They are flying into a mad rage at having a strong light shown on this ugly scam called "Global Warming." No scientist is afraid of this kind of transparency, but the people involved in globowarmthinkery were never scientists. They were professional actors.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One Week Later : Where Is The Press On The Biggest Scientific Scandal Of The 21st Century?

Without the fake conservatives on Fox, we'd have no news at all, even if it is the original spin zone.

Still think the world is the way you thought it was? Or is it in fact the way Vault-Co said it was?

You have to understand how stupid the average human being is to appreciate it is not so much a "conspiracy," as it is just humans acting natural. They tend to cluster mindlessly under various ideologies and then defend them vigorously like herding animals stomping on their perceived territory. No thinking really involved in any of this anywhere.

Someone else thinks this stuff up for them, since they are incapable of reasoning. They simply inherit these ideas and adopt them as their own. Like animals. Beasts of burden.

Phil Jones and Malcolm Turnbull escape with their lives - so far

People have been hung for treason for doing far less.