Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Nobody showed up and those who did got arrested for not smiling.

Britain is a dump. If it broke off and fell into the Atlantic they should sue the survivors for attempting to dispose of garbage on the sea floor. You wouldn't kennel a dog in this dystopian police state and the dog would sue you for animal cruelty if you did. Another victory for gun control. By the time people realize they actually needed the guns the government took away from them, it's too late to do anything about it.

I'd say that I'm amazed that nobody ever learned from the example of Carthage but then I remember I am probably part of the last 1% of the human race who know anything about human history. It's down to me, my son and some guy who lives with his parents in New Jersey. Everybody else on the planet doesn't know about anything that happened more than 15 minutes ago.

Arresting a man for not smiling while watching a bike race. That's some creepy, disturbing news right there.

Anyway, the entire Olympics this year is a joke, it's a bunch of empty seats and illiterate retards fighting over sports equipment on the field. Shades of IDIOCRACY.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kwanstainia : 3000 Mile Wide Bosnia In The Works

It is really tanking now. A lot of people hanging by threads don't even have threads anymore.

The guffamint keeps up with the yada yada yada and it's all just blather and hot air. Marxists can't make things better. That's why they embrace Marxism. Everything they touch turns to crap and then they tell you a longwinded story about how it's just your perception that needs fixing. You aren't eating babymeat, they explain. That's high grade protein in a form our ancestors would envy and we are actually better fed than any generation. The chocolate ration has increased and we also have choices and freedom means being able to choose between different consumer goods on offer as opposed to doubleplus ungood non-freedom. Imagine a world where we could only use one brand of soap made by Proctor & Gamble pretending to be different brands of soap. Oh wait. Anyhow, shut up and eat your babyslice and soylent green biscuits.



Of course, if he has nothing to hide, let the world see his college records.

Here's the problem.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Cointel Not What It Used To Be

Even the simpletons in the press were able to trace this guy directly back to his psy-ops handlers. Poor. Just poor execution and planning.

They steered this guy into psy-ops before they discharged him so they could rinse him and set him up as a sleeper cell to support their disarmament program. These guys never let a good resource go to waste if they can help it. Somebody identified him as unstable and they fast-tracked him in his last year into the memetic assassin program.

What is weird is that they did almost the exact same thing with me in my last year of service. I guess they must have figured I was too retarded to invest any time in at some point. Once again, severe retardation comes to my rescue. You can talk about your casual absentmindedness all you want but for me there is no cloak of obscurity as effective as playing the retard. It preserves you from all kinds of predation in life. Who bothers with a retard? When in doubt, slouch and dribble. It is like taking an invisibility pill when you are around the humans.

Angleton Was Right

This was alleged for the past seventy years, that one family in Europe was responsible at the root for most of the compromises of security in the Western world. Ironically, when James Jesus Angleton suggested this at the CIA he was laughed to scorn. He frequently told his confidants that the real intelligence breaches were being masterminded by this old family in Europe. Everybody said, "Angleton has truly lost his mind. Time for the old fossil to retire. Now he is talking conspiracy buff gibberish that is going to get him committed."

Angleton believed that the Freemasons were controlling the intelligence apparatus of both countries and for this reason he never trusted anybody again no matter how highly placed they were in either nation. At one point Angleton told his superiors he would only report to the President himself and then warned them that future Presidents would be plants who were being groomed at that time for the office. Angleton brought forward the long stay of Bill Clinton in Russia as an example of this training program that was getting candidates ready for office up to twenty years in advance. Not long after he was put out to pasture and widely considered to be a once remarkable agent who had gone off the deep end.

In retrospect, James Jesus Angleton was the one and only person who ever worked at the CIA who figured out what was really going on in the world. In terms of competency, Angleton was the best and the brightest person who ever worked there.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Open Discussion In The Stain Of Making War On The Citizens Themselves

Interesting stuff the U.S. Government works on nowadays - if they worked as hard at defending the country from threats outside it, we might not have had 9-11.

Using taxpayer funds to discuss how you will exterminate taxpayers. That's why we call it Kwanstainia.

Notice how the Constitution and Posse Comitatus have gone out the window along with the rule of law.

A nation with an average IQ in double-digits cannot maintain the rule of law. Period.

This stuff has lost the ability to shock us. We are no longer surprised at anything these idiots do.

What would really be justice is for ZOGBux to collapse at the end of this year. Awesome. That will be the end of the evil empire. They like to pretend they can make people accept their monopoly paper as money but they can't. A printing press is just a printing press and shortly there is going to be laughter at what has been rolling off of theirs. It would be the best solution for the evil empire and the easiest road for the rest of the world if they slide into a genteel poverty from which they never recover. It will be best long term for the planet and everybody in it. With the end of this paper tiger many millions of influential people will start to think about it all for the first time in their lives and plenty of people are bound to reevaluate everything they believe to be true. The curtain has to lift and everybody has to see the pitiful little man behind it who pretends to be Oz The Great and Terrible. These are shabby, sorry little psychopaths who will never do the right thing and kill themselves unless they are forced to look into the mirror at their own hideous reflections. They are monsters by birth and it needs to be made so obvious that nobody can deny it anymore. That all begins with the collapse of their fake money power.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

In Soviet Russia, All People Knew That Pravda Was A State-Run Propaganda Newspaper

Guess who is running the United States. They control what stories are published and what stories are not published, making most of the mainstream media completely irrelevant for information. Most of them have never had real day jobs and only the most fleeting contact with the outside world.

In the last days of the Roman Empire, marriages were legally binding between men and boys, adults and children, men and goats, men and their horses or cattle, women and swans, women and trees. Legal rights were granted to the "spouses" that choked the Roman courts with cases where the man who got the goat who survived the death of his "husband" claimed to be entitled to that man's inheritance. Women sued their swans for divorce. The Emperor Nero celebrated his honeymoon in front of the centurion guard by deflowering his horse as she wore a veil in public. All the while as they feasted in their orgies and drunken revels of madness, the northern armies of the Visigoths and Mongols were organizing under frustrated mercenaries to invade and sack the city of Rome. They spoke of the city as a ripe plumb to be plucked with great wealth everywhere and no sane person to safeguard it. They talked to each other of fat perfumed sodomites running through the streets chasing geese for sexual pleasure and expected little to no organized resistance of any kind once they got inside the city walls. They were right. They were hardened barbarian warriors conducting a raid on what constituted a large open air mental asylum.

This was a pretty big story. Any honest media would have covered it. Lines going around the corner all over the country. Stalin never dreamed of such power, to create un-persons and completely eliminate any news from the front page as he saw fit to support his agenda, whatever it happened to be that week. Remember people came out to support Chick-Fil-A when few of them could really afford to do so.

The mainstream media creates reality and then tells you that the real world is mere hearsay. 

These people lie constantly, about everything. If Ahmadinejad had called for the destruction of Israel, we'd gleefully report it here on Vault-Co as more proof the planet is marching towards Armageddon at the hands of madmen everywhere. In fact, he never said any such thing. Ahmadinejad has stated repeatedly that Israel is a doomed nation because nobody wants to live there and nobody cares enough about it to keep it from simply becoming a ghost town. Good, bad, whatever that statement may signify, it sure as hell is not a call to "destroy Israel." Ahmadinejad said for the second time that the civilized world must turn their back on this pariah nation and watch as it crumbles from simple neglect. Nary a mention of any kind about making war on it or physically destroying it. Every time Israel lies they damage their own credibility over and over again, so stop lying Israel. You increasingly look like a bunch of criminal buffoons in comparison with Ahmadinejad and that is saying a lot since Ahmadinejad is a prominent criminal buffoon in the Middle East himself. The more shrill you become, the less anybody is interested in listening. Try telling the truth for a change, except the truth is that if one nation in the Middle East can pursue a nuclear deterrent then it cannot deny the same right to other countries around it.

Gore Vidal Dead At 86

A brilliant man who knew exactly what was going on and still managed to make a living telling people they were doomed beyond all hope.

You have to admire somebody who knows perfectly well what is happening and still finds the motivation to write about it.

The reason I respect him is that he was absolutely honest and open about his homosexuality and it truly had nothing to do with his politics. Expressed the notion frequently that militant homosexuals were clearly out to destroy Western civilization and never offered any apologetics for their actions. If there was a writer and thinker of equal caliber who was heterosexual, I'm not aware of him. It takes a certain kind of masculinity to say what you really think out loud and most of the "heterosexuals" in the 'Stain don't have it. Many comparisons between he and Bill Sobran are pointless - Bill Sobran was never the writer that Gore Vidal was. Gore Vidal, H.L. Mencken and Hunter S. Thompson were three of the greatest writers that the United State has ever produced and they are all gone as of today.

This guy was much brighter than most of his audience and was well aware of it. I hope he found forgiveness and repentance near the end of his life.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ATOMIC WAR ... Preliminary Grabs

If you look here, I have some preliminary screenshots from ATOMIC WAR. It is looking pretty good but there are a lot of problems with the visuals and gameplay to be sorted out. I would say it is about a beta version or thereabouts. I think I had to get it all working and displaying correctly in order to finetune it and look at feedback from my playtesters. Going to be excellent when it is ready.